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Is it 'that makes sense' or 'that make sense'? Why?

The answer depends on what comes before these clauses. If nothing, then the correct answer is “That makes sense.” “That” is singular and therefore the verb is in the third person singular “makes.” However, if the examples are used as relative clauses inside a sentence then it depends on what the relative pronoun “that” refers to. Some examples:“Here are some examples that make sense.” In this case the verb “make” agrees with “examples.”“Here is an example that makes sense.” This time the verb is singular to agree with the singular “example.”More examples:“He provided numerous arguments that make sense.”“He only provide one argument that makes sense.”

What is it that is deaf, dumb and blind and always tells the truth?


What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?

Once you cross 20, your family will start expecting. The expectations increase exponentially with time. By the time, you turn 25 and still can't support your parents, you're doomed for them. Hard fact but true.Every family silently wants their son/daughter to become an engineer, a doctor, a chartered accountant, a civil servant, and the prime minister. Very few will ask you, what you really wish to do. Every family is competing with every other family.If you’re not earning in at least six figures by the end of 25, you’re not that great to be respected. You would face constant taunts about your education and caliber.Frankly, no one gives a fuck about your emotions, problems or whether you’re alive. People will only care if you’re rich, handsome and mourn for a day when you die.Most companies will only hire you with good salaries and profile if you’re good looking. Frankly speaking, they care the least about your degree. Yes, knowledge is important but you know, they know, a naughty smile works better than a skilled hand.There is a saying that, life for a woman is tough. Believe me, life for a man is 10X tougher than a woman. If you don’t get settled, you have the option to get married and chill. If we don't settle, we won't get married. Even our parents will one day tell us to die.No human being in today's generation will love you like the oldies. 90’s generation was real. Now, every human has a motive.Relationships will only work till the end if you’re fit, rich and everything. Nobody wants to stay with a jerk. Oh, you wanna talk about people with good nature and heart? Lol.The girlfriend/boyfriend, you’re hanging with, eating pizzas and ripping the chicken may leave you one day because you’re out of shape.For boys- The woman is tough with getting an orgasm. Don't just feel happy if you're done. Ask them if they are on the same page. They would never tell you.Thanks for the read.