What Is The Name Of That Animated Movie Where A Boy Hurts His Dog And The Dog Runs Away And He Goes

Whats that anime movie called where the little girl turns old?

Hello ,
Howl's Moving Castle ;
"Eighteen-year-old Sophie, who runs her late father's hat shop, encounters the mysterious wizard Howl by chance. He takes a liking to her. This attracts the attention of the Witch of the Waste, who has been seeking Howl's heart for herself. She curses Sophie, turning her into an old woman. As the curse prevents her from telling anyone of her true form, Sophie decides to run away. Along the way, she befriends an animated scarecrow she names Turnip Head and they come across Howl's castle. Once inside, Sophie meets the fire demon Calcifer who powers the castle and recognizes that Sophie has been cursed. Calcifer offers to break the curse in exchange for Sophie's help in breaking the pact between him and Howl. When Howl appears, Sophie announces that she is the castle's new cleaning lady. As she adjusts to life in the castle, she discovers that the front door is a magic portal leading to several places. She also learns that Howl is vain and immature, and that the Witch of the Waste's vengeance is due to Howl's past behavior towards her."


Whats the name of the movie where the girl has cancer and the boy falls in love with her?

A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore
Each spring in the little port town of Beaufort, North Carolina, Landon Carter remembers his senior year at Beaufort High and Jamie Sullivan, the girl who changed his life. Serious and conservative, Jamie was as far from cool as she could possibly be, and didn't care. Landon hung with the in-crowd an aimless, moody, reckless guy who breezed through school on looks and bravado and had no plans, no future and no faith in himself. When a prank goes terribly wrong landing a kid in the hospital, Landon is assigned to tutor a young student on the weekends and participate in the Drama Club's spring play. Clearly in over his head with both assignments, Landon is forced to ask Jamie for help. Soon, against his own expectations and the scorn of his friends, Landon finds himself falling in love with this outwardly plain girl who possesses a passion for life he never imagined possible.

Shane West ... Landon Carter
Mandy Moore ... Jamie Sullivan
Peter Coyote ... Reverend Sullivan
Daryl Hannah ... Cynthia Carter
Lauren German ... Belinda
Clayne Crawford ... Dean
Al Thompson ... Eric
Paz de la Huerta ... Tracie (as Paz De La Huerta)
Jonathan Parks Jordan ... Walker
Matt Lutz ... Clay Gephardt
David Andrews ... Mr. Kelly
David Lee Smith ... Dr. Carter
Xavier Hernandez ... Luis
Marisa Miller ... Ms. Garber
Paula Jones ... Sally

I am trying to remember the name of a movie I saw in theaters sometime between 1990 and 1995.?

If the dog is the main character it may have been Shiloh. It came out in 1996. It's about a dog that runs away from abusive owners and finds this boy and goes home with him and then the owners start looking for the dog and kidnap it and the boy goes to find the dog. There is a whole page on it on imdb.

Please do tell me the name of the movie where kids can watch, need some animals movie?

The Bear
Old Yeller
Eight Below
My Dog Skip
Duma (2005)
Benji the Hunted
Ride a Wild Pony
The Black Stallion
Black Beauty (1971)
Black Beauty (1994)
Ring of Bright Water
National Velvet (1944)
Fly Away Home (1996)
Because of Winn-Dixie
The Black Stallion Returns
The Yearling~both versions
Animals Are Beautiful People
The Adventures of Milo & Otis
The Three Lives of Thomasina
Run Wild, Run Free aka The White Colt
The Incredible Journey (1963)~They do not do voices for the animals, and I think it's so much better.

"The Yearling" does have a sad ending, with the deer having to be killed (not on camera) because of the destruction it is causing. The boy runs away but is found and brought home, where he reconciles with his family. So, it depends on whether they'd like animal tragedy.

What's the 90s children movie where the kid floats away on his bed to another land?

I remember very little about this movie from my childhood, but the little boy floats away on his bed to some other land. When he's flying through the clouds they get dark and there's a storm, and two red eyes are visible in the clouds. I remember that underneath the city he shows up in is black goo that runs rampant and tries to destroy the town. I wish I could remember more details!! It was animated if that helps.

Also, another movie if you don't mind (trying to save points here) was another animated movie released in the 90s, with a little girl that comes from rich parents who runs away. She floats down river on a raft to some carnival land. I remember her picture was posted on milk cartons. There were two other people who were going to be rich if they found her, and they had a fat dog with a very raspy voice. They sang a song together about being filthy rich or something like that, it was a male and female duet.

I've been trying to rack my brain to name these movies for 9 years now but no one ever really knows what I'm talking about. Don't let me down Yahoo, you're my only hope!!

Anime where the main character is transported into another world?

Fushigi Yuugi. It is pretty old, depends on what you like. The story is very beautiful and there are some OVA's afterwards, so you can somehow see what happens after the initial storyline. It is in the beginning mostly comedy, but becomes more serious over time. :)

The story is about:

Middle-school student Miaka YĆ«ki is under a lot of pressure to pass the entrance exam for the competitive Jonan Academy. Her friends do not believe she will get in, but she is determined to because her best friend, Yui Hongo, has applied for the same school and she wants them both to go to the school together. While at the library one day, Miaka and Yui encounter a strange book known as The Universe of the Four Gods. As a result of reading this book, they are then transported into the novel's universe. However, Yui is transported back to the real world almost immediately. Inside the novel Miaka discovers that she is the Priestess of Suzaku and destined to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of the god Suzaku in order to summon Suzaku and obtain three wishes. She falls in love with the Celestial Warrior Tamahome, who eventually reciprocates and Miaka's desire to use a wish to enter the high school of her choice begins to shift towards finding a way to be with Tamahome. Yui, who is also drawn into the book when she was trying to help Miaka to come back to the real world, becomes the Priestess of Seiryuu, working against Miaka out of jealousy over Tamahome and revenge for the humiliation and pain she had suffered when she first came to the book world.
The series describes the various trials that teenagers Miaka and Yui face, both quest-driven and personal. Feeling betrayed, the two oppose one another as priestesses, bringing together their own respective warriors and vying for the chance to be granted three wishes by the gods whom they hope to summon.