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What Is It Like Raising A Child With Diabetes

If you have a child with Type 1 diabetes are you concerned with them being able to afford insulin or diabetic care after they age off your health insurance?

I have a 36-year-old Type 1 diabetic son.My son now has medical insurance through his employer.Co-pays cost $400 a month on his policy. He can barely afford to pay this while trying to live a normal life.My son received insulin for free when he was unemployed.I remember walking into pharmacies and telling the pharmacist I had no money and I needed insulin for my son. I was never turned away. I paid back all the pharmacists who saved my son's life.My son suffers from depression and self-esteem issues. He is doing well with his job but is constantly searching for a job that pays more.Now he and others are afraid what will happen to his preexisting condition for new replacement insurance after Republicans take away his insurance.I assure him he will always be able to buy his insulin. My son knows I will make sure he ALWAYS has insulin. Everyone around me knows I have serious health issues including my son.I make no claim that I’m super intelligent.That said, I’m convinced Congress could find a way to offer insurance for people of all income brackets.They don’t want to.How cruel.

What are diabetes? How do you get diabetes?

The correct question is: What is diabetes?
Not, what "are" diabetes?
The word is not plural just because it ends with an "s"

Read the information at this Wikipedia link:

Also read more from the American Diabetes Association at:

Also see the Diabetes Dictionary at:

Diabetes and chemical abortion?

I hate it's come to this but I feel that abortion is my only option right now. Please save your pro-life opinions. believe me, i share most of them. i'm just in a very hard place. adoption is not an option for me and i don't feel that it's fair to the baby to raise him in a ummm... less-than-positive environment. i don't have the financial or emotional stability to raise a child alone - i was on birth control & was actively trying to prevent pregnancy!
Here's the basic back-story: i was on birth control pills and taking various other medications. somehow i'm pregnant now. apparently some of those other medications interacted with the birth control. my boyfriend has decided that he wants nothing to do with me or the pregnancy. i cannot support a child on my own. that's part of the reason i was taking birth control pills to start with. this has been a really hard decision for me to make but i feel that an abortion would be best for everyone involved.
now for the second part of my question: i am a type 1 diabetic. i'm thinking that a medical abortion would be best so i'm wondering how it will affect my diabetes. can anyone give me some ideas? does it usually cause high or low blood sugars? anything special i should be aware of with the diabetes / abortion pill combination?

Can a child be diabetic if he is a normal weight for his age?

Yes, children normally develop Type 1 diabetes, which has nothing to do with weight or height, but rather a fault in regions of the Pancreas known as the Islets of Langerhans. These areas detect the sugar in the blood and secrete Insulin to use it. if some or all of these fail then diabetes is very likely to occur.Children can develop type 2 diabetes but this is usually caused by lifestyle factors such as obesity, inactivity, junk food etc.

Could type 1 diabetes actually be looked at as a positive thing?

TID 51 years. Please note that the following is not to be taken as medical advice or opinion.Glad you asked. So much is asked about worries and negative things that one could wonder if there is any upside.At the 51 years and a bit mark on insulin:I have learnt more about healthy diets and the need to stick to such than I could have expected to if I was not diabetic from age 13I had to face up to challenges of giving myself injections, work out how to work out diet and insulin doses to allow for exercise, stress and the peaks and troughs of adolescence, sexual activity, employment, earning out, travelling etc. That is a lot to undertake and survive and thrive.Having to live with diabetes and the knowledge I gained did help me during medical school and in my career as a General Practitioner. Being a doctor who understood what diabetes was like was a plus for many patients.I am lead to believe that some of what I have learnt along the way has helped others with TID.Receiving a Kellion medal ( equivalent I think to the Joslin medal in USA) at the 50 years of diabetes mark was a real thrill.I used to think that having an excuse to eat lollies if a hypo occurred at school during class time was cool, but I learnt never to abuse that privilege.Having the ‘diabetes experience’ has given me the conviction to be an healthcare advocate in my retirement, to help patients in need of advocacy and to uphold for healthcare consumer rights.

Do you have any advices for parenting a 7 y old child with type 1 DM?

Approximately 90% of young people with diabetes suffer from type 1 and the number of patients who are children varies from place to place.Exercise Should Children with Diabetes DoExercise is the second major factor in controlling type 1 diabetes, and it is incredibly important for all children suffering from diabetes. Recommendations stand that children with diabetes should try to exercise every day. However, parents should be aware that physical activity lowers blood sugar levels.It may be necessary for your child to reduce their dose of insulin, as in conjunction with exercise it can significantly lower blood sugar levels and result in hypos. When carrying out physical exercise your child should be near sugar.Physical activity also governs how much your child can eat.