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What Is The Best Whey Protein For Womens

Whey protein and women?! Help?

I'm an 18 year old female, average size, I go to the gym atleast 5 times a week and alternate workouts (legs, chest, back, arms) I want to try to lose some body fat and gain lean muscle to tone up. I bought optimum nutrition 100% whey protein isolate (gold standard) and Im curious as to what it will do/ if it does anything to me? Or will it make be bloated and not make any changes? I take it with 8 oz of water & 1 scoop of powder. Help!!! Give me advice!

Nutrition is the same for human body , it may be male or female, they may differentiate on the body requirements or goals. And whey protein is made from milk protein so it's organic. No whey protein is made from medicine or a chemical (telling this if your not aware about it). So u can choose a good whey protein like ON (Optimum nutrition ), muscle pharm , Isopure etc. And do be aware or fake products as they are a lot in the indian market.You can try nutrimed whey protein in india and which is at affordable cost.

It is good to see that more and more women are actually defying the myths surrounding protein shakes and women health and trying the shakes themselves!Studies in recent times have also suggested that having at least 30 gm. of protein per meal is best for health in the long run. And the best way to cope with protein requirement in a hassle free way is to get yourself a good whey based protein shake.When you are looking for a protein make sure:· It is low in sugar and carb content. Many products will use sugar or fat in it as a way to enhance flavors and textures but it only takes away the quality of protein.· The protein source and quality. Whey protein is the best type of protein available in the market for supplemental purposes. It has all the amino acids and is also great for burning fat (fat accumulation is something that happens with ageing.)· Low calorie. Ideally, any protein shake that has maximum amount of protein coming out of it will be low in calories since majority of the calories would be coming from protein and the empty calories from sugar or other fillers will not be present.· Fortification of vitamins or minerals or any other nutrients.To prevent muscle wastage and other implications of ageing it is best to combine a healthy diet (including good amount of protein) with some light exercise. If you are based in India and looking for a women-friendly protein based product, then I would recommend you try OZiva’s Protein and Herb for women. This is a really nice protein shake (gives around 23 gm protein per scoop!) with negligible sugar (so even works for you if you are a diabetic) and has a bunch of women specific ayurvedic herbs that will help maintain hair, skin and hormones apart from energy levels.

What is the best whey protein powder for women?

I started weight training a few months ago and have gained lots of muscle. I have been taking one-a-day women's supplements but I would like to now get a protein powder I can consume in liquid form after my workouts. The one a day women's vitamins contain no protein and I usually get my protein from food such as protein bars, Greek yogurt, bananas etc. I want protein powder so it can get a higher percentage of the protein into digestion. I am now getting more serious about weight lifting and would love any suggestions on what a good protein powder for women is! Also, I have found that a lot of protein powder (especially for women) contains vitamins as well such as vitamin D3 for colon and breast support. I am already getting my full daily amount of that vitamin through the supplements I'm taking. Will I have to stop taking the supplements altogether or can I take a protein powder along with the supplements? Thank you for your help!

Is WHEY PROTEIN good for women to take?

yes it would whey protein comes from cow milk
it has all the essential amino acids your body needs for muscle and strength building.
a even better source of protein would be eggs
and also u don't have to worry about getting to big
women under normal conditions lack testosterone to build muscle
the women you see that are big most likely use steroids
if you start taking whey the best times to take it are about an hour before you workout and within 30 mins after you workout
if u want to learn more you should talk to a nutritionist

Best protein powder for women?

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Yes—whey is derived from milk protein and is used as a supplement (in addition) to one’s diet. It is consumed by males and females who can digest it—many individuals actually have a hard time digesting it, especially if he/she is lactose intolerant. The amount of this protein consumed depends on the individual’s “goals” and how much additional protein they want to consume.

Your choice may be very limited. Many popular protein powders have been tested positive for arsenic, lead, other heavy metals, and BPA by CleanLabel project. When it comes to finding healthy non-toxic protein supplements, the choice may be very limited. Gakhsa recommends just three protein powders. Their reports also include heavy metal testing results.Courtesy: Gakhsa website. Go to Gakhsa website to learn more about their elite lists of protein powders. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplement.Avoid toxic ProteinsUnfortunately, protein supplements aren’t regulated. Many of them are loaded with thickeners/stabilizers like gum, lecithin, sugar, and genetically modified ingredients. The shocking report by Clean Label Project about arsenic, lead, heavy metal and BPA presence in protein supplements is very disturbing. These substances have been linked to cancer, brain damage, and reproductive issues. Their study also discovered that 75 percent of the plant-based powders were tested positive for heavy metals. On average, protein powders labeled as organic had higher levels of heavy metals than others tested, likely because they were plant-based.Non-toxic pure ProteinsFortunately, there are pure non-toxic proteins in the market such as Naked Nutrition and Natural Force. Gakhsa has released the list of recommended proteins. The report also includes heavy metal test results. No plant-based protein has made to the Gakhsa recommended list yet. Plant-based proteins may have higher contamination because the plants are prone to absorbing heavy metals from soil. There are some very high-quality plant-based proteins as well. Refer to the Gakhsa recommended list before buying a protein supplement.Go to Gakhsa website to learn more about their elite lists of protein powders.

In order for a thing to work on your body, you must first know the mechanics of it.1. Whey and muscle gain: Whey protein definitely helps in gaining muscle mass. For women, it is becoming more and more important. We have very low muscle mass on our body especially if we think we are in good shape. We run a risk of having diseases like Osteoporosis and Arthritis because of this. With some exercise and consuming whey protein, we can gain some muscles and become much healthier.And NO protein does not make women bulky. How many actresses do you see who are bulky?2. Whey protein and fat loss: Please understand that whey protein does not directly lead to fat loss. When you build muscles, your body's requirement of calories for maintaining those muscles increases significantly. Now consuming a set number of calories per day is more psychological than it's real physical need. So once your calorie requirement increases, but you are actually consuming the same amount of calories you used to, you will automatically start loosing fat.3. Various types of protein: For women i guess there are 2 choices. Whey protein (milk protein) and Soy protein (plant protein). While whey is a fast digesting protein, that helps in faster recovery from workouts, Soy is a slow digesting protein, which can be consumed at night before going to bed or even in the moring. Soy will help suppress hunger pangs by keeping your tummy full for wuite some time.4. How to choose a brand: Look for lean protein. Whether it's whey or soy you go for, just look out for least amount of Carbs and Fats and maximum percentage of protein in your supplement. You can also go for 0 Carbs Whey Isolate like Acacia's Whey Isolean or Nature's Best Isopure. Both of them have 0 Carbs and around 90% protein. For cheaper alternatives, i like Acacia Whey Totalé for the simple fact that it has the least amount of Carbs and Fats (around .65 and .74 G per scoop) that i have come across and it's not as costly as Whey Isolate. You can go for ON's Soy which is quite good and if you are looking for Cheap and Best alternative, i suggest you go for Soy Totalé. It will not taste as good as Whey, but if you can ignore the taste (which is not actually bad) then it could work for you and will cost almost half.