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What Is The Name Of This Darned Movie

How do you feel about the movie "Patch Adams"?

It was a decent movie, it just came at a bad time in William's career. He'd kind of made a living out of playing the inspirational, big-hearted guy who raised everyone's spirits - Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Awakenings - and Patch Adams was the final dollop of sugar that made a lot of critics get Robin Williams-inspired toothache.

Notice that immediately afterwards he came out with Insomnia and One Hour Photo to shake off that sugary, sentimental image. He was pretty darned good in those two movies as well.

Can you Name Famous Cats?

Sylvester - Looney Tunes
Garfield - cartoon
Heathcliff - cartoon
Tom - Tom and Jerry cartoon
Top Cat - old cartoon from the 60's or 70's
Morris the Cat - commercials
Cat Woman - Batman episodes (Eartha Kitt) and Halle Berry (movie)
Milo - movie
That Darned Cat - old Walt Disney movie
Socks - President Clinton's cat
Puss in Boots - cat food
Mr. Jinxes (Meet the Parents)
Mr. Kittles (one of the Scarry Movies)
Cat on Christmas Vacation (don't remember name)
Josie and the Pussycats (not actually cats but humans)
Cinderella's stepmom's cat - Lucifer
Cruella Deville's cat in 101 Dalmations
Hello Kitty

What Makes Superman so 'darned' American?

What makes Superman so American is that he came to this country as an immigrant. All Americans are immigrants, except of course Native Americans. The creators of Superman were Jewish Canadians who came to this country. They used Superman as a symbol. Some of the early Superman stories are quite interesting where he's fighting against dirty politicians, crooked unions, mine owners, etc, because he was a product of the Great Depression.

If your life was turned into a movie, what character would you play?

I would play the protagonist antihero Evander Delgado (based on me, of oucrse) whose character arc takes him from a lonely, underachiever to the unsung hero of the cultural underground that erupted into the mainstream which universally shifted longstanding ideals of wealth and power to that of community, art and nature.

What is doc holiday laughing about at the end of the movie tombstone?

At the end of the movie, Doc Holliday is in a hospital dying of tuberculosis (a lung disease). He is laughing because he always thought that he was going to die a violent death himself (ie: die with his boots on) rather than passing away quietly in bed.

Gunfighters of the old west often died violent deaths which was sometimes referred to as 'dying with your boots on' (ie: you died while active and fighting rather than going peacefully in bed or at home). This is also why the Tombstone cemetary was called 'Boothill': because so many of the occuptants were shot and buried with their boots on.

Holliday died at Glenwood Springs, Colorado on Nov. 8, 1887.

Which movie director can tear your heart out?

For me it is not the Director only. There are a few films that will have me crying each and every time and it usually centers on the loss of a child or emotions between parent and child. Examples: Star Wars, A New Hope: When Luke stares out over the twin setting suns on Tattooine and Luke’s Theme swells. Interstellar: When he comes home to his elderly and nearly dead daughter and she tells him that her dad promised he would come home. Armageddon: when Liv Tyler says goodbye to her dad who is about to die. These are moments that are created by writers, interpreted by actors and conducted by the Director. It also includes the music score, the editing and everything that has come before to bring you to this moment. It also requires the film to be of such caliber that I become emotionally involved with it. In order to do this, it better be a pretty darned good film.

Does the new Captain Marvel movie help girls believe they can achieve anything or does it go too far in some way?

the It just gives girls a role model they can relate to, and I think they did well at it. If young girls want to get into superhero films, they typically look towards a woman for a role model (like how DC has Wonder Woman and Supergirl), and gravitate towards someone they can relate to.And having the only woman Avenger being Black Widow, who was pretty sexualized and not even a large character, kind of made the MCU lack a large female character for young girls to relate to. Please note this is abour CHILDREN, and children look at people that are similar to them and think “oooo I want to be like that”. The empowering thing is about little girls that are 6 seeing Captain Marvel and wanting to be like her. The MCU didn’t have a lot of advertising centered around woman characters. Like yeah, there are many good women in the MCU (like Okoye, Scarlet Witch, Sif, Frigga, Hope, etc.) BUT they aren’t main characters (except for Hope, but that movie came out last year and was pretty underadvertised).A young girl seeing Captain Marvel being the powerful lady is going to inspire her to try and do the same. As a woman, when I was younger and saw the Powerpuff Girls, I wanted to be just like Blossom. When I saw Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place, I wanted to be cool like her. It’ll be just like that for young girls now. They’ll see Carol and think “I want to be like her.” And they did well at making her a good person for girls to look up to and relate to.It also does spread good messages like “Always get back up”, and to “Fight for what’s right.” The point of Captain Marvel is to give little girls someone they want to be like, not as in ‘gain superpowers’ but as in “Be someome who can always get back up and fight and help others”.Her being a woman just makes it more relatable for little girls, while having good man heroes makes it more relatable to little boys (like Thor, Tony, Steve)

Who would win, Spawn (movie) vs Pennywise (movie)?

Definitely Pennywise! He is the scariest clown EVER. Because I read the book first, which is so much better than the movie, although the movie did it pretty darned well, I am now absolutely terrified of clowns or anything like them. Also, I have severe arachnophobia. I absolutely love Stephen King and all his books and movies and have been to his house as a tourist a few years ago It is a very cool house and grounds and the fence is very spooky. Pennywise would kick Spawn’s ass from here to the end of the Universe. Spawn can hold her own alright, but Pennywise and his damned scary freakin’ spider scared me half to death, yet if the movie is on I will watch it again and again. Pennywise you SUCK!! JH