What Is The Difference Between A Hospital Chux And A Dog Pee Pad

New moms stealing from the hospital room?

I volunteer at a hospital on weekends and had to work up in the labor & delivery floor that weekend and over heard one of the new moms bragging to her friend how she stole a box of latex gloves, bottle of hand soap out the bathroom and the white bath towels that are all given in the rooms to the new moms also a roll of toilet paper, the receiving blankets out the baby cart, and other items. It was just really surprising to me someone would take such things. What do you all think about this and so you know any one who does the same thing?

I didn't want to report her since she was a new mom and all and i figured she must have been going threw hard times to have taken the stuff.

What is the difference between a hospital chux and a dog pee pad?

Some pee pads have a chemical in them to hopefully entice a dog to pee on them. There is no difference otherwise

"Pee pads" - what are those things called?

those things you keep on the house so if the dog pees in the house, he goes to that pad-thingy? I think it has some kind of scent that makes the dog go pee on the pad...?

Do patients ever urinate or defecate during surgery? What happens if a woman is on her period and doesn’t use a tampon?

Nature in her wisdom has created a neural circuit that is always on. Muscles supplied by this circuit are always clenched. This circuit is referred to by over-educated individuals as a tonic circuit. These tonic circuits are wired to both your bladder and your anal sphincter. In order to pee or poo you have to consciously turn off that circuit and allow the muscles of your urethra or anus to relax and let the bad stuff flow out. These switches are under conscious control.Anesthesia, whether regional or general, puts only parts of your nervous system to sleep. For whatever reason when your consciousness is removed you can’t consciously relax your sphincters. If you die they will let go eventually, but I try not to let that happen too much.The upshot of this answer is that unless you have nerve or muscle damage to those structures you DO NOT pee or poop during surgery. However, there are always exceptions.—Women with bladder control issues. Increases in abdominal pressure can overcome the sphincter’s ability to stop leaks.—Baby’s head coming through the birth canal. There’s only room for one baby in the pelvis. Pee and poo get ejected. Think twice before filming this.—Rectum full of stool can sometimes get loose if a GI stimulant such as Neostigmine are used. This happens rarely.How do we in surgery deal with this as well as torrential menstruation? Chux. I don’t know who invented this but she or he definitely makes our patient care easier. (Chux is a name like Kleenex, don’t know who makes them)This is placed beneath every patient’s danger zone during every case. It is hella absorbent and waterproof on the back. In the unlikely event of a code yellow or code brown the patient is washed down with wet cloths and the pad is chucked into the trash. Generally before they wake up.For menstruating patients we generally place a pad (known as a peri-pad) over the offending orifice in addition to the chux.Foley catheters are used less and less because of infection issues. I generally only place them for cases lasting more than 3 hours. If necessary we will straight cath the patient’s bladder before they are awake.This should make for fascinating conversation at your next dinner party. Cheers!

Can you use puppy pads for infant diaper leaks?

OK-please give me a break. I'm getting ready to pull my hair out. My 1 month old son leaks through his diaper and clothes at least 3 times a day if not more. I've tried different brands and different diaper sizes. I've had my sister, mom, friends, his dad and even his sister put his diaper on him. I was thinking it was just me who couldn't diaper him right. He leaks no matter how you diaper him. Can you use puppy pads under a baby or are the pads harmful or poisonous to humans? I can't find the hospital type pads anywhere.

What should I do if my dog is throwing up yellow/white liquid/foam?

This is normally just a bit of stomach acid and it's ok for them to vomit this up, the problem is why they're doing it.One of my two dogs sometimes does this after eating grass, in which case I ignore it. Recently she ate the cap of a water bottle, some of the plastic got stuck, and trying to retch it out some of this foam came out. She also once ate the stuffing from a dog toy and did vomited this about 6 times, and then I was worried, but it was over pretty soon and she was fine. She sometimes also eats fox shit, and then throws it up, and keeps vomiting until there's nothing left except this foam.You can guess that the other dog is my favourite one!If they are sick once or twice and there's not much in it I wouldn't worry, especially if you know the likely cause like one of the above examples. Keep and eye on them and make sure they have some water. If their stomach is sensitive then maybe give them some bland food for the next meal (e.g. scrambled eggs).If they don't have much of an appetite when you next feed them, or if they're lethargic, or if they keep on vomiting, take them to the vet immediately.Better safe than sorry!