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What Is The Best Perfume From Pink

What is the best PINK perfume?

i loveeeee warm & cozy. it smells AMAZINGG. you should most deff get it

What's the best smelling pink perfume?

i absolutely love 'clean'. But for some reason they dont sell it sometimes... they usually have everything but it! But if you can find it, it smells amazing!

Best PacSun Nollie Perfume (Pink or Green)?

The green was does spell kinda frutie... But I personally like the orange one better than the green and the pink. The orange spells like, lemon, orange and other citrusy things... I love it! My best guy friend says it spelled very "yummy". LOL!

I like the Kirra Sunflower one too. It's in a clear bottle with a yellow flower on the lid. It spells really good, and I love it the most out of all the PacSun perfumes. It smells delicious, and I wear it everyday since I ran out of my orange one.

Hope that helps...

Which is the best floral perfume?

Hello,Thanks for giving me the chance in exploring my knowledge on perfumes with your question.You have asked only about one best floral perfume, but I will give you the list of floral perfumes that was loved by a lot of women. You can buy them at discount prices via onlineHere is my list:Bloom by Gucci (I personally love this perfume for its jasmine aroma)Flowerbomb by Viktor & RolfDaisy by Marc Jacobs (Note: All marc jacobs daisy perfumes are designed for women but not all are floral fragrances)Posion Girl by DiorPleasures by Estee LauderYello Diamond by VersaceRose the One by Dolce & GabbanaRomance by Ralph LaurenChloe Rose edition by ChloeMyrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone LondonThat’s it. These are best floral fragrances for women. Among these, some of them are recent releases and some of them are iconic perfumes in their brand. Shop now and enjoy its aroma :)I hope my part is done. But, If you have any thing to ask, please feel free to comment. I will definitely reply sooner or later.

What is the best smelling Pacsun perfume?

Hi! I am going to Pacsun tomorrow and I am going to buy their perfume. So which one has the best smell, I like the fresher scents by the way not the all out fruity scents! And does that perfume stay on all day?

Best Victoria's Secret perfume?

Ok well I know that they have really nice perfume but I dont know what to get. What would be best for me? Im a 13 year old girl. What can I get the most compliments on? lol thanx
Also, can you order their stuff online?

What is the best and most economic perfume for women in India?

Well this one is from personal experience and those who have used them would possibly agree.I am aware of two perfumes which can never go wrong with respect to longevity and projections.And both these perfumes are equally affordable.The first one is Burberry Touch for Women (the Pink fluid bottle)This is surely one fragrance which is definitely worth the value. Floral and slightly fruity with touch of vanila and musk as after note.Lasting is fairly 5 hoursAs far as price is concerned, it retails in India at around 2.4k to 3k for 100mlThe second one is Bvlgari Aqva Amara Divina (the round white bottle with golden cap)Bvlgari Aqva has been one of the most popular and most affordable perfumes. He aqva fragrance give those sea and watery fresh notes.Aqva Amara has been a referred to as perfume bomb which can at times get on to your nerves.This ladies version of Amara ie Aqva Amara Divina follows the principles of its male counterpart and live up to its name.Very strong watery green fresh fragrance with hidden afternote of musky rose.Lasting is minimum 5–6 hoursOn Price perspective, it is in the same range as Burberry Touch ie 2.4k to 3k in retail.I am sure there are other very well articulated perfumes in this range but hese two have been personally tried since i gifted them to my sister and she went crazily happy post usage.As far as i can remember, you can also try other perfumes from these brands.Rasasi, CK Euphoria, Elizabeth Arden, Davidoff Hot Water, Boss Nuit Ladies are some which i would suggest you to try apart from the above.

What Chanel Chance perfume is better? the green one or the pink one?

They're both really light scents similar to the ones you described. If you like D&G Light Blue I think you'd like Eau Fraiche (the green one) better because it has more citrus notes in it. If you've ever smelled Marc Jacobs Daisy and like that sort of grassy, floral scent you will like the pink one (Eau Tendre) better.

What are the best scents of Cotton Candy perfumes that are under $20?

My friend has this perfume that iw ant but i dont know what it is all i know is that its cotton candy and it is in a pink bottle I really want to find it can you give me links to sits or please give me an answer but you may also say other cotton candy perfumes for me :)