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What Is The Kinkiest Thing You Are Into

What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

really i am asking what is the most kinky thing someone has asked you to do on web cam...(not looking for creepy) or what is the kinkiest thing you have donw or would do in front of a camera?

What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

Try using vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers.then see if when you USE them, eat them in something, dont be afraid to get wild get some cherry sauce and whip cream strawberry's cant taste better after the been dipped in her sauce!!!

What is the kinkiest thing you did with someone who wasn't your partner?

In my teenage years I use to babysit for this middle age couple, Betty & Ron. I developed young & they would cause a lot of attention. But I felt a power they gave me once in awhile. I would notice Betty would look at me, so I started wearing low cut tops. Then both would look at me. I thought it was awesome a married couple would look at me. One day at the house she asked me to help her untangle her hair. So I started brushing her hair. For some reason, I told her how did it feel to have small tits? She looked startled and I started telling her she wasn’t much of a woman & maybe Ron should have some full size breast to play with. She got this look & whispered Yes mistress. I told her to undress & show me what a little married girl looks like. “Yes Mistress” she whispered & stripped all the way off. I walked around her & touched her. She was very wet. Betty undressed me & played with me & ate me. That was a first time. Betty told me her best friend in college taught her to obey. She told me if I needed her husband, she would have No Right to refuse me. She said a proper mistress took what she wanted.

What is the kinkiest thing you can think of?

Me and my girlfriend go without sex for 2 weeks (painfully hard) and the whole time im taking semen pills to make me produce massive amounds of semen, then i tare her clothes off, throw her on the bed and start licking her clit as i finger her, then i start fingering her g-spot really hard till she cums... then i turn her over and stick a vibrator all the way in her ***, then i push my cock in her pussy and pound her till she cums again. Then i would pull her on top of me and handcuff her to my bedboard (metal bars) and pound up into her while i scratch and bite all over her body, then every time she moans i would spank her until i *** some inside her and the rest all over her *** and back. Then i would let whats inside her dribble out all over my balls and cock and make her lickit all off. Oh and all this would be done with my curtains and blinds up and open so everyone can see all the filthy stuff we are doing.

Granted i could think of kinkier but after what i just said it just starts getting too wierd for most people to want to hear.

What is the kinkiest thing your partner has done to you?

I don’t know if this clarifies as kinky, but I will share it anyway.In the earlier stages of dating my girlfriend, she struggled to get comfortable and most of what she was “learning” came from cosmo.She pulled something straight out of their playbook.Right before we undressed each other, we were making out and as things got intense, she stepped out.She came back with solo cup of ice.My pants come off, and as soon as my underwear comes off, she starts giving me special kisses with ice.Surreal experience, coupled with the slurping noise made it more intense than expected.Personally, nothing is better than you and me getting to learn about each other and building chemistry than doing something kinky.As long as you are not shy and willing to experiment, there is almost zero reason to reinvent the wheel here.

What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

made love on ecstacy. man you can go a long time and willing to do ANYTHING!!!

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

MAN I wish I could tell you about it. But it would get me far more than just a violation, trust me. DAMN.

What is the kinkiest thing youve ever done in bed?

i will not answer that in a public forum

What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done sexually and where did you do it?

I had sex with several different guys in the middle of a party, with other people watching – and cheering.

I miss college.