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What Is Going On In My Life Right Now

What's going on in your life right now?

UGH. i'm so frustrated right now! frustrated, and sad, and confused, and lost.. ughh..
it would take forever to explain everything.. so i'm not going to. but my ex boyfriend still has feelings for me. I'm not so sure I feel the same way. but I care about him. I don't want to hurt him. he doesn't deserve me. he deserves someone so much better. but I guess I do kinda feel something for him. i'm not sure what it is. and i'm scared to take a chance. I know he could never hurt me. but I could hurt him. i've already done that lots of times. I don't want to do it again. poor guy doesn't deserve it at all :( i've never hurt him on purpose though..
and then there is this other guy. we've had problems for a while now. we used to be good friends, now we never talk. we avoid each other. when he avoids me, I avoid him. to be honest, i'm tired of this game. I either want him to leave me alone forever, or stop being like that. he like avoids me off and on. and when I ask myself if I really have feelings for him or not, I don't have to think twice about it. I've ignored the feelings but I know that they've always been there. its like they're there to stay. but I think things are screwed up for good. I don't think its fixable anymore... ughhh.. I miss him so much :( and I feel so silly for it.
both of these things kind of come together. and it makes a huuuge problem instead of just two big problems. hah.
well there you go. thats whats going on in my life right now.
hope you had the time of your life reading about my wonderful, amazing, perfect problems. haha.

My life is going so good right now?

I apologize in advance for bragging.. I just feel so happy I want to let everyone know !! Anyways to start out with I'm in my junior year of highschool. I'm young for the grade so im 16 (17 September). Well I've had a rough past.. failing grades and lots of trouble at home. I started taking vyvanse a month or so ago and my grades are all A's!! As a result ive been really nice to everyone and I'm getting along great with my family ! In crew (sport) I've finally made it in the top boat :))) I actually am motivated to do my homework and I'm loosing weight and getting toned. I've never been so happy before. My whole life has been a **** storm but ever since vyvanse I've turned everything around and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know this isn't a question but I'm just so frickin happy I can't stop!!

What is going on in my life right now?

Courage isn’t something that comes easy to a lot of people. Many people will have feelings for a person and never confess their feelings. I think in your case, this girl who likes you has been trying to build up the courage to talk to you and when she could finally bring herself to do it, you happened to have asked out another girl. It’s merely coincidental timing.In my opinion you should see where your relationship with this new girl goes. The other girl had her chance and has snobbed you since you asked her out, which indicates that she is uninterested. But, this new girl, approached you and has gone out on a date with you, she is clearly interested in you and would be a better choice.Honestly, I think that maybe you might be looking into everything way too much. Don’t overthink things, because sometimes that will cause you to miss out on the moment. Life is full of moments, don’t miss any of them.Talk to this new girl, ask her where she would like the relationship to go.

I'm going through a lot of problems in my life right now. Any advice?

well, you should talk to a psychologist about it...
you sound like you have low self-esteem...
also, you may be thinking too much...
life is full of ups and downs...
life is more about the illusion than reality...
good luck...

What's not going well in your life right now?

I really confused right now…This is my first answer in Quora. Pls feel free to correct my grammar.I am a 25 year old female. I am little chubby and have good complexion( not very fair). I don't show off at all and hate the ones who does.I fell in love with a guy whom I have been friends with for 4 years. I felt he loves me too but when I proposed to him, he says he likes me but his parents will not agree for marriage as they are from different caste.So I tried to forget him. Meanwhile a guy let's say him arun proposed to me. I liked him but I don't have feelings for him at all, I thought of giving this relationship a try but never admitted fully to seems the guy has started to feel I'm his wife already.I tried to explain him I am not sure of this relationship and will take time. Meanwhile there is this guy in my ofc let's say raj, I'm attracted to him for his nature. He is confident and caring. We are just colleagues. Both Arun and Raj are friends.Yesterday I went to pub for the first time with arun, Raj and few others for the first time. Arun sat beside me, I was little drunk. Arun was trying to take me near to him. He tries holding my hand and tries being romantic. I don't feel good I don't know why as I gave a nod to this relationship, I shouldn't feel so.On the other hand Raj has recently had breakup with his ex for the same reason for my first breakup.I feel Raj also has some feelings for me by the way he looks at me . when I was drunk he was caring and never misbehaved with me. Later when Raj said he will drop me at home as it is near to his place, Arun strongly objected and insisted that he himself would drop me.What should I do ? Should I breakup with arun?Pls suggest… I don't have so open minded friends who could suggest me ..

I hate my life? Nothing is going right, please help.?

Im a 18 year old girl, never had a boyfriend or did anything.
I have lost alot of my friends because I distanced myself away from them because im so unhappy.
Im not in college and most of my friends are.
Most of my friends are in happy relationships where the guy treats them like a princess.
I cry myself to sleep everynight because my life sucks.
Everyone is doing so much better than me while im just sitting at home gaining weight.
Idk what to do with myself anymore, im trying to hold and wait for things to get better but idk if I can
I dont like the way I look and I dont like where im at in life right now.
Everyone is so happy and I sometimes wonder why it cant be me. i will literally give the shirt off my back to someone else, I always care about people and try to give to people when I can.
But I dont get any of it back, im so unhappy I just want to die and give up.
I cant get counseling because I dont have the money or the time.
I just need words of encouragement or anything that can help me feel better.
Everyday I want to give up and ask god to take me away, I will never take my own life, but I dont care if I would die tomorrow. Im tired.

Are you going through hell? Life really bad, right now?

My week has been like that - don't know if I should cry, scream or both. Honey, it's got to get better for us both. Wish I could take all your hurt away...Know that you're not alone...I hope you can find the one person who can truly help you.

{{ HUGS }} Marilyn