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What Is The Best Way To Present A Hybrid Text

Best way to Write a book?

It's all in preference. If you prefer to write it down, write it down. Some authors do that, and only that for their book...but if you prefer typing then go with that. There are pros and cons to both. The pros to writing it on a piece of paper is that you never have to worry about your computer one day shutting down and you loose your story completely. The cons is that, when you want to change or add something...well it'll be very difficult. The pros to on the computer are easy editing and the cons would be getting distracted by the internet. I honestly do a combination of both. When I'm at school and I have an idea I'll write it down and type it when I get home. I also us paper to plan out my novel, I hate planning and outlining on the computer. But I type my story up because I can edit and add whenever and wherever I want. I hope this helps :)

What is the best way to approach a student who never returned a text book to you?

The university should have a mailing address, a phone number and contact information for her family somewhere in the records. Since you have made a sincere effort to contact her, it's time to contact her family.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Parent,
Your daughter, Miss Negligent, borrowed a rare book (Name of Book, and author,) from me last summer while she was in my So and so class. As she was a good student, I entrusted her with it, asking only that it be returned by the beginning of the fall semester. At the beginning of the fall semester, she told me she would like to keep it a little longer and I agreed. However, I now need the book for my research/class, and I have been unable to reach your daughter.
Please contact her and ask her to return the book to me by (give a two week deadline,) or I will be forced to put a hold on her grades. She will not be able to register for the spring semester until the hold is removed. I'm sorry to take such drastic action, but the book is an out of print edition and cannot be replaced. If you have questions, please contact me at ...
If the book can be replaced, advise them of the replacement cost.
Now you may not be able to put a hold on her registration, but there must be some avenue you have through the university. Worst case scenario, you can report it stolen by this student to the campus and city police.
In the future, if you want to give students access to your rare books, only allow them to look at them in your office when you are present.