What Is The Legal Drinking Age In Basel Switzerland

What is the legal drinking age in Basel Switzerland?

I am 15 and 9 days old I've heard that the drinking age here is 16 for weak liquor. Is that true? Does that mean I can go into a bar and ask for a beer? Can I buy beer in shops? Please include as much as you can.



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Drinking age in Zermatt (switzerland)?

me and a friend are going to zermatt for vacation
we are both 17 and look more like 18-19.
After a good day of skiing we would of course like to go out a bit and enjoy the nightlife.
Are they really strict on the drinking age being 18?
and what are the chances we will get into bars and clubs?
thank you

Legal clubbing age in Switzerland?

Just moved here, and i know the legal drinking age for beer, cider and wine is 16 (i live in the canton of Zurich) but i don't know the night club/ bar/ clubbing age?

Thanks! xx

Basel Switzerland Drinking Age?

The legal age to buy and to drink is 16 for beer wine etc. for any stronger it is 18 like you already know.

It is not illegal for your parents to buy you some alcohol in a restaurant or shop and pass it on to you but for any other person it would be illegal it also is illegal for salesmen and for the owner of pubs clubs restaurants to sell alcohol to minors.

Well anywhere in Europe the laws are getting stricter and more and more enforced but still far away from being as paranoid as in the US.

EDIT there are plans for a NEW alcohol law which would be indeed rise the drinking age to 18 but this law is only paned and not reality it has a long way to go to be approved by the people.

I add the swiss laws about alcohol sorry there is no English version

Why didn't the Nazis invade Switzerland during WWII?

you have some good answers above me. The treatment by the "armed neutral" Swiss (much different meaning and connotation than being "neutral") on American downed pilots is anything but neutral. The Germans knew that if they invaded Switzerland they would be cut to pieces. The Swiss have the most active and protective underground system in the world in the defense of their nation. They are also one of the most heavily armed; being "neutral" does not by any stretch of the imagination mean being "pacifist"; it is quite the opposite.

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Why aren't there any homeless people in Switzerland? Or no one is begging on streets?

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