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What Is My Current Gpa

What is my current GPA?

This marking period:
Social studies: A 99%
Science: A 94%
Spanish: B 86%
Math: A- 91%
Biology: A 98%
Lang. Arts: A 103%

Last marking period:
Social studies: A 96%
Science: A 96%
Spanish: A- 90%
Math: B+ 88%
Biology: A 95%
Lang. Arts: 98%

What is my current GPA?

Geometry - 87.55
W History - 83.87
Spanish - 86.83
Religion - 94.81
Bio - 87.77
English - 80.36
Computer - 91.95

Whats my grade point average, WITH the last classs (computer), and WITHOUT it?

Thanks (:

What is my current GPA?

Assuming that you are not taking any honors/AP courses, where you would get .5 boost on your GPA,
and you are taking at least 9 classes, I am positive that you're GPA would be over 3.0

Put it this way; GPA of a B is 3.0. B+ is 3.3 and A- is 3.7. A is 4.0 and A+ is 4.3 (if you're school has A+). So if you add them up, you'll it over 3.0 at the minimum.

What is my current GPA?

Go on ur schools website its easier than asking someone to do the work

Cumulative GPA VS Current GPA?

Cumulative means "all together," therefore it is the average of all of your past grades since the first semester of your freshmen year. Current means the gpa that you have at the time. I have heard of those having gpa's above 4.0, the highest i've heard is 4.2. However, i have not heard of a 4.0 scale gpa being 9.875.

If my current GPA is 3.0 out of 4.3, am I able to raise it to 3.8+ in my junior year?

A2A. “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” applies here: Learn how to improve GPA.

If I have a 3.2 GPA and I currently just got a 4.0 what is my new GPA?

It depends how many courses you have taken.Say you previously had taken [math]N[/math] courses. Then your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the sum of all of the grades you got in all those courses, divided by [math]N[/math]:[math]3.2 = \frac{S}{N}[/math]So [math]S= 3.2 N[/math].Now you have taken one more course and got a grade of 4.0. The new sum [math]S^\prime = S + 4.0[/math], so your new GPA is [math]\frac{S^\prime}{N+1} = \frac{3.2 N + 4.0}{N + 1}[/math]

If my current GPA is 3.96, can I ever get it back up to a 4.0? I forget how to calculate GPA.?

Unfortunately I don't think you can. In high school you get access to advanced placement classes, which are graded off of 5 off of a scale of 4, so you can potentially get higher than a 4.0. As far as I know, in colleges these type courses and that scale of grading doesn't exist, so you can't get a 4.0 with a 3.96 average.

A 3.96 is incredibly good, though. I wouldn't let it bother you too much.

Calculating a GPA works like this. Give yourself 4 points for every A, 3 points for every B, 2 points for every C, 1 point for every D, and 0 points for every F. Add those numbers together and divide it by the number of courses and you have your GPA.

For example, let's say you have 3 As and 1 B, so...


15 (total number) / 4 (number of courses) = 3.75

Some colleges, however, calculate your overall GPA by taking an average of your GPA every semester/quarter, so your overall GPA may be calculated differently depending on what college you go to. You may want to check on that.

After 5 semesters, my current CGPA stands at 2.4/4. I have 5 more semesters to go. Can I achieve a 3.5 CGPA until the end?

No. Let’s do the math, assuming that you take the exact same number of credits in your next 5 semesters that you have already completed in your previous 5 semesters.Your current GPA for 5 semesters is 2.4.Your maximum possible GPA for the next 5 semesters is 4.0.If we calculate the average over 10 semesters, the number works out to 3.2.Even if you have a perfect 4.0 average for the rest of your school career, it is mathematically impossible for you to achieve a GPA of more than 3.2.

How can I score 10 GPA if my current GPA is 8.89 in VIT Vellore?

Firstly it depends which year you are studying. If a first year, take a chill pill and keep pushing hard, it will take a sem or two but remember, its easier to set higher GPA in first few sems.If you are a third year or even a 4th semester, you can also take a chill pill coz whatever you do 10 is out of your reach for all practical purposes. I suggest you become more practical in setting your goals, it’s pretty important !!