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What Is The Best Used Car Under 3000 That I Can Buy

Best used cars under 3000?

Toyota, Honda and Nissan are all good cars....

What's the best used car to buy for under $3,000?


Price = quality. For a $3,000 car, it will definitely have over 100,000 miles, close if not more than 10 years old, and have tons of engine problems with the remaining life of less than 3 years. I met tons of people who think cars like these are a good deal, yet when they overpay in car repair, they begin to wonder the wonderfulness of the car. Some cars are more deceiving than others because they look great on the outside and interior, but the engine and wiring is really messed up. Things on the outside are for look, but the engine and vital parts are the heart of the car, without them the car is useless. So, you can get a great looking car, but whether or not it can drive is up to luck.

Don't get me wrong. Sometime you can get a great undervalued car assuming there are extraordinary reasons for the undervalued. One reason is that the owner desperately need the money. Two is the owner's wife is trying to get back at her husband for sleeping with another woman. I saw a car listed as $1, it was a porches. Some guy brought it that day. The husband was pissed.

I personally like Japanese brand cars like Toyota and Honda. German made cars are great, too. American made cars rank one of the last in my book next to "Others". Honda Accord and Civil are great cars. Toyota Camry and Avalon. Nissan Maxima and Altima. These will last you a good 100,000 miles before you have any major engine problems. American cars like the RAM and F150 are the prize winner of American design.

If you are going to buy a used car, I suggest you start with friends and family where is looking to sell one of their cars. Then look around the city near you for car selling by owners before going to a dealerships or car lot. Be sure to bring the used car to a local auto shop and have them inspect it for you before buying it. The service fee is like $20, but it will save you $3,000 and a lot less hassle in car problems.

Best used car under $3000

at $3k to $4,000

98 Acura CL
98 Ford Mustang V6
98 Honda Accord or Civic
98 Nissan Frontier or Pathfinder
98 Subaru Impreza or Legacy
98-00 Toyota Corolla or Echo 00

What is the best used car under 3000 that I can buy?

Foreign are going to be more expensive so you may not find a good one. Your best bet would be something like a chevy cavalier. It's cheap reliable and cheap to fix. A ford focus is also a good deal

Can I buy a used car for 3,000 dollars?

yea you can get a car for 3k or less, my friend bought a dodge neon for about 3k and it was only a few years old. i would stay away from honda if anyway possible, i know sometimes its about the only car you can afford cause they are cheap but they are also cheap for a reason, but do some searching and youll find one

What is the best used car in Australia to buy under 3000?

As I have told all my sons, though they never listen.  The best car in terms of reliability, service and repair cost, self maintenance and running cost,and safety is a 10-odd year old Ford Falcon.The straight 6 engines gives a good combination of power and mileage.  Not as good as a 4 cylinder, but can take 250,000 km in its stride before even starting to look tired.  The cars are built solid, not only with good safety design, but plenty of crumple space and structural strength.They are comfortable.  Driver fatigue is significantly reduced on long country drives.There is a reason 90% of taxi's in Australia are Falcons.  They have a lower cost of ownership than any other vehicle.

What's the best used truck to get under $3000?

I had good luck with a Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

What are the best used cars that cost under 3000 Euros in Europe?

You'll have to more specific than 'Europe' as prices vary enormously from country to country. I am currently in the UK, and a friend of my Dad's is in the trade so picked me up this for £250 for the summer.It's a diesel, does 56 mpg (my reckoning, not the official stats) and can seat 5. Here's Whatcar's review.Ford Mondeo Saloon (00 - 07) READ REVIEW£245 - £9,970WhatCar? says:5 stars out of 5FOR The Mondeo is spacious, cheap and drives wellAGAINST It's noisy, and large-wheeled versions have an over-firm ride. Not as practical as hatch or estateYou don't get cheaper or better motoring than that to my mind. A great car for less than a laptop. Join the RAC so you don't get a big bill if you breakdown on the motorway (about 30 quid) and if it needs an expensive fix scrap the car... and get about 100 quid back for the metal (I kid you not).They are everywhere so you might struggle to find your own car in the car park (especially in silver). What to do with the rest of the cash? Well, that's a nice dilemma to have