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What Is That Chritmas Cartoon Movie From The 80s Or 90s .

Halloween Cartoon movie 80s?

I'm trying to find the name of a cartoon halloween movie from either the mid to late 80s to the early 90s. It was about a witch that was trying to ruin trick or treat night. There were two kids in it and she either kidnapped them or they helped her see that trick or treat was fun. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

Name of Cartoon Movie from the 80s?

Fluppy Dogs (1986 TV movie)
IMDb synopsis:
A band of humanoid dogs who are dimension hopping for adventure arrive on Earth in a North American city and into big trouble. They become separated and must hide their true nature by passing as the native dogs. Their only chance of returning home is with the help of a human boy and girl they befriend. However, a wealthy collector of rare animals is after them and the key that creates the portals necessary to travel has almost lost its power.
IMDb trivia:
The Fluppy Dogs debuted earlier as plush dolls made by "Kenner". Several other merchandise, including books and annuals were also released. There were six dogs instead of five, and all of them had different names and personalities to the film. These are:
- Shy Flup (peach)
- Brave Flup (blue, he later became Stanley)
- Silly Flup (yellow)
- Cuddle Flup (purple, red in some incarnations)
- Cool Flup (green)
- Fanci Flup (pink, purple in some incarnations. She later became Tippi)

This film was meant to be the pilot episode for the TV series of the same name. Disney changed its demographics so it appealed more to boys by redesigning the Fluppies and adding the futuristic "dimension hopping" idea which did not exist in previous incarnations. However, poor viewing figures and lack of interest meant Disney never made the series.

Old 80s/90s cartoon movie?

I have always had this strange memory of a movie, and a really strange, almost creepy feeling that accompanies it. I have no clue what the movie was, what it was about, just this one scene.
Its cartoon and everything is a shade of pink. I remember it being very fluid, almost with large bubble like objects moving through and there was some sort of character in the fluid. I remember it being sort of long, like a dragon or something. There might be a boy on it or with it. Maybe some music going to it? Not to sure.
I am getting another weird bit of possibly a whole different movie poppin in my mind. Its characters in some sort of flower garden or green house, outside a nice house and one of them is a frog i think (reminds me of those "Frog and Toad" books) and there might be a princess involved in this story. like someone has to fall in love with her or make her happy.

Im driving myself crazy trying to figure that pink thing out and I am wondering if i made it up. Any help would be amazing, thanks!

What's the name of that old Halloween Cartoon Movie from like the 80s-90s (Not The Halloween Tree)?

I remember this old Halloween cartoon movie that I loved watching as a kid. Apparently a lot of other people have asked a similar question about a different movie that ended up being "The Halloween Tree". This is not the movie I am thinking of.

The parts I remember of this movie are that there are a bunch of kids that go out trick or treating and they end up meeting some witch or something that is able to turn them into real monsters. So anyway they end up enjoying themselves for a whole scaring people now that they are real monsters, but then after a while, they get sad because they just want to be kids again and they are tired of everyone being afraid of them. I think the adults even form a mob to hunt down the monsters (the kids), and they end up getting turned back into their real selves in front of the parents. The parents think its really cool, so on of them says "I want to be...Attila the Hun!" and so he gets turned into Attila the Hun. Other parents get turned into other monsters, and in the end everything is ok, the kids are normal and I think they party down with the witch or whoever it was that turned them all into monsters. I think there was at least like one song, it had like synth-y singing I think. Anyone have any clue about what I'm talking about?

Does anyone remember an older (80s?) cartoon movie, with a kid who had a pumpkin head???

I'm pretty sure this movie was made in the 80s.. i remember watching it in the early 90s as a kid.. for some reason the words pumpkin king and jack o lantern come to mind... those might be wrong and throw you completely off.. but the kid had a pumpkin head... it wasnt charlie brown, or pumpkin the horror movie... it was like a halloween movie... can ANYONE remember it??

What are some classic 70s-90s movies that I should watch?

It is quite a wide timespan (20 years). Almost a generation! The whole world can change within 5 years nowadays, what more 20 years.But here is my list:1970s - Godfather 1 (1972) and Godfather 2 (1974). The ultimate antihero movie series on thr Italian mafia, but it says a lot about the condition of the human heart, of family relationships, a rumination on the greyness of good and evil, really. Contrary to many critics' views, I think Godfather 3 (which was made 16 years after Godfather 2) provided an apt (albeit sad) conclusion to an epic tale of an immigrant Italian mafia family.1980s - The Killing Fields (1984), the most beautiful, gritty masterpiece of a truly honourable and courageous survivor of the Cambodian genocide, Dith Pran. Equally inspiring is the life story of the Cambodian actor who portrayed, Dr Haing S. Ngor, also a survivor of the genocide.1990s - Schindler's List (1993), the ultimate movie about the greatest crime ever committed to humanity, the Holocaust of WW2. The banality of evil that permeated a civilised people who never even had a history of violence before WW1 and WW2 and one man (Oscar Schindler) who had the unprecedented deep courage to overcome it all amid a totalitarian regime of fear and blind obedience.

What is your all time favourite 90s movie?

I’m fond of Léon: The Professional (1994)While not necessarily the best film of the 1990s, it’s a small treasure, with great performances, a lot of style, and a signature ’90s feel (the musical score, featuring, by Björk, is well-placed) It’s a slick action movie, violent, stylized, romantic, and funny.I wrote more about The Professional at my entertainment blog here.Jean Reno plays the hitman, Gary Oldman plays the dirty-cop villain, with scene-chewing bravado, and Natalie Portman is natural and convincingly street-smart, in her first feature film role. For some of us, Natalie Portman has yet to match this performance in any of her subsequent films.Without a doubt, this movie couldn’t be made today. The bond between Portman’s character Mathilde (a young orphaned teen) and Leon, the damaged hitman-mentor character, who Mathilde imagines is her boyfriend, played by Jean Reno, was bittersweet, funny, carefully balanced, and never offensive. Jean Reno, Natalie Portman, and director Luc Besson deserve credit for this achievement, their delicate portrayal of the unlikely alliance uniting these two characters.Today, it would be radioactive. In the climate of 2018, the romantic elements of Leon and Mathilde’s criminal partnership would be too controversial for any director to risk.Though it’s set in NYC, it feels like a cross between New York and Paris. It’s some of writer/director Luc Besson’s best work.Fans of this movie have been lobbying for a sequel, for years. The notion of an adult Natalie Portman portraying a seasoned hitman, a female “Professional”, taking the place of Leon, is irresistible. The director left a door open to this possibility. But Besson’s career has taken him elsewhere, and additional storylines following the themes and characters in The Professional” were left unexplored. Which is perhaps just as well. A bad or disappointing sequel would risk tarnishing the original, which is fine, just the way it is.

Which is your favorite animated movie?

Monsters Inc.Monsters Inc is Pixar’s fourth film released on November 2nd, 2001, and the blu-ray version released in 3D on December 19, 2012. i guess many have watched this so those who haven't the story set in an alternative dimension run by monsters. Monsters Inc features monsters working in a factory called monsters Incorporated where monsters enter the human world to scare children so their screams can power the monster world. the story has great humor to it, when start to watch you will begin by laughing but as the story progress you will feel a very sad moments about friendship, but at the end it will make you smile and make you a very happy person. it’s worth watching all over again , won’t get bored at all.Chicken RunChicken Run is 2000 Stop motion animated comedy film produced by the british studio Aardman anaimations. Chicken run has all the charm and it is something to watch for everyone. the voice acting is great as well as the plot has a funny and adventurous story into it. worth watching many times as you like.Despicable Mei guess this animated film is one of everyone’s favorites. Charming, touching and funny to this will keep you smiling for the entire movie as well as you will find a new language that you have never heard of eventually start singing their song.Lion KingNo doubt this is one of best movies i have watched, story plot is very rich Emotionally strong and amazing animation for the 1994. the more you watched the more you will enjoy the moments.

What are some good movies for kids to watch? (80s-90s)?

I agree!! There's nothing like the movies from when I was growing up! Here are a few that the kids might like:

Dark Crystal
The Never Ending Story
Mac and Me
Hocus Pocus
Harry and the Hendersons
Big Top Pee Wee
Adventures in Babysitting
The Princess Bride
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Space Jam
Home Alone 1 & 2
The Sandlot
Angel's In the Outfield
Rookie of the Year
The Addams Family
Honey I shrunk the Kids
Nightmare Before Christmas

Hope these help! :)

What are some of the best cartoon characters of all time?

there are many cartoons which were the best of all time but according to me i think most of u will accept with me that the 90s cartoons were one of the best cartoons of all time even 80s were of the traditional ones but were very nicesome of them are likefirst one my all time fav - the Maskscooby dooscooby doo where are youtom and jerryrichie richcourage the cowardly dogdexters laboratorysamurai jackcode name kids next doorlooney toonsroad runnersylvestor and tweety mysterybatmansupermanamazing spiderman