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What Is The Good Amount Of Time To Start Worrying About A Job If Noone Has Called Back From A

After interviewing Has a job ever called back after the time frame they gave ?

I interviewed at a jewelry store inside a mall on Monday. The interviewer and I got along great (I think). She made a few comments saying “yeah so you’ll fit in good here” and we had a lot of side conversation. She asked my availability and I told her open until August because I’ll be in esthetician school which is only 8am-12pm and she said “oh that’s fine I’m very good with working with peoples schedule anyone here could tell you it’s part time anyhow.” She explained to me the salary. We talked about dress code. We had side conversation about how It would be okay if I wore all black to work and she said “oh all black is fine. You can even wear jeans if you want to” she told me what she’d schedule me. She said things like “so it’d just be me an you but I’d let you make all the sales” and I thought the interview went well. Afterwards she said “I’ll call you and let you know either way if you got the job or not because that’s respectful” we walked together towards the mall exit and she said to me
“Just give me until the week”
And that was it. Idk if those last words were good or bad signs. But should I be worried that she hasn’t called me yet?

Had an interview at home depot,took a drug test and still no call from home depot yet??

I had an interview tuesday afternoon right? So they asked questions and i answered them the best i they told me to go take a drug test the same day so in a couple days i can get hired and start orientation this weekend.So i did and now its thursday and still no call yet?? i hope they will hire me,its really close to my house like 2 blocks and i can always be there if they need me.u think they forgot about me or what? its been 2 days since the drug test.I know i passed the test i dont do drugs at all!

I called in sick to work yest. I need a Drs note. Going to urgent care. What can I tell the Dr is wrong w. me?

This is my 1st time using this so I dont know if I put anything in here. I called in on Sunday to go to a water park. Our work policy is for every call-in you need a Dr's note. What is an excuse I can use at urgent care this afternoon? I can't use sinus problems. Thanks!!

My employer doesn't need the exact illness, just that I was seen. SO to the person that said I was busted... that is not the case. I have been through this before I just needed a good excuse because every other time I called in.. I was actually sick.

Note just has to say illness.

However I want the Dr. to actually believe me.

I am sitting jobless not getting calls for job interviews. It has been more than 2 years and I am losing hope now. What should I do?

Looks like you've got the classic starting trouble. If you are jobless, then there is something wrong going on. Either the way you search for job is not right. Or, your resume does not impress employers. There could be many reasons for the present "No-Interview-Calls" situation of yours.As another quoran pointed out, move yourself out. First thing to do is - get a job (no matter what that is). It puts you on two things - First, you learn a new thing whether you like it or not. Second, it gives you a hidden psychological confidence. Every job offers you countless opportunities.Example - Learn and Create OpportunityYou said you are a B.Tech. Dont mind your graduation for some time.  Let's say you take up a job at the local Domino's outlet just for fun and some experience. Then you will be1. Getting a salary which will boost up your morale.2. You will learn how the outlet thingy works.3. You will get to interact with customers (People) and gather a lot of knowledge.4. You will learn new stuff (how pizzas are made, how the machinaries work, the problems that occur daily, how such an outlet is managed etc)The OpportunityNow a smart person may take this as an opportunity to learn and earn. Let's say you work there for a year (counter sales, kitchen guy, manager or even a delivery boy) and gather enough experiences. After a year you have two ways to go further:1. Update your Resume and add your TOTAL EXPERIENCE. Search for jobs.OR2. Start your own business. Find a potential investor in your circles, who is ready to invest in opening a Pizza outlet. Talk to Jubilant Food Works on getting a Dominos Franchise in a un-represented area. Or, talk to other food chains who are looking out for franchisees.  If you can successfully strike a deal along with your investor and the food chain, you can open your business and take it forward.ConclusionI am not saying Dominos is the way to go. But this example should give you the idea of how to make an opportunity for yourself. I know that studing B.Tech and starting a pizza outlet might be totally un-related. But hell, at the end of day it is all about the money and happiness you get out of your job.

Good excuse for missing work?

if you werent already fired, call and say you were in a car accident and in the hospital and wrap your arm or leg or something in an ace bandage...say it was in a friends car so they wont question why your car is okay..or say you were sick and in the hospital...hospitals usually dont have phone service...but ya ive never used these so dont rely on them 100 percent...

next time call in...

I know a child without a father is a bastard... But...?

A child born outside of wedlock, father or not, mother or not, is a bastard under the technical sense of the word.

How long dose it take to get back drug test results?

that seems excessive. they must have sent it out to some other state or something and there must have been a weekend involved somewhere. i've worked as a travel nurse and some places do it right on the spot. it's a very simple test that can be done within 10 min. some companies however send to outside labs for whatever reason and these take much longer because it involves couriers and your test may have not even gone out that day. either way you should have gotten an answer by now. try calling the employee health dept if you can reach them.