What Is The Job Of A Best Man At A Wedding

What is the job of a best man at a wedding?

the duties of the best man are specifically these:

1. carry the rings for the ceremony
2. make sure all the ushers are present and doing their job which is to seat guests as they arrive.
3. make sure the marriage certificate is in the hands of the officiant
4. help to decorate the get away car (if the groom wants it decorated)
5. sign the marriage certificate as a legal witness
6. help the groom to get ready and make sure he doesn't freak out or forget anything
7. give a short speech at the reception (lots of examples can be found online)
8. make sure the tuxes are all returned (including grooms) the first day after the wedding.
9. help to transport wedding gifts from venue to grooms home or brides home, or their home.
10. pay all of the vendors their final pay and distribute any tips the bride and groom want you to give out. the couple or their parents will have all the envelopes already made up and the money in them. you just give them to the appropriate persons.
11. plan and help pay for (along with the ushers or groomsmen) they bachelor party. no strippers please.
12. you will be paying for your own tux rental so you need money for that, for the bachelor party, and for a wedding gift for the couple.
13. some best men are also asked to give the flowers or cards to the parents of the bride and groom for them if they leave for their honeymoon right after the reception.
14. dance with any of the women at the wedding who seem a little wall flowerish and make sure the party keeps rolling along.
15. oh, almost forgot, you will need to be present for the rehearsal and the dinner afterwards.

not all grooms need their best men to do all of these tasks, but some do. you can rely upon your friekd to tell you what he needs or wants you to do for him and if has no clue what he is supposed to do either, then help him by giving him this list. and have fun.

Should I say no to being the best man in a wedding?

I know you said you're "somewhat weak" and "unassertive." You say you're working on that. OK. Then today is the last day you're going to describe yourself in these ways. Changing how you describe yourself goes a long way towards changing how you actually behave.The options you listed all suck, so don't do those. Don't burn the bridge and don't do a shitty job as a best man. I don't think anyone would benefit from either one. If you're going to end the friendship, you can do it without torching the bridge, and if you're going to be his best man, you should do a damn fine job of it that you can be proud of.Share with your friend what you just told us. "I'd like to be your best man, but look, in the past you've had a tendency to be a little overbearing with me. If I'm your best man, I'm in charge of organizing the celebrations, and you're gonna have a damn good time, but I don't want to be miserable while I'm planning it. You're in charge of your wedding, I'm in charge of your bachelor party. Is that condition ok with you? Because if it's not, I need to ask you to ask someone else." If there's other stuff you're concerned with, you should bring it up now too.That having been said, let's talk about if you really don't want to salvage this friendship. It sounds like this guy's a pretty big source of stress in your life. 80% of our happiness comes from 20% of the people we interact with, and 80% of our unhappiness comes from 20% of people we interact with as well. Spending more time with the top 20%, and cutting that bottom 20% out altogether, does wonders for improving your lifestyle. If he's in that bottom 20%, then you might want to distance yourself from him. You don't have to throw a tantrum, you don't have to yell at him or list all the problems you've had with him. Just when he invites you to things, politely say no. Don't voluntarily spend time with him. If he asks you what's up, then you can politely tell him what's going on. You can do that without altogether burning the bridge. Very rarely is that a good idea.Good luck.

What is the difference between a "man of honor" and the "best man" in a wedding?

The ‘Best Man’ is considered the ‘chief’ Groomsmen/women, typically the Groom’s best friend or relative.The ‘Man of Honor’ is the male version of the ‘Maid of Honour’ and is typically the ‘chief’ Bridesmaid/Bridesmen

Can your best man at your wedding be a woman?

My wife and her twin sister provided a lot of emotional support to a man whose wife suddenly left him although they were actually introduced to him by his former wife.  They worked with her and frequently interacted with him when he visited the office or they had gatherings, but believe me, I met her and she didn't provide a good impression (and she left him for a businessman who made more money).When he fell in love with someone else, his former wife tried desperately to restore their relationship since the man she dumped him for tired of her, but my wife and sister-in-law had grown to love his fiance'.  When they got married, he was so appreciative of the two of them that they were his "best women," and the thing that made it even more memorable for everyone (especially in the photos) is the fact that my wife was pregnant and clearly showing!Grant your best friend the honor that she deserves and don't worry about tradition!

How old does the best man have to be in a wedding?

I'm getting married in 2012 and my fiance wants his brother to be his best man but right now he is only 12. He will be 15 when we get married. Is there a minimum age for being the best man in our wedding?

What does a "best man/woman" have to do during a wedding?

Technical answer: Buy the assigned outfit, attend the rehearsal (unless work/family obligations prevent it), show up to the wedding on time and wearing the assigned outfit, and stand next to him in the ceremony. Probably hold onto the rings until the exchange, and sign the license as a witness. You may also be asked/expected to give a brief toast at the reception.

Realistic answer: I'm sure that this thread alone will show you that people have different ideas of what an honor attend is "supposed" to do. TRADITIONALLY speaking, the honor attendants are usually the ones to organize a bachelor(ette) party and maybe a bridal shower for the bride/couple. The engaged couple might also expect their bridal party to assist with the wedding plans (though that's not their responsibility, but again, some people *expect* it). If plans need to be made with the other groomsmen/attendants, the Best Man/Woman or Maid of Honor might be asked/expected to be the coordinator amongst them.

Bottom line - you need to call your brother and ask him what he expects from you. Tell him how much time you can devote to the wedding, whether it's helping with pre-wedding plans or just showing up that day. Tell him what you can afford to spend on an outfit. Tell him whether or not you're interested in assisting with the plans, or if you prefer to just do the day-of duties.

Then see what he says. If his expectations sync up with yours, great, KOKO. But if he expects more from you than you're prepared to offer him, then politely tell him, "Bro, I love you and I'm really honored you asked me to be Best Woman, but I don't think I can fulfill what you need for the role. Therefore I think it's best if I step down and just attend as a guest, and maybe you'll want to find another friend who can do the things you're expecting."

How can I do a good job as best man at a friend's upcoming wedding? How long before the wedding should I start planning? Are there any things to discuss with the groom?

Some great examples here, let me add a few pointers:Funny speeches are good, but keep the humor directed at the groom, and, depending on the size of he wedding, the humor needs to be PG-level in terms of family friendliness. You're probably being taped and they'll be watching this for years to come... have to keep it classy.Anecdotal stories from the past are always pleasing to relate. Most of the folks at larger weddings may not know the groom at all, or not know him well. You want to be funny but also show that person's positive qualities. People want to know that the bride has made a good decision and is marrying a good guyDo NOT forget the bride. It is a best man speech, but it is her wedding. If you know the bride (and as you're the best man you probably do) tell some funny stories about when they first met. Do not embarrass her. Easy stories to tell is how beautiful/enchanting she is and some of the goofy stuff the groom did as he was falling in love with her.Honor the parents and/or hosts of the wedding. They more than likely shelling out a lot of cash and spent a lot of time helping the couple prepare, they should be noticed.(If applicable) Honor a deceased parent. When my best friend got married, his mother had passed away about 4 years before. I was able to mention her and how proud she would've been to see him getting married. It went over very well and many people thanked me for speaking of her as that sort of thing is hard to introduce into casual conversation.Practice a bit. I'm not the type to memorize my speech beforehand, but I will keep cards will bullet points at the ready to make sure you don't miss a certain anecdote.Be sincere and warm. It is a wedding and it is OK to let down your "man-guard" and express affection for the groom.Good luck at your wedding!

What are the roles of a best man in a Catholic wedding?

The major role of the Best Man and the Maid Matron of Honor is to sign the marriage certificate as the legal witnesses of the marriage every other role comea from local traditions.

Can one decline an offer to be "best man" at a wedding?

Concur with others that of course you can decline; however, I would disagree with Mike Peattie & User that the friendship would be permanently & irreparably damaged by it. A damper? sure. But if the reason(s) for declining are actually legitimate, the groom would hopefully understand. If he doesn't, you might want to re-evaluate your own relationship to such a groomzilla.Yes, a wedding is a momentous event & it is a great honor to be asked to be a best man, but I don't think it's a carte blanche that trumps all other circumstances. Maybe the timing really doesn't work out or you simply can't handle all the responsibilities that come along with the role. In either case, it might better to decline now rather than do a half-sincere (or half ass) job of it when someone else might have come through better.As for how to politely decline it, I would set up an in-person conversation (or phone only if it's long distance). Start with thanking him for asking you to be his best man, but unfortunately you would have to decline for reason(s) X, Y and Z. Congratulate him on the upcoming nupitals and say you'd love to support him in whatever capacity you can (groomsmen/wedding guest/etc.) and apologize again for not being able to accept the best man role. Be prepared for some heated discussion, but keep an open mind too — in case your reasons can be mitigated & it turns out you can be a best man after all.And depending on how that conversation goes, you may want to follow-up with a letter (& a gift) too.

If you're the best man at your friend's second wedding and were also best man at his first, would it be appropriately funny to start your speech with "Welcome back, everyone!"?

That would be nearly the most insensitive thing you could say from the point of view of the bride.Think about her challenge. She has to meet and get along with (or befriend) a large number of people who know the first wife and several of which might prefer the first wife. Everyone knows there was a first wife, but the job of the couple now is to become whatever kind of couple they are going to be. Invoking any reference to the first wedding is permanently installing the first wife’s wedding into the story of this new couple’s life in the worst, cruel way. And it can never be erased after it comes out of your mouth.Don’t they deserve, and specifically the bride deserve, to make their marriage be more about themselves and their journey than treat it as an appendix to the first marriage? Please don’t make anything about this wedding any kind of reflection, good or bad, of the first one. It already bears that burden. All couples have shadows from exes running through their lives, but they don’t need you bringing one of those shadows front and center.Just so you don’t think I am devoid of humor and don’t get it, if there is a bachelor party and ALL of the people there were at the first one, it’s pretty funny.