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What Is The Easiest Way Like A Link Where A Neighbor Can Sign Up For A Group Or Where Is The

What would you do about an LDS neighbor who signs your kid up to receive unwanted Mormon magazines?

Cancel the subscription.

Tell your neighbor thanks, but no thanks and don't do it again.

The easiest way to get the subscription canceled is through the post office. Tell your postman (or the post office) that someone put your child on a mailing list and you want it stopped.

Edit addendum: You'll need to have the magazine for the subscription information. This same technique works for any mailings from any particular group.

Years ago, we were getting literature from the Church of Scientology. No matter where we moved, it followed us like a plague. My wife was talking to the postman one day and she mentioned, in looking through our mail, that she was going to attach a brick to the letter and put on it, return to sender. The postman told her not to do that, that he would make sure the letters stopped. We never got anything from them after that.

Second edit: The LDS church does not suggest this, no. The family acted on their own and instead of asking you if it was okay, they just did it. By the way, it is possible that your child expressed an interest in the magazine after seeing it in the family's home, but that still isn't enough to just send in and pay for a subscription. You might want to ask your child or spouse if they knew anything about it.

As a practice, I'll ask even my kids if they want a subscription to something before I pay for it as a gift. For all I know, they may already subscribe and getting two copies is a little irritating - to me, at least.

My neighbor is using my water outlet without permission. Is there a way that I can turn that outlet off?

This happened to my mother in law earlier this spring. Your first step is to not turn the outlet off, but to report this to your water department and to make a police report. The local water company will help you know what to do, but to make sure your neighbor knows you are serious, have an officer come and take a report. I know it sounds like overkill, but look at it this way - if your neighbor came over to get your water and broke his ankle on your property, he would sue you to pay his medical bills. Protect your property and your family and follow through on the process that the local water company outlines.

Oh no, that’s not right!If you know for a fact they are leaving poop on your lawn, I would firstly (if safe to do so) try and give them a friendly warning that I am aware of what they are doing and I’d expect it to stop straight away.If this is not an option, or you’ve already tried talking to them, the only real way to get evidence is through recording footage. You could either get a camera installed to cover the area of your garden, or you could record them in the act if possible with a mobile phone. Then, if you can’t approach your neighbours with the evidence, I’d report them to the police and show them the footage.Most responsible dog owners clear up after their pets, but there are a number of people who don’t seem to think it’s their responsibility and will do anything to get out of it, I’ve seen people picking up after their dog and slinging the poo bag over garden fences.Trouble is it gives us responsible dog owners a bad name, but worse still it has the real potential to spread disease to other animals, children or adults.Hope you get it sorted :)

One of the aspects that makes people a lot skeptical about sharing their WiFi with another person is having to share their WiFi password with others.For example, while you might happily share your WiFi password with one of your real close friends, that’s not the case when it comes to your aunt next door, or your kaamwali bai.I’m sure, such instances got you secretly wishing for another way of sharing access to your WiFi – one that doesn’t involve spelling out the WiFi password loudly.Well, guess what - your wait ends here!With WiFire, you can now share your WiFi with anyone who drops by your home by texting her the link. And best part is that your WiFi network will continue to remain private and is shared on a 1-on-1 basis with only those people who have received your link.In short - it is not made available to the general public.I think this would work well for s small apartment as well.If you are interested in reading up further on this WiFi sharing feature check out this blog on How to Share Your WiFi Without Sharing Your Password.

Can I put up a vinyl/wooden fence up against my neighbors existing chain link fence.?

Since you said you don't speak to your neighbors now as it is then putting up the fence probably will not change that for better or for worse. I would however as a courtsey ask them if they were interested in sharing the expense and maybe putting up the fence on a concrete curb. This way you both benefit from a very eye pleasing addition to your yards. They may just tell you to get lost and tell you to get off their property, at least you tried and that way you know where you stand. That being the case I would then make sure I faced the side with the horizontal rails ( the ugly side) towards their house and the pretty side with just the vertical pickets facing yours.

I would also check with your local government to see if there are any code requirements in putting up the fence. It would be horrible if you went to all the expense & trouble putting up the fence without a permit or thier blessings only to learn afterwards that there were specific requirements that you didn't follow and now they make you tear it down. I've seen it happen before several times and in different parts of the country. Some cities will not force you to take it down for not getting a permit but they did fine the pants off of you.

Lastly, before you start to dig that first post hole I would advise you to call 811. 811 is a national hotline which is the federally mandated Call before you dig hotline. You need to know what is in the ground before you start digging and once you call you are required to wait a maximum of 72 hours until you start digging. This gives local authorities time to come out and survey the area you will be digging and for them to determine if there are any utilities in the area you are putting up the fence. If you do not call and say you hit a water line, you will be responsible for the cost to have that line repaired. Even worse you could hit an electrical, natural gas or liquid fuel line which could explode, injur or kill somebody. Not only will you be held responsible for the repair costs for that line but you could be sued for whatever ramifications there are involved in hitting that line. So remember 811 and know what is underneath.

Enjoy your new fence and do it right the first time.

I am using my neighbor's wifi (with permission) on my laptop...?

You would need either a PCI or USB wireless adapter. Both are available at major electronics stores(Best buy) and they both cost between 25 and 50 dollars.

Personally, I'd go USB, especially if you don't know how to install cards inside your computer.

One thing to test is to bring your laptop to wherever your desktop PC is and make sure you have a good signal. If not, you may need to get a better antenna, so you would have to make sure whatever you buy has an antenna jack.

USB 1.1 has a bandwidth twice as fast as standard cable internet and almost 10 times as fast as most DSL. That only applies if your computer is 5-6 years old or older. If you have USB 2.0 (anything p4 and above is for sure) then USB 2.0 is almost 100 times faster than standard cable internet.

If your computer is old enough to only have USB 1.1 an encrypted connection will slow you down more than the USB bandwidth, because your processor will be too slow to encrypt/decrypt network traffic and have much room left over to do anything else.

Ergo, USB over PCI isn't going to make much of a difference.

Cable TV is a good option… with Video on Demand services … that is effectively “streaming” … a large collection that she can watch on demand (not live). Also a DVR that she can record specific things that may not otherwise be in the VOD collection, etc.If you have specific content in mind for “streaming” … like Netflix… a Roku is cheap and an excellent option to plug into any TV … to make the TV “smart.” Or a Bluray player that has the Netflix ‘app’ on it, etc. Same idea. Roku can use Wifi… so you’d need the Internet… just a subscription with a Wifi router leased from them, or bought by you… that you configure the Roku to use. The Internet could double as a monitoring service for her too… two-way communications to the home so you can check-in on her, etc… video calls (using her TV), or otherwise. She doesn’t need anything more than say 7Mbps down and 1Mbps up, generally for those needs: Netflix and maybe video conference or cameras or security.

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Using Downloaders will cause policy break and may consider as piracy but you can use below steps to save the streaming video into your local machine without using any downloader ;)Visit the page in chrome and open ‘Developer Tool’ by press F12 or right click -> inspect elementGo to -> Networks Tab and click ‘Media’ tag in filter rowClick ‘Play’ button on the player. you will see a link in the networks tagJust open that link in New tab. video will open in normal browser’s player.Now right click the on the video and ‘Save’ to your local machineEdit: This won’t work for all JW player since latest version of players are streaming the videos differently. But you can give it a tryCheers!!!

If you are comfortable writing a bit of code the easiest/laziest way to do it would be to use the Graph API or FQL. Get an access token using the Graph API Explorer, download all of the posts in the groups and the comments on each of them, and then (optionally) generate an HTML report that can be viewed easily in the future.