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What is meant by first name and last name?

In conventional usage in English and in nearly all Western countries:—“first name” = the 1st forename = the 1st given name“middle name” = the 2nd forename = the 2nd given name“last name” = surname = the hereditary family nameExample 1:—John WAYNEJohn = first name = forename = given nameWayne = last name = surname = family nameExample 2:—Eric Arthur BLAIREric = first name = forename = 1st given nameArthur = middle name = 2nd forename = 2nd given nameEric Arthur = forenames = given namesBlair = last name = surname = family nameASIAN NAMESThe name order is often reversed in Asian cultures (Chinese, Japanese, some Indians, etc).Despite the different Asian naming order, the term “first name” still means the given name and “last name” the surname:—In ChineseChan Tai Man (陳大文) — a male nameChan 陳 = last name (surname) (xìng 姓 ‘surname’)Tai Man 大文 = first name (given name) (míng 名 ‘name’)Western restyling (general) = Tai Man Chan (‘Mr Chan’)Western restyling (Hong Kong) = Tai-man Chan and T.M. ChanIn JapaneseIwasaki Yukio (岩崎幸夫) — a male nameIwasaki 岩崎 = last name (surname) (sei 姓)Yukio 幸夫 = first name (given name) (na or mei 名)Traditional Japanese style = Iwasaki Yukio = Iwasaki-san (‘Mr Iwasaki’)Western restyling = Yukio Iwasaki (‘Mr Iwasaki’)Names in MyanmarBurmese names are the odd man out. Generally speaking, Burmese names have no surname at all and have no serial naming structure. This means Myanmar people often have just one ‘name’ and they often change at will. Three-syllable and other more complex structures in Burmese names basically started in the 1890s. Most usually, Burmese names include some kind of ‘honorific’ such as “U” in names like U Thant and U Nu.A possible Indian misinterpretationOver the years, I’ve noticed many instances of people from the Indian subcontinent misinterpreting “family name” to mean the name used in private family settings. It doesn’t mean that.A person named Nikita Shekar might be called “Nik-Nik” at home, but her first name is Nikita and last name Shekar. I get asked this all the time in private, so this might or might not be common situation there.Thanks for the A2A.

What is the difference between first name, last name, middle name and surname.?

Last name is father's family name. John David Smith: Smith is Father's name. Father was, say Charles Smith. In business relationships, he would be called Mr. Smith. His wife would call him Charles.

First name is given name, what your Mother or sister may call you (NOT a nickname, tho). John David Smith: First name John.

Middle name is second given name, if any. John David Smith: David is middle name. Your Mom might use it when she is REALLY angry at you: JOHN DAVID, you get over here to me, RIGHT NOW! lol

Ordinarily not used.

I was raised Roman Catholic, and have FOUR names! First name. Middle name. Confirmation Name. Last name. :-))

Usually middle names are not used, unless necessary to differentiate between two people with same name: John D. (for David) Smith vs John H. (for Henry) Smith, if both in the same class in school, or on the same list.

Hope this helps.

Where are you from? Do people use two names in your culture? I know in some, it is not done.

Why do mexicans name their children with the mothers last name?

The custom came from Spain. Many Spanish speaking countries follow the tradition. When a woman marries, she doesn't change her last name, but she keeps hers and adds on her husband's on documents.

That is why you sometimes see for example: Sonia Maciel de Rojas. The de means "of" or belonging to Rojas. So when they have children, like Great Buddha said, they would give the child both parents name, with the mother's last name coming first.

What is my mother’s maiden name?

That would be her last name as a child. say her name is now Mary Martin. That's her married name because she took his last name when she married him. but before she got married her name was Mary Brown. Brown was her dads last name. So Brown is her Maiden name. In the old days an unmarried girl was called a Maiden.

What is First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name?

Full Name = Given Names + SurnameSurname = Family Name or Last NameGiven Names = First Name + Middle Name(s)First Name = First Given NameMiddle Name(s) = Second Given Name + Third Given Name + Fourth Given Name + etcExample:Full Name: Walter Bruce WillisSurname: WillisGiven Names: Walter BruceFirst Name: WalterFirst Given Name: WalterMiddle Name: BruceSecond Given Name: BruceThere are many ways to write/display the above name:Walter Bruce WillisWalter B. WillisW. Bruce WillisW. B. WillisWalter WillisBruce WillisPlease note that points #3 and #6 can be used only if the individual is popularly known by their middle name instead of their first name.

Why do many people use their father's name as their last name but not the mother's name?

Good question!There are many south Indians who don't have a surname. They tend to use their father's name or place of birth name instead. It's a tradition that's being followed from ages. It like saying that you were born to a certain person hailing from a certain place. People were recognized through their fathers. Women in earlier days were homemakers to their husbands. May be they were stay-at-home wives back then. Only men used to got out to earn bread for the family. May be this is one of the reason why a father's name is used instead of a mother's name.In today's age, there is no need to use father's name as a part of a person's name. Today women are no less then men be it in any are of life. They are educated, competitive, rational people who are emotionally and financially independent who can take care of themselves and their loved ones.Mothers are the only people on this universe who are available 24 x 7 x 365 no matter what the circumstances are.So, there is no rule that says mother's name should not be used. You might want to use your mother's first name as your middle name or last name if you want to as a tribute to your mother. Who is to say otherwise?Take the example of Sanjay Leela Bansali, famous Hindi film director and producer, who uses his mother's first name as his middle name.

When using both a mother's maiden name and a father's last name, which goes first?

The mothers name always comes first in the US, but there are some cultures where the Mother's name is the primary name and so it appears last.

When naming your child , what last name comes FIRST ? the fathers or the mothers ?

It would be Mary Smith Jones. I'm sure the father's comes last.

Is your middle name your mother's maiden name?

I am enrolling for this school but i've always wondered what a middle name really is. Is it your mother's last name before she got married OR is it your second name like the "Anthony" in "John Anthony"? i think its the latter but in the pre-enrollment form, it said:

First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Name:

So if they meant the "Anthony" thing, shouldnt they put it before the Last Name section?
Just really confused. Thanks in advance:)
Btw i apologize for the category. I really didnt know where to put this in so i just kinda guessed.