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What Is The Name Of This Rayban Where Can I Buy Online Store Would Be Ok

Is it worth the money to buy real Ray Bans vs. buying a knock-off pair?

Hello, Kate from Eyewear Connection here. I'd like to offer my opinion in regards to your query. Ray Ban's are amongst the most counterfeited products in the world so you are bound to see replicas everywhere. They might look like the real deal but they are far from it. Paying extra will get you a better product that you can use for several years if you take care of them.Here are the major differences between original Ray Ban's and replicas.1. UV protection lenses: UV protection guarantees that your eyes will be protected from UV rays from the sun. Lenses that don't have protection are extremely damaging to your eyes and can lead to serious health problems. Knock-off pairs do not have UV lenses and if you use them regularly this will lead to health problems.2.Original frames are made from high quality materials that will make them last longer. Cheap frames are obviously made from cheap materials that can break, scratch or bend. Ray Ban's feel heavier, bulkier and more compact than knock-offs because strong materials have been used to make them.3. Knock-off Ray Ban's simply don't look as good as designer ones. You can tell that they are not authentic due to small defects like missing logos or misspellings. As you can see, buying an authentic frame is well worth the money when you compare the advantages that it holds over cheaper alternatives.I wish you the best of luck and if you have any doubts about buying an authentic frame you can check our guide on how to spot fake designer frames (Ray Ban included): How to Tell Real Designer Sunglasses from Fake Knock-Offs - Eyewear Connection

Should I buy contact lenses online?

Thank’s to A2A.The 1st thing, I would like to inform that no one can sell fake products of other brand online. Let suppose you have owned any brand then its your copyright on that. Other cannot sell same brand products without confirming from you. The same theory applies online also. As per my knowledge not any ECommerce website manufacture own products. Like snapdeal, Amazon etc. They all procure the products from vendor or vendor directly ship the products to customers. You can go ahead for online shopping. I always use online shopping. There are many benefits.You can return the product back if did not like. I assure you if you will buy contact lenses from market and did not feel comfortable after wearing. The store owner will not take back the product again. The reason contact lenses are waste once used. If you will buy online then you can return the lenses within policy also.You will get home delivery. No need to visit anywhere.In the market product cost is more reason shopkeeper will also calculate his margin/profit.You need not to worry. You can go ahead and place an order. If you feel that product is fake. The best way contact with the brand customer care. They will verify the product. E;g:- If you bought Ray Ban online then please visit Ray Ban store once you get product. They will authenticate the product.Hope this will help you to place an order.

Is this online sunglasses store legit?

The site has a legitimate and secure checkout system so you shouldn't have to worry about having your credit card stolen or anything like that...

As for whether or not it is actually selling the Designer brands and not selling Knock-offs:

It says that they are able to sell those sunglasses at the "lower" (still pretty expensive) prices they do because they are bought during the off season in large quantities... they also buy overstock of popular models.

But anyways, why are you worried about the brand name of the sunglasses, if you like the way sunglasses look and if they're of acceptable quality, then why not buy them even if they are not Designer?

I used to go to a rich kid school (no I wasn't rich) and I heard a girl saying that she had the real "Coach" purse and was complaining that other girls had fake ones and it took attention away from the fact that hers was a real one...
That's really pathetic. People pay all this money for a purse they may not even think looks good just so people know they own one and then find out they wasted a fortune when they find out that people cant tell the difference.

OK... I just did a bit more research...

It says that designer items should come in the company's packaging... Prada glasses come in a Leather case and the website you linked claims it doesn't use leather packaging... and that it uses economical, environmentally friendly packaging...

Also Prada sunglasses are supposed to have their product numbers begin with S, the ones on Sunglassesforsale begin with PR.

The .org website does seem a little weird but there are other webstores that end in .org. One thing though is that most of the .org stores I have seen online are the "gift shops" for non-profit organizations... They may just have bought the .org because it was cheaper.

The best way to get a legitimate pair of designer sunglasses is to get them from the designer itself. However, You DO NOT have to buy them from the designer to ensure you get a real pair. Mall Department stores like Neiman Marcus will sell official designer goods.

Where can I buy a fake pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers?

You mean replicas don't you? C&A, Zara, H&M and Uniclo have a great range of affordable stylish sunglasses. Swedish Brand Prestige also make so me really smart and stylish pairs at affordable prices.You can browse through some of the "replica" markets...

Can Ray-Ban aviators be left in car?

So, I've never left my ray-bans in my car before. However, I start my fall semester tomorrow and carry a lot of stuff in my backpack (premed = lots of stuff). I really don't want to break my sunglasses, so can I leave them in my car in the case? It's still pretty hot out (around high 80s). Will they melt? Should I somehow make room for them (really don't see that happening, stuff gets thrown around a lot). I really just don't want them to melt or change shape.

Sunglass store name. a unique and catchy name?

I am going to open a new designer sunglass store selling brand names such as Gucci, Dior, versace, prada, Rayban , etc

I was thinking to name the store Sunglass Sole

How does this name sound to you?

if you can , please also think of a name please let me know. I do not want to use the word "shades"
all of the big stores in the US start their name with the word sunglass and this is the reason that I want to also use a name started with the same word.

Does Flipkart sell original Ray-Ban sunglasses?

You are right, Flipkart says that all products sold on their website are new and original. You can trust blindly when you are purchasing through WS Retail.But when it comes to rest of sellers, Flipkart don't have any process to authenticate the products.I have same experience with Flipkart, Once I have ordered a Bluetooth speaker of well known company, which was sold through Flipkart. When I received it everything good, excellent.I opened and start using it was working absolutely fine. In next 7 days it's battery got damaged, so I went to authorized service center. And what happened next was shocked me!!! Ohhh my god for duplicate product I have paid 3K. I just launched a complained immediately and Flipkart responded in time and took everything.They just refunded me. In addition to this, they had suspended the seller too.I want to say that, you can shop from Flipkart blindly, don't worry if you feel it is duplicate just go to a good shop and verify it. If they say it is duplicate just ask them to give it in written, just launch a complaint and you are done.You are always safe, when you are shopping with Flipkart.Hope this will make you more confident! :)Let me know if there is anything I can help you!

Ray ban junior wayfarers should fit what age group?

They are ideal for children age from 5 to 12


Oakley was purchased by Luxxotica several years ago. True. same with Ray Ban. However, if the other person who answered your question took the time to do more research than just listen to a podcast, then they would also know that all luxx brands operate as independent companies.

Oakley still has it's own R&D department and does not share this info across the larger corp. Even before the Luxx sale, Oakley had the most eyewear patents of any eyewear manufacturer in the world.

So, you ask "why"? The Holbrook./Frogskin is made from a patented Nylon based material that is super strong while still being light weight. YOu can bend the frames and they will return to original position. The other two frames you mention can't do that. Oakley lenses also use a patented and proprietary (no other company uses it) polycarbonate for its lenses. These are as close to glass as possible in terms of clarity but strong enough to be considered OK for use as safety glasses (they're ANSI Z87.1 certified for impact protection and clarity). The other two glasses you listed are NOT and cannot ever meet those standards as they use a generic form of polycarbonate that does not pass the ANSI tests.

That's "why" the Oakley glasses actually cost the company more to produce than the other brands in the same company.

All in all, Oakley glasses are a superior product. There is a reason why Oakley glasses are #1 with athletes, military and law enforcement worldwide. There is a reason why so many athletes pay their own money to wear Oakley glasses vs other brands. It's not marketing hype.