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What Is The Movie That Has A Young Kid And He Is Friends With An Adult It Takes Place In An Area

Why do people take their young kids out to restaurants???

It's the most annoying thing ever ... I waited tables this weekend at my old job as a request for a friend .... and got this couple with their 3 kids (all about 2-6 y/o) and made this huuuuuuuuge mess ... I mean spaghetti everywhere and they played with the sugar caddies and cried ... I mean I really wanted to slap thos kids and their parents (they didn't do anything to correct their dumb kids) and to boot they tipped $4 on a $50 tab.

And this goes for 85% of people that go out eating with young kids ... Now, I do have a 4y/o ... but, trust me .... she's really educated and clean when it comes to eating and always says "please" and "thank you" when appropriate ... what gives!!!

Is it wrong to take a child to an adult movie? Is it ever okay?

No. Never. If you have a starring role, then you can afford to get some clips or posters or whatever that are age appropriate and share those. But, Debbie did Dallas only for the people that were over eighteen. Period. And, trust me, just about the time you are certain that that little one is going to sleep through the entire movie, they will have insomnia. Do not take your child to adult movies. Period. A couple of reasons. One. Movies are make believe. Depending upon their age, it is hard for a child, even a very very smart child, to differentiate between the reality of life versus the fantasy of movies. Sure, maybe the gorgeous rich guy does fall in love with the woman working the streets and rescue her from her miserable life, but to a kid that becomes the reality, the norm and they don’t ever have an opportunity to fill in the back story of what life was like for her before that. Two. Movies are just one of the age appropriate boundaries you and your child will have to deal with . Movies set an example for other ‘age appropriate limits.” If Mommy and Daddy let me go to that R or X movie when I was ten, well they won’t mind if I get drunk or even just start drinking with my friends at fourteen. Other patrons have the right to not be disturbed by your child. If I plunk down twelve bucks to see a G rated movie, I can understand that there will be kids in there and come to accept that to some degree. If I plunk down twelve bucks to see an adult movie, then sorry, your kid’s whining, tantrum, fidgeting, whatever, is going to really yank my chain. And while this may be my ‘problem,’ not yours, I will be that person who throughout the movies notices your kid and will be thinking that this is not right. Finally, adult movies are hardly the way to spend ‘quality time’ with your child. Even friends and I who go to movies together agree that while we may enjoy the movie, it is not really a great way to be social together. Sorry. I know that sitters are expensive (I think those kids are starting their 410K’s at 12.), but maybe you can work something out with friends or somehow find anotehr way to have fun.

What happens if a very young child likes to watch scary movies? My three-year-old daughter really likes "scary movies" ex:the new Goosebumps movie.

You are the parent. You decide what your child gets to watch.At some point you must have allowed her to see a scary movie clip, or left her with someone who exposed her to a scary movie. Three year olds do not know that they ‘like’ scary movies unless someone has allowed them to see one.Three year olds want to be like their family. They want to be with their family, and if their family are watching a scary movie they will want to be there too. She doesn’t like scary movies especially; she just doesn’t want you to send her to another room.What will happen? That depends on your daughter’s temperament and understanding. She may begin to have nightmares about things she has seen on TV. She may confuse reality and fantasy, and develop beliefs in the supernatural. She may become too afraid to sleep in her own bedroom. She may become so accustomed to horror that she doesn’t recognise when other people are in distress. She may act out horror scenes in play, and frighten or hurt her friends. Other children may view her as ‘odd’ or scary and be unwilling to play with her. She may begin to regard herself as an ‘outsider’ because she has interests that are not shared with other children.Wider consequences may affect the whole family. She may discuss horror movies with people outside the family. If she tells her teachers, they will become aware that she has seen material that was not designed for children. If she tells the parents of her friends, they may not wish to allow playdates at your house.Some parents genuinely do feel that it is fun to have a child who appears precocious, having tastes that are more ‘adult’ than other children. However, your child is not merely an accessory. She is a developing person. It really is unfair to expose her to material that could set her, and your immediate family, apart from other children.Take control. Choose age appropriate films for your daughter to watch. Allow her to become a typical child, with typical tastes and interests.

Should the parents of a paralyzed young adult masturbate their child?

I have some friends who have a 20 year old child who is confined to a wheel chair. Their child is not totally paralyzed but cannot control their arms and other body parts very well. Their child has made comments that they get horny just like us but cannot take care of it their self. Their child has to be fed, bathed, and cared for 24 hours a day. Should the parents masturbate their child to give their child some relief and enjoyment?

Should 12 year olds be allowed to go to the movies/mall alone without any adult or parents?

of course not. there are MANY predators out there and theyre just waiting for their chance. the fact is, the reason why so many children are raped/molested is because of the freedom their parents give them that they don't need at that age. twelve year olds are weak, if they were attacked by an adult and taken advantage of, they can't fight the adult off because of the disproportion in size/weight/strength. children 15 years old and under shouldn't go anywhere without adult supervision.

Children at movies alone?

Hm, well it all depends on the child's maturity level. If you trust him and his friends then I don't see a problem with it! But if you feel unsure, (like about the whole safety thing) then you can let him borrow your cell phone to contact you incase something comes up. (assuming he doesn't have a cell phone!)

Can an 8 year old get into a PG-13 movie with two 14 year olds and one 15 year old?

obviously the 14 and 15 year old would not be driving, so i don't think all responsibility of the 8 year old is on them....

I grew up in an area where all of us kids were friends, from 6 to 16, we were all best friends. The 16 year olds were very protective of the younger, it was as if we were all bros and sis's , ones that got along. At times, adults would look at us, assuming that one of the 16 year olds WERE the mom. It was HYSTERICAL!!!! And yeah, we loved to mess with peoples head! I know we were sick. We just never knew how they could think a 16 year old could be mother to a 10 year old? LOL!! Babbling sorry.

PG-13 is not a big deal. Especially if the parents don't mind. If the parents do mind, I wouldn't try to get in between kids and parents decisions.... its just not mature.

Should I allow my 15 year old daughter hang out in a guy friend's house with other friends? If yes, do give me reasons.

Have a chat before she goes. Make sure her phone is fully charged. There is a thing some parents do to help a kid out in case things are getting out of hand and/or they just feel uncomfortable and want to leave. Tell her to text you one simple word like - Simba - or pancakes….and that is your cue to call her cell phone and pretend there is a family emergency and that you will pick her up right away and let her whine about being with her friends (it’s an act at that point) and then you say loudly - I’m coming now - we have to go to the hospital - make something up. Then her friends will understand it’s an emergency and she has to go. Always have code words.Ask if there will be any adults in the home. Ask if the adults have any guns in the home. Make sure she knows to leave right away if a gun comes out or someone is being stupid and she feels unsafe.Whatever you do - tell her you trust her judgement and will be nearby if she needs help.It will be fine if you already know these friends and adults. But have some plans in place just in case.Can the 2 girls enter the home together? If she arrives and she is the only girl - could be fine…. or not, you hve to use your best judgement with the friends.