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What Is The Movie When Johnny Depp Is A Vampire And The Girl Is A Ware Wolf

Would you rather be bitten by a vampire, a werewolf, or a zombie?

That dependes on what type of vampire, werewolf and zombie we are talking about. The teen version or the true version.Zombies[1]As true version, we have the walking dead kind of zombie. Stupid creatures that cannot think and feed of brains. They weren’t create to be fancy and attractive, they are the cockroaches of the supernatural.We also have the PG13 kind, the ones brought by Izombie. They can become stupid creatures too, but generally they are pale and eating brains have to benefits: stop them from becoming the stupid kind of zombie and giving the brain owners memories and abilites.Werewolves[2]As true version, we have the cursed person that has to shapeshift into a raging uncontrollable giant wolf. I could include the full moon part, but since it is result of a curse, could be bound with another event.The teen version could be the Teen Wolf kind or The Vampire Diaries kind. The second one is closer to the original version, since the person doesn’t have control over himself as a wolf. The first one it only has perks, since you get the speed, strength and hightened smell without losing control and wanting to kill your loved ones.Vampires[3]As true version, creature of the night, constantly craving for blood, without emotions or any consideration for human kind. Vampires are basically demons walking among us. They are faster than humans, stronger, smarter, immortals and can transform into creatures of the night.The teen version usually has the same perks, but they are soft and kind, usually caring way to much about humans (specially women). They also find ways to walk in the sun which is pretty lame.With all things considered, I have no doubt that I would rather be bitten by a Vampire and become any of the versions I mentioned. Even though I would crave for blood (a lot), at least I would be able to control myself and have my full powers all the time.I may add that when I said any version I did not meant this one:Footnotes[1] Image on[2] Image on[3] Image on

What are your favorite movies and why?

10 things i hate about you & A walk to rememberThese two movies i can watch like anytime it takes you into a beautiful start of a love story .2. Night CrawlerAn awesome thriller and best negotiation skills showed . a must watch for a management student or lover .3. Up in the airLovely movie teaching life lessons , i love the song “Help Yourself” . The movie relates in all possible ways .(the song )4. ExamOne simple question , one simple answer , one movie to give you simple solution .5. The Shawshank RedemptionAnother thriller and inspirational movie teaching you to not loose hope .6. Victor FrankensteinIf you love science , do watch this another lovely thriller .7. What ifAmazing love story and lovely dialogues .8 . The Maze RunnerAnother science fiction and a thriller . I read the book first which was amazing plus the movie was worth watching .9. Before seriesFantastic love series , it has three parts the actors have actually grown that old for 9 years of gap and more for each of the part to be coming out in a realistic manner .10. InceptionI don’t think it needs an explanation :)11. Into the wildI guess this too does not , movie teaching you to live .12 . little ManhattanLight heart movie , a kids love story , a to be divorce parents and lot more .13 . The imitation Game & Dr. StrangeBecause I love Benedict Cumberbatch