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What Is The Complexity Of This Program

How to calculate the time complexity of the program?

What is the time complexity of this program?

You may notice that nothing in your program is bounding the variable start inside the array. It depends only on the data values. For instance if you provide an array containing many zeroes or negative numbers beyond some index zeroes, the internal loop may go out of bound and the program crash for some values of sum.Henceforth the first thing to ask is not the complexity of the code, but "is it correct?". If start ever goes beyond array limit it's faulty code and complexity doesn't matter.If the algorithm is correct (for some input data). You should notice start only increase it's value. Henceforth the inner loop will execute at most array.length times. It means you can just ignore the inner loop and that complexity is O(n) (n being the length of provided array).

What is complexity theory?

the study of any complex system!!?

What is the most complex C program ever written?

The Linux kernel is not nearly as complex a piece of software as most people think. Famously, while is not written in C, it has two orders of magnitude more lines of code than Linux, and that in turn is nothing compared to the amount of software in an average modern car.I would say that cars (e.g. the Volt) probably have the most complex C programs in them. They tend to be far more complex even than aircraft or spacecraft.Why? Because aircraft software is more tightly regulated, so they can do far more with less (at a correspondingly higher budget). The amount of complexity in automotive software is unnecessary, and quite possibly dangerous if you think about it.

What is the time complexity of dynamic programming?

As dynamic programming is not an algorithm but a clever idea to boost performance of some slow algorithms through a simple transformation (by consuming some space). Henceforth no wonder you haven’t found what you were looking for: every algorithm where you can apply DP may speed up in different ways.The idea is that many algorithms will have to compute solve the same subtask several times. If the subtask’s result only depends on it’s input parameters (in other words it is a pure function) you can just memorize it somewhere. If that result is needed again in the future you will return the previously computed result instead of running again a lenghty calculus. The key word is “memoization”.

"Programming is all about managing complexity." Do you agree with that statement?

Programming? No, definitely not. In isolation it is most definitely all about problem solving, as many others here have elaborated.However, if we’re talking about software engineering (which given that many people mistakenly conflate) — than the answer is a definitive yes. That is, software engineering really is all about managing complexity. Whether it comes down to methodologies used in managing projects, leveraging the work of others through utilizing frameworks, etc.But really, all that exists** to tone down the ‘human factor’. Humans have a tendency to complicate things, so even if the programming is simple (which in industry, by itself, often is), when the software grows, assumptions change, poorly designed legacy software is interwoven, and features continue to be asked, things get complicated. Things get complex. And managing that behemoth of software is what much of software engineering boils down to in reality.Really, people make it complex. It doesn’t have to be. But it’s hard to avoid - programming may be simple but humans can be damn complicated.**After all - testing, specifications, abstractions, etc wouldn’t exist if large, real world projects were super simple to deal with in the first place. They help us manage the project, and keep it from getting out of hand.

Time complexity help please.?

I do not understand how to do time algorithms. I have this question:

"It has been estimated that a program will consist of 300,000 lines of code. If the burdened cost of a programmer's efforts is $150 per hour, determine the cost of the program."

I feel like i would need the variable for how many lines the programmer could code in a certain amount of time. If you could please help me understand this. Explaining the best you can.