What is something important or significant about Martin Van buren's presidency?

What is something important or significant about Martin Van buren's presidency?

He was the first president to be born an American citizen and is also the only president not to have spoken English as a first language, having grown up speaking Dutch.

He oversaw the "Trail of Tears", which involved the expulsion of the Cherokee tribe in 1838 from Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina to the Oklahoma territory.

U.S. President of Martin Van Buren?

Please help me !!
1. least 4things named for Martin Van Buren-include info and pictures.

2.find or create a chart of the popular and electoral vote for Martin Van Buren election.

3.Describe 2 negative things(problems ,scandals , disasters) he had to deal with while in office

4.what did the president do after leaving office ?(this won't apply to those who died in office or to our current president.

5.What hobbies sports or other entertainment did the president enjoy?

6.anything else you think is interesting about this president.


Martin Van Buren, the 8th President?

I have a Presidents' Project to do for my history class. We picked presidents at random and I got Martin Van Buren. I have background information on him, but my assignment is to find major aspects during his presidency. I can't find anything else besides background information, however, no one seems to know a lot about him. If anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated. I looked at books, but they didn't help much. All I have so far for a major event is the Panic of 1837 and that he got blamed for ruining the nation's economy. Anything else? Please provide links if you can, but I just want deeper information if possible. Thanks again! :)

What was The major conflict of President Martin Van Buren's presidency?

Under his administration, the government required that lands be bought with gold and silver or currency backed by it. Well, at the time, few people had that type of currency.

The above then caused the Panic of 1837:
- Hundreds of banks and businesses failed
- Unemployment grew
- Prices fell - especially land prices
- Worst depression in history (for that time) that lasted for five years.

Which then caused catastrophe for Van Buren & Democrats.

What was something good/bad that occured during president Martin Van Buren's presendiency???.help asap! thanks?

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Was Martin Van Buren important?

More than any other individual in history, Martin Van Buren invented the Democratic Party. He used celebrity war hero Andrew Jackson to get the Democratic Party into the White House, but he developed the platform, political philosophy, and electioneering tactics that made a popular character into a President, established himself as that President's successor in office, and ensured the party he began would last centuries.Also, he was the only President in history for whom English was not his first language (He spoke Dutch first), and was a much better thinker than most Presidents and politicians. His life in many ways echos Alexander Hamilton, whose biography every history of America should also present.Yes, he is way freaking important. Historians who skip over his presidency are interested in outcomes while ignoring causes. Martin Van Buren was a major cause in American history.

Why did Seinfeld make an episode about president Martin Van Buren? What makes him so interesting for the writers?

I’m not certain that he was especially interesting to the Seinfeld writers, it’s simply that the episode involving the ‘Van Buren Boys’ street gang needed someone associated with the number eight, so that Kramer could inadvertently flash their ‘gang sign’ with eight fingers.Since Martin van Buren was the eighth U.S. president (also the first one born in the U.S.A.), he was chosen to be that Seinfeld street gang’s hero.

Why was martin van buren an unpopular president?

It could have been simply bad timing. He was the first president who hadn't experienced the US's fight for freedom, he didn't speak English as his first language, and he was a NY'er an area known for some odd politics. He also was by some accounts not a speeching sort of fellow, and may have been a bit heavy handed when addressing those he felt were below him. He was also widowed, and didn't grace the White House with a true first lady (he did have hostesses) and it may have been the all male environment that offended some. As some might say, it was all a bit suspect not to have a regular woman in your life. He was also said to be taciturn, mean and just a plain mean old man.

He did have supporters, but his attitude seems to have thrown many off.