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What Is Skyrim Actually Like For Xbox 360

Xbox 360 skyrim mods?

Randy you can mod some games but they are gone the next time you play like bo1 zombies offline only w/o a jtag and im pretty sure you can only mod the pc version of skyrim

Would you like to see Skyrim on PS4 and Xbox One?

i would really like to see them bring it to PS4 and Xbox One i don't really care about graphics or anything i would just like something to hold me over until the Elder Scrolls 6 is released.

Where is gulum ei in skyrim for the xbox 360?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you were distracted and lost sight of him while tracking him through the warehouse. So long story short, you can either re-load from where you came in, or, try to find the guy. Most likely he used the set of steps on the right side of the dock, that is the right side when you come in, near the boats. Look for a set of steps that actually leads down into the water a bit then comes back up on your left into a tunnel made through the crates and other inventory. There will be a big wooden vat of sorts at the end that is actually a door. If he is not back there, then you can go outside and come back in, to try and reset the mission a little. Now, if all of that fails then you will definitely need to re-load from the beginning of the mission. GL

Is Skyrim worth the price on Xbox 1?

It depends. Do you like playing on Xbox One? Do you like playing on the PC better? Do you already own it on Xbox or PC?If you already own it, it might not be worth it. Xbox One allows for some mods which is really fun, fixes the graphic (people aren’t all ugly anymore!) and fixes a lot of the loading and saving issues. But if you don’t have a lot of spending money or don’t care about the loading time, it might not be worth it.If you like PC gaming, I would suggest buying it for PC not console. However, if you are like me and prefer console gaming over PC, then that isn’t an acceptable solution.Finally, if you don’t own it and you like open world RPGs, I would say that it is worth the price. Especially as you can buy a used copy! It has hours of gameplay that are still fun, even with it being a re-released game.Final Note: I bought the game brand new, when I already owned the Xbox 360 version and I feel like I really got my moneys worth out of it. There were a lot of performance bugs that were fixed or smoothed over and the save/load fixes were fabulous. I love that you can actually have a pretty or handsome character and I look forward to trying out the mods.

How do you install Nexus mods onto Skyrim for the Xbox 360?

Yes. it's possible. But it's very difficult and requires a rather steep learning curve in order to accomplish it.

First, of course, u must jailbreak your Xbox360 to accept homebrew content. There are various sites on the internet which describe the process. Also note that jailbreaking can void your warranty. It can also get u banned from online use, depending on what type of jailbreaking u use. Anyway, the sites will tell u all the details.

Next comes the hard part. And I mean hard as in u really need to be a computer science major to understand it. But basically u need to port the PC mod so the Xbox360 will acknowledge it. This requires decoding the mod files (with something like zlib I think). U have to reverse the bytes with a hex editor also for the data portion of the file. This is something called little-endian/big-endian. which reflects whether the first bit is high or low. I only vaguely understand this since I am repeating what a computer science major at my university has been telling me. There are other items needing done also to get the XBox360 to recognise the port.

Once u have accomplished the port, then the Xbox360 should be able to recognise the mod.

Now last of all u may run into another problem: The Xbox360 is not a fast computer. If u try and port a mod that has high poly meshes, or high resolution textures, it will bog the Xbox360 down to a very low framerate and make the game unplayable.

I didn't check which mods u are wanting, but I am guessing that the work involved, plus the fact that it might not even run on the Xbox360, isn't worth it. Getting a new PC that can run the game is probably a much better option.

Poll: Skyrim Map sucks??!?

To the guys mistook what i wrote, i am not some cod zombie, i love adventure games. i mean a great portion of what i play is open world games and RPG's and GTA, Just cause 2, KOTOR, Mass effect are some of my favorites. also i nearly sank 250 hrs into oblivion with its expansions, mods etc and in that 250 hrs i fast traveled only 10-25 times. So dont tell me i dont know what adventure games are.


obviously you are an idiot and dont know what maps are used for or you think all maps are treasure maps designed by Jonathon Blow. in that case, why dont you use a f**king globe as you find them more "challenging" and so "satisfying" ( maybe you could even get your first orgasm out of it). ******, go troll somewhere else.

Will they ever make a Star Wars game for Xbox that plays like Skyrim?

I wish. But I will be satisfied with Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 for now.Besides, the company that makes The Elder Scrolls and Fallout would have to acquire the rights from Disney; which EA is on the helm for about 5 more years.FYI, if you are really looking for a Star Wars fix with Skyrim. There are a few mods out there that are have lightsabers/blasters/costumes from the movies.

Can you divorce your wife in skyrim?? [XBOX 360]?

okay so i have been playing skyrim and i have just now beaten the dawnguard expansion storyline. and i want to marry serana. well actually i just want to divorce my wife is all and only hang out with serana. i read online that there is a possiblity to marry her.

so i was wondering if there is ANY way to divorce. i have tried killing my wife but that didn't do anything all i got was a letter with some money and i never was able to re-marry as my friend told me.

and now i am stuck with this boring wife who i have grown tired of. she is so boring. so do you guys know of anyway to divorce? if there no no way to do so than can you guys tell me if there is an expansion in the near future than will allow that? or an update? any information of any type will be accepted.

and no i cant use console commands obviously cus i am not nor will i ever play this game on PC. so please any info.

Can you get banned from xbox live for modding skyrim?

Actually, you can get banned from Microsoft and, even though it is an offline game, you can still get caught. The safest way is to unplug from the internet when playing, as earning trophies sends that information through your profile, which tells the servers at Microsoft how you earned it. If you earn achievements that are connected to anything dealing with the things you modified, they will know, and you could be banned.
Modding the X-Box or it's games in any way is actually considered a violation of Microsoft's terms and conditions, which you agreed to when you signed up for a Live account. By violating them, you can be permanently banned, meaning you would have to change consoles (they ban the IP address of the offender's console, not just the gamertag).
It would be cheaper to just buy Skyrim on the PC (which you can still use a controller to play, if you have the right adapters), as they welcome mods.

I want to create mods for Skyrim SE and use them on my Xbox one. How do I start?

Go PC periodMod is created by tool called the Creator Kit (CK) which is a world creator software that came with your copy of Skyrim (and/or SE).Virtually every mod is made using this software (and yes, it run on PC). Some mod like item mod might be created using external tool like 3D Max but in the end you need CK to integrate it into the game.