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What Is The Hang-up Of People Being Unwilling To Sell All They Have And Give It All To The Poorest

Why do so many people misunderstand Socialism?

For several decades--at least since the 60s--Republicans have used the word 'liberal' to mean anyone they disagreed with or anything they didn't like. In primary campaigns they even called each other liberals! They have spread the lie that Hitler was liberal, also Stalin, also Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

After 40 years, the l-word lost whatever original meaning it might once have had. So starting with the election of 2008, they ratcheted up the rhetoric. Now Obama, Hillary, etc. were 'socialist', 'marxist', 'communist', etc. etc. They all mean the same thing to Republicans, also 'fascist'. Socialist and fascist mean exactly the same thing! They mean simply 'We don't like him'.

Socialism has always been a dirty word in the US because our culture is 'owned' by the wealthy and corporations and their views are the standard ones aired in news and social commentary. The Powers That Be in the US were desperately afraid of Communism, because it might cost them their control over the country. In fact when Russia had its revolution in 1917 both the US and Britain sent troops to fight on the side of the Czar.

The fact is, none of the modern, developed, successful, 'rich' countries are 100% capitalist or 100% socialist. All are some combination of the two. In the US we are probably the most capitalistic country on earth, but we have 'socialized' education, roads and bridges, police and fire protection, electrical and water projects, etc. etc. Only because we've found this is just the best way to do these things. More and more Americans are coming to believe we should do health care this way too, because EVERY other developed country socializes either health care or health insurance, and they all get about the same care as we do for about half the cost, plus it's available to everyone.

As it is, though, if some right-wing 'pundit' wants to bash Obama, rather than explain his objection in detail, in a calm rational argument, it's much easier for him just to say that Obama is a 'socialist' and leave it at that. To conservatives in the US, being called a 'socialist' is like being called a servant of The Devil. 90% of them can't really explain just why they hate Obama, his real crime is simply in being of the other party.

Why do people who can't afford kids make babies?

There are 3 reasons why I believe people do this, and I'm not here to sugar coat anything for anybody:Benefits, anyone? : Some people who are without proper financial standings are aware of welfare benefits and how they can be gained simply by…having a baby! Sadly, they don't plan to afford Jr. Because they don't HAVE to! WIC, EBT, section 8, medicaid, and government checks can be doubled just by mentioning that you have a child. Professional Free Loaders, pretty much. Some women even get knocked up by men JUST to have little piggy bank babies! Child support can make someone more dough than a career salary sometimes.Incompetence: unfortunately, alot of people are completely incompetent. They don't consider at all the burden of financial struggle on a child, they don't ponder over the little details of what it means to truely provide, they think that “love is all you need for children!”. Yes, you must love your children, but I'm sorry to say that love is inedible, undrinkable, and can't keep kids from frostbite in the winter. They have no desire for security for themselves or their offspring, and that's called being foolish, selfish, and inconsiderate. Some people even have babies just because their partner is attractive! Pretty isn't on the menu either, by the way.The famous biological clock: For some, it's a dream to become a parent one day…and for some, there's a smaller time frame to acheive this. Women who hit their mid 30′s are considered notorious for high risk pregnancies. If they have skinny wallets, but the pregnacy test has two lines, their going to keep it because that may be their last chance to have a child.

When buying a show quality puppy what happens if...?

I hesitate to answer this question because I rarely deal in written contracts anymore...I only give show dogs to people I know and trust (usually on co-ownership), and I haven't bought a show dog in a few years. So my knowledge of contract wording, etc. isn't stellar.

I define a show-quality dog as one that is finishable as an adult - i.e. having no conformation flaws that will prevent it from finishing its championship. If a show-potential puppy does not grow up to be finishable, it is typically replaced by the breeder for free. Some contracts apparently state that you need to return the dog in order to get a replacement, but in every contract/agreement I've dealt with, the only requirement was spay/neuter of the dog in question. Whether you chose to keep it or place it was up to you, although the breeder would certainly take it back and re-home it if you couldn't keep it.

Most experienced breeders know their lines and can evaluate well enough to have a pretty good idea of whether a puppy is show-potential or not. However, things can and do turn out differently than you expect...Example: I kept a male from one of my litters who was stellar, had an excellent croup and tail set as a puppy. He grew up to be small (21", maybe), and his tail went tight. I can guess where the tight tail came from, but I have no idea what happened with his size. I had huge expectations for him as a puppy, but...things happen!

The important thing is that you find an ethical breeder that can admit they made a mistake, and will honor their contract.

Co-ownership: Some people will tell you to stay away from co-ownerships, and some will tell you they are fine. Personally, I've never had a problem with my co-ownerships (knock on wood), and I think it's very difficult to get a good quality show dog without one.

If the breeder's name is on the dog, and it doesn't turn out, they will typically sign the dog completely over to you (if you choose to keep it) once it has been spayed/neutered.

Others may have different experiences, but these are mine.

ADD: Re: Mentors. Some people do contact breeders, get on their waiting list, and start working with them prior to buying a puppy. They will come over and help groom, hang out at the shows and help out if they can, and may end up even helping the breeder show their own dogs. It happens.

How does poverty lead to the HIV/AIDS infection among the youth?

Which youths are you referencing? American/Canadian youths aren’t being properly educated about HIV/AIDs. It’s the lack of a fact based education about HIV that caused it to become a pandemic. It’s the lack of access to condoms, currently the only ‘thing’ that stands in the way of a new HIV infection. It’s the belief that HIV is no longer the beginning of the end it once was due to prescription drugs. It’s the belief that all are willing and able to abstain from sex when told/instructed to by parents/clergy/Dr.’s. It’s the belief that HIV is still ‘the gay disease’ and can’t be passed from a woman to a man and vice versa, as hard as it is to believe, many of todays youth still believe this to be true.I had a long talk with my niece about HIV and was shocked to hear that she has never considered it a possibility, she WAS more concerned about an unplanned pregnancy.Unless/until today’s youth, regardless of their parent’s income, receive a right proper education about HIV we will never see the end of this persistent but totally preventable virus. Unless/until we admit that today’s youth have sex on a semi-regular basis and come to terms with that fact, HIV will continue infecting each and every new generation. The fact that no parent wants to hear that their child is engaging in unprotected sex results in having to hear the devastating news that their child is HIV+, all the while knowing it could have been prevented.Though poverty certainly makes a right proper education about HIV/AIDs harder to find in Canada/USA, it shouldn’t be an excuse.Before I went off to college, in 1985, when HIV was still called/known as ‘the gay disease’, my parents were quite frank with me about how to stay healthy. I was 17, I was gay, I was naive… ,and my parent’s blunt advice saved my life. My Mom said, “never ask anyone about their health (later about their HIV status), just assume everyone you’re with is infected and act accordingly, wear a condom, trust no one and stay sober. If every parent armed their child with the same advice, HIV/AIDs wouldn’t have taken the lives of so many.Parents need to face reality and arm their kids with facts about HIV. The advice I got still holds true, take it, use it, it’s yours.

Why are people against international adoption?

As an international adoptee (and I see the only one who has responded to your question) here is why I disagree with international adoptions.

-International adoptions are largely unethical. The women in some of these countries are routinely coerced out of their babies by those who wish to sell them to baby hungry potential adoptive parents. This is little more than human trafficking and illegal and wrong.
-International adoptions rob kids of their cultures and identities. I was adopted from Korea at three months old. I am now an adult who was raised in a white family, in a white town, and was rarely exposed to any kind of culture, let alone my own. This took an emotional toll on me as I struggled to fit in as I was growing up. I thought that I should look more like my adoptive family and looking like them was one of my greatest desires. I wanted more than anything (like most children want) to fit in.
-International adoptions don't even begin to solve the problem. Instead of focusing on adoption, we really need to put a larger focus on the problem at large. Some of the problems come from a societal view of unwed mothers in a lot of these countries, and some of the problems come from poverty, lack of education, lack of resources, etc. If we were to solve some of these problems, hopefully the reasons that people relinquish would disappear, eliminating the need for international adoption.

I would never tell your friend she should have "adopted a white child from here". I would suggest that she actively pursue foster care adoptions if she was really interested in adopting a child for the purpose of providing for a child, no matter what the age. I would also strongly suggest that she educate herself on the effects adoption has on adopted people.