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What Is Napoleans Policy Of Governing Men

What makes Napoleon Bonopart Machiavellian?

These two fit:
Machiavelli says, a prince should not rob his subjects with excessive taxation in order to protect his territory. Machiavelli insists, "Not to become poor and contemptible, and not to be forced to become rapacious". A prince will have to be miserly. Machiavelli goes on to argue, "For this is one of those vices that permit him to rule" . Therefore, reassuring a prince against being troubled when called a miser, Machiavelli declares,"[F]or with time he will come to be considered more generous once it is evident that, as a result of his parsimony, his income is sufficient, he can defend himself from anyone who makes war against him".
Napoleon brought many modern items to France by leavening small taxes such as a tax on wine. He maintained his army in a high readiness for war but also rewarded the French citizens by his influence on the arts and also he brought modern gas lighting to France. He states, "Men are more easily governed through their vices than virtues" (Pinkey 54).

The quality a prince should possess, according to Machiavelli, so he can remain in power is being always be prepared for war. For instance, he believed that the study of war should be the sole objective of those who ruled. Machiavelli put so much stock in always being prepared for war that he insisted a prince should not have any other endeavor or contemplation, nor select anything else for his profession, except war and its rules and regulations .
Napoleon was the greatest military genius of his time.From 1799 to 1814, France was almost constantly at war, with Napoleon as the military leader. He rarely tasted defeat, and by 1807, Napoleon was the master of all Europe.

Did Napoleon Bonaparte convert to Islam?

Perhaps he was a Muslim . But what you quoted is like a fire for Catholics. Now they will say that Napolean said that to get the heart of Egpytians. And I seriously suggest them that they need some basic history lessons before commenting that.