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What Is That Weird Electronic Song There

Weird electronic song in the Life Aquatic?

What is the song called that Steve listens to on his radio helmet (the scene is in the trailer- link here: it starts about 14 seconds in)? It carries over to the next scene when they dive to look for the mysterious signal. It doesn't play for very long.

I can't figure it out from the soundtrack listings... please help!!

Is their a Weird Al Parody of a Bon Jovi song?

NO, there is not.

Please do not listen to Vicky. There are tons of songs on the Internet that are attributed to Weird Al, because people seem to think that he's the only one who can do a funny song. Unfortunately, Vicky's link happens to be one of those.

However, Weird Al did sing a few bars of "Dead or Alive" once while on MTV for one of his Al-TV specials, but that definitely isn't a parody.

HelloThe number has it's significance. I see a lot of people saying that the tempo just feels right. Here is my take on it : First thing to know about this particular BPM is that it isn't just like any other BPMs.. If you look at a metronome synced to 128 BPM you'll notice a very peculiar thing.The tempo is selected such that it is the 7th power of 2 which means it is also divisible by 4. I assume that you are aware of the fact that in electronic music, each bar of music is composed of 4 beats.The classic 4x4 bars will end at the 15 second time mark each time. In Layman's terms, the metronome will tick 16x4 times in 15 seconds and that too precisely at the very moment.Which means that 32 bars are equivalent to 30 seconds and 64 bars are equivalent to 1 minute and so on . Now, these timings are second nature to human beings which gives us the impression that 'It just feels right'.This thing is common to any BPM that is power of 2.  So , why exactly do people prefer only 128 BPM, they could probably use 64 BPM or maybe 256, right?Well, not really. The answer to that question is that not all BPMs can be used to create electronic music. There is a certain groove associated with a certain BPM range. If you have a look at all the house/trance songs they fall in the range of 120 - 138 BPM  , which happens to be the range in which 128 BPM falls under.Hope that this clarifies your doubt!

You may not find Lamb too danceable, but their Fear of Fours album is based around avoiding 4/4 time signature. It even skips track 4 for good measure (no pun intended).

Song in Little Nicky..?

I think the song is called "Two of Hearts." by Stacey Q.

Weird yet awesome is my favorite music! The one track I'd like to present comes from the most experimental album by French electronic avantgardist Jean-Michel Jarre: "Diva" from Zoolook (1984). Next to Jarre on, well, every imaginable keyboard thing, it features the amazing Laurie Anderson on vocals and vocal samples along with Adrian Belew on guitar and Marcus Miller on bass.

Its all about subjective perception. there s an element of introspection within to decide what the track makes you feel. DISCLAIMER:For example, this is a complete assumption and a hypothetical scenariobut say, i'm an artist; JUNKIE XLand i made this trackwhat i feel is if i close my eyes and try to visualise situation/scenario while listening to it in the background. For me it would mean a cold sunny early morning, going for a walk/run cold winds blowing across, things look like a serene blue atmosphere etc and in the midst of that if there s a beautiful girl that comes into the picture sparks something so intense and in that same instance goes away, the eventuality of it "being beautiful while it lasted" comes to mind and heart and i would go on to be smiling. It s gonna be a good day And thus he(Me in his shoes, HYPOTHETICALLY) through this subjective perception/emotion would have eventually gone on to name the track "SUCH A TEASE".The other way of naming a non lyrical electronic track:Either that, or whatever funky gnarly cool wicked #AWSUM track name comes to mind which people will recall as wicked weird crazy blah and stuff. So i've shown you both scenarios of how one would go on to title their tracks.

I like it because it's the only music that helps me concentrate and helps me think.I love punk, thrash, hardcore rap, industrial, and a lot of other music. Unfortunately it all gets me wound up. I love hard, passionate music but most of the time it gets me ready to fight, not ready to think, and I have enough static in my head already.Electronic music, specifically trance, specifically trance without lyrics, specifically good continuous mixes of trance without lyrics, can immediately sweep all the clutter off my brain and let me concentrate on work or heavy thought. It kills the static, gives me a feeling of gentle euphoria, and helps me crank my concentration way up.Usually if the music has lyrics, or song breaks, or too many unpredictable or ambient elements, then it doesn't work for me. I describe it as "brain fishhooks," because they catch on my mind and yank it out of concentration mode. But the right music helps me work at a very high level of productivity for long stretches of time and feel good while I'm doing it.

Song from Icelandair flight?

Are you into the whole thing? a million. Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, The Beach Boys, ABBA- I believe you would name them oldies, however I do not. two. RATM, Disturbed, Lamb of God, Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Panic! on the Disco, Children of Bodom, Blackmore's Night, Blind Pilot- Some persons might name it screamo, or steel, or choice (I disagree with so much genres. They're too...I do not know) three. Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Handel- Baroque, Classical four. Fiddler at the Roof, 1776, Camelot- Musical Soundtracks Just pass check out some thing! Everything is well for any person- good, besides nation. I consider you!

Electronic music is not bad music. As with every genre, there is good electronic music and bad electronic music. The bad rap to electronic music is due to the ease you can make a song of that genre. Get into a basic home studio with a tiny MIDI keyboard or MPC, create a basic beat, add a bass riff, some quirky effects, and there you have it. Another piece of cr@#p.Then you have guys the likes of Zedd, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris, and others and you realize it is a great genre.