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What Is The Drivers Improvement Course Like

What is the 4-hour traffic school/driver improvement course like?

I can't take the online option so I don't want to hear about that class.

I have to take it at a community college and was just wondering what to expect.I have to take it for a speeding ticket I got. Like what could do these four hours consist of? Has anyone ever gotten out early?

Driver Improvement Clinic?

I moved to Virginia in July 2009 & received my first speeding ticket in October. There was a family emergency, which is why I was speeding, but the State Trooper barely even listened to what I was saying & just handed me a ticket, even after the family emergency was verified. Thanks. So anyways, I went to court & the judge sent me to driver improvement. I completed the eight hour course at the end of January. Wouldn't you know it, I got another ticket a few days after that! This one was complete crap, & looking back, I should've went to court for it. I received "Attempting to Evade a Traffic Control Device". I pulled into a parking lot that I thought was connected to the place I was trying to go, but as soon as I pulled over to where I thought it connected, I saw a barrier blocking me from driving through. So I backed out of the parking spot I pulled into & drove the rest of the way through the parking lot & out onto the other street it connects to, just to drive up about ten feet around that barrier & pull into the lot I needed. As soon as I pulled out on the street, sirens & lights behind me. Great. The officer grabbed my license, registration, & proof of insurance without even telling me what I was being pulled over for. & when I politely asked if he could tell me, he began interrogating me & asked me if I had any drugs on me. Are you kidding, I'm a 19 year old pre-med student that gets straight A's & plays World of Warcraft all day. I've never even seen pot in my whole life. Lol. But anyways, I paid the fine for that ticket instead of going to court to fight it because I was tired of being in court rooms. Shortly after, I realized this would give me three points on my license. & just today I received a letter from DMV telling me I had 90 days to complete a driver improvement clinic, or they were suspending my license.
My question is, since I completed the improvement clinic for the speeding ticket, can I request a copy of my certificate & just use that for this request as well? I honestly don't have the time or money to pay for another driving improvement class. I can't do an online course either, they specified that wouldn't meet the requirements. Please help!

How hard is the BDIC (Basic Driver Improvement Course) test?

Oh man not hard at all. Just gotta know common sense. I got a ticket going threw a work area going 25 over the speed limit so it was considered wreckless driving and i got 6 points on my record hahahah!!! FML! but its life we all make mistakes. But good luck its not hard.

What is a school bus driver improvement course?

In this course, understudies are furnished with a comprehension of the laws and controls that apply to the school transport industry. Outlined by IHSA, this course is suggested for all school transport drivers. In a classroom setting, protective driving methods are given the guide of different varying media gadgets. The course is intended to include members in bunch talks of driving issues that are experienced by drivers every day. This course is affirmed by the Ministry of Transportation as capability for drivers who are required to effectively entire a Driver Improvement Course with a specific end goal to acquire an ordered driver's permit.

Question about Driver Improvement class?

The odds are one out of four that you will be
involved in a crash during your lifetime. To
reduce these odds, the Virginia Department of
Motor Vehicles has created a different kind of
crash course. Our Driver Improvement Program
rewards safe drivers and warns potentially unsafe
drivers in advance. It helps educate drivers who
have developed risky driving practices and it
takes dangerous drivers off the road. Here’s how
it works.
What does the point system say
about you?

Approved online driver improvement course at Virginia?

Hello Kiara,

In Virginia state there are different format of the courses approved by the Virginia DMV. In order to dismiss virginia speeding ticket you have to complete following course:

8 Hour Virginia driver Improvement Course:
This 8-hour course is approved for court-ordered point reduction, ticket dismissal and fine reduction.

By completing the above mentioned course, check with your auto insurance to see whether or not you qualify for a discount.

Once you complete your course certificate will be directly send to the respective court not directly to state DMV. Course completion details will be processed to DMV afterwards. To know about more details about this visit or contact Virginia DMV office.


Question on Driver Improvement Program?

I live in Maryland and got a speeding ticket back in October sometime for going 76 in a 50. Dumb move, I have my reasoning though (cop was high-beaming for about a mile and a half before turning his red and blues on so I sped up to get the brightness out of my eyes so I could actually see the road since it was 11:30 at night and that's when he decided to pull me over. At first I just thought it was some prick high-beaming me so I got pretty scared honestly. I wasn't initially going 26 over until I was speeding up to get the brightness out of my eyes). Anyhow, went to court and the judge put two points on my license and about a week later I got a paper in the mail saying I have to take driver's improvement before the 23rd of December or my license is suspended until I do. Honestly thought that I'd get the probation thing for 6 months where if you don't get a ticket in that time frame everything is dropped basically since it is my first and ONLY offense. On the Driver Improvement Program letter it states at the bottom that "I can request a hearing to show why the suspension should not be imposed and the request has to be in writing and at least fifteen days prior to the suspension date on this notice and the hearing will be limited to A clerical error, A failure to receive the notice of a scheduled assignment, Or an unavoidable circumstance that would be determined by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and supported with documentation that is enclosed with the hearing request."

What does all of that mean? Will I have to go back to court for the hearing or is do I just have to send in a letter to the MVA and they decide if I should still have to go or not? I really don't have $50 to take Driver's Improvement and I'm very busy with college and college track right now. And despite the ticket I got, I actually am a very good driver. But like I said above, I had a reason to be going as fast as I was even though it was really dumb idea in the first place.

Is this Michigan Basic Drivers Improvement Course legit?

The Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course is a legit program from the Michigan Secretary of State. On the letter you received, as well as on the SoS website, you'll find a list of approved providers. Michigan Drive Safe, a State of Michigan approved provider, has a 10% off coupon code for the BDIC on their Facebook page, if you decide to take the course

Who owns school buses? Are the bus drivers government employees?

It varies, but most places now hire a company to provide the buses and to hire the drivers. As such, the drivers are employees of the bus company.This has caused problems in some places. This past fall, one of the school bus companies couldn’t find enough drivers to cover all their routes. Here in Ontario, you need a “B” class license to drive a school bus - the second toughest one to get (“A” class is for tractor trailers). You can drive a transit bus with a “C” class license by comparison.When these contracts come up for renewal, things can also get difficult. If you’re a school bus operator, all your money is tied up in buses and losing a contract is a disaster. When school districts switch, they find that the old operator is treating vital things like route information as proprietary information and the new company has to re-work all the routes.

What happens if the court gives 90 days to complete a driver improvement course and it's been almost 180 days?

It depends.If you signed an affidavit that you’d accomplish the course in 90 days, in all probability there are already consequences you aren’t aware of.This happened to someone I know. They didn’t get a driver course done in the allotted time. Several months later they got pulled over for speeding. When the police ran their license, they discovered that it had been suspended. They weren’t allowed to drive until they’d sorted the situation out.If this is a real life situation, you should stop whatever you’re doing, contact your DMV to check on the status of your license, and see what your options are to fix the situation you’ve created.