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What Is The Best Tablet To Get

What's the best tablet?

iPad or iPad mini! You are using it for games, and the APPLE AppStore has the biggest and best selection of games BY FAR! Plus it has GAME CENTER, so you can play games against your friends.

If you prefer android, the Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet has good reviews. But I think the iPad is still a better choice for gaming. Games on android are often just smartphone apps that are blown up to the size of the tablet, so they look blurry and stretched.

The Microsoft surface doesn't have as good of reviews as the iPad, and it doesn't have as many optimized apps/games.

Stay away from kindle fire. Period. (I made the mistake of buying a kindle, it was awful)

Which is the best tablet to buy under 30k?

Choosing a tablet can be as painstaking task as finding a new job. There are so many brands among Apple, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Samsung etc to choose from, in addition to the numerous brands, each brand manufactures at least 4–5 products in each price category, with slight hardware improvement. One can well imagine, how cumbersome it is to choose a new tablet.Well, I was in the market for a new tablet myself until a few days ago and finally after an intense and grilling research session, I finally bought a tablet for myself. I can say with confidence that I had a good purchase.Today, I’ll compile the best tablets in each price category, that are my recommendations in respective price bracket.Budget under Rs 15kMy Preferred Choice 1 and My Preferred Choice 2Budget between Rs 15k to Rs 25kMy Preferred Choice 1 and My Preferred Choice 2Budget between Rs 25k to Rs 35kMy Preferred Choice 1 and My Preferred Choice 2Budget beyond Rs 35kMy Preferred Choice 1 and My Preferred Choice 2Take care and have a great purchase.

What is the best tablet to buy under Rs. 15,000?

You can buy Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Tablet. This is the best 4G Tablet in your budget. You’ll also get some useful features in this yoga tablet, Which can help you in Study.Click Here:- To Buy Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 at ₹12,999.Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Specification:-Click Here To Visit Amazon.8-inch 1280 x 800 pixels Display2 GB RAM | 16 GB ROM8 MP 180° Rotatable Camera(Can be used as Front/Selfie Camera Also)Android 5.1 (Lollipop)Battery: 6200 mAh, Lithium - Ion4G LTE with Voice Call (Single Sim)Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Useful Features:-Lenovo AnyPen Technology Allows Natural Interaction.The Yoga Tab 3 screen detects any conductive object as a pen. That’s quite useful when you’re using your tablet while taking notes or when your hands are dirty or when you want to sketch something up and you don’t have a stylus handy or you’ll figure it out.180° Rotatable 8MP CameraThis Primary Camera Can Be Used As Front/Selfie Camera Also.

Which tablet should i get?

I have one right beside me and charging getting ready to do a factory reset because i added to many apps { my fault} to it and kill the onbroad memory from 512mb to 48mb but a great tablet , no problems with it , also i have the first model that came out with a single core processor that dual core is one of the best meaning samsung galaxy tablet , get the samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus 16gb , the rest are so-so , going to upgrade to the samsung galaxy 7.0 tab 2 because i need the dual core for better video and you tube and getting on the internet faster

What is the best wacom tablet for me?

I am taking art for GCSE (like American finals) and for my coursework, I would like to do digital art as it is a bit different and funky.
I have used tablets for art before, but my friend (who has been using tablets for years) said I should get a Wacom as opposed to the Android I occasionally use. I dislike the Android as it is clumsy, old and needs realigning every few minutes, so I think it is time to upgrade.

-Price is unimportant.
-I will use it for drawing, sketching and painting.
-Needs to be durable and hard to break, as I am so clumsy.
-It needs to have quite a bit screen, so I can see it without my glasses.
-Have you ever used it? Did you like it?
-What software did you use on it, if any?
-Does it need any 'add ons', such as software, pens, nibs, etc?

What is the best tablet to get a senior citizen?

For the best tablet to get a senior, it depends:Do they have great eyesight and never forget their glasses, good hearing, hands and arms strong enough to hold and grip a portable tablet, no shakiness, good dexterity, good mobility, little or no dementia, and the ability to learn and remember a new operating system, icons, menus, swiping and dragging actions and logins and passwords? Then get then a simplified iPad or simple Android tablet and spend a few hours each week training them to use it, updating apps, fixing settings and dismissing the inevitable pop-ups.Otherwise, I strongly suggest to get then solid, easy to use dedicated appliances. A real, easy to use camera. A digital photo frame. A radio for music. And a seniors video phone… all designed specifically for those that may have memory loss, a disability, inexperience with swipe-and-gripe operatimg systems, or a learning difficulty.Try an independent living centre near you or visit their website for more ideas for the elderly.

What is the best Android tablet to buy? Why?

In my opinion,There is actually no definition of best, it depends on the user and the type of work the user is going to do on the tablet. Taking this in mind I have made the following categories, find the one that suits the best to you.Google Pixel C- for latest android fans, casual gamers and web surfers.​​​​Pixel C might not be the best tablets available but for those who want the new android versions with them as soon as they are available, it is a good choice. With a keyboard dock coming with the device it can offer some productivity on the go but is surely not for business class.Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0- for Samsung fanboys, readers, web surfers and show off.​​​​With Samsung's Super AMOLED, 1536x2048, 320ppi screen it is surely a great tablet to look upon with a good battery life, light weight and the Samsung logo on the device it surely is a great device in small package.Nvidia Shield Tablet K1- for serious gamers.​​​​Being one of the very few tablets made for serious gaming, this tablet is first choice of gamers. Awesome graphics, tegra K1 processor and latest android make it a worthy gaming tablet.Lenovo Yoga Tab 3- for huge battery consumers, hardcore readers, music and video streamers and late night web surfers.​​​​This tablet is surely a serious one. Being the tablet with biggest battery lifegiving 15 hours of battery backup it is the one which you are going to carry in the flight. A 4g+WiFi tablet with immersive sound, great display and a wide angle front camera it is a very productive tablet.So, this is all, choose the one that you like not the one that your friends like.Let’s be in touch, follow me here on Quora and ask me about Android, Windows, Phones, Tablets, Hardware, Programming, Game Development and Tech.