What Is The Point Of The Letter Q

What is the point of the letter Q? Why can’t we spell “question” like “kwestion”? Where does Q come from?

I’ve had a lovely English teacher back in my junior year in uni. When I ask such questions she would reply back like “Do not enquire the language itself”. This simple sentence made me realize to not give much of damn about the language itself because languages are not constructed purposely. They are created inherently with their cultural and historical progresses. So speaking your question, as a matter of fact I might also enquire like “hey wait, why do not we pronounce ‘tion’ as ‘cio’ as in French and likewise write like that?”. You see, what we hear from a foreign language as people from different languages and cultures are not as same as for those natives who hear them. It is all about perceptions, you might hear a dog barking as “bark, korb” whatever but we in Turkish hear as “hav”. Again, it’s all about perceptions man. Go and get some English readings instead of enquiring every single alphabet of English in terms of appropriateness of phonetics that might take the shit out of your life. Accept the language’s uniqueness and welcome that by your heart. It’ll make it a lot easier.

Why does the letter Q exist?

Regarding the English language, Mental Floss has this to say: Before the Norman invasion of 1066, English didn't even have a Q. Words like queen and quick were spelled cwen and cwic. Not only did the Normans inject a whole bunch of French vocabulary into English, they changed the spelling of English words according to their French ways. French represented the 'kw' sound with QU spelling. To make things more complicated, French people stopped pronouncing the w part, but their spelling never caught up with that change, so words that English borrowed much later, like mystique and quiche, have a 'k' pronunciation instead of 'kw.' - See more at:

What is the first letter on a typewriter?

q points Language?

A business letter should not _____?
a, include slang
b, follow a particular format
c, be longer than one page
d, be addressed to more than one person

Which is not true of the graphics used in a functional text such as instructions for installing a computer program?

a, They must be visually appealing above all else.
b, They are intended to aid the reader in understanding the text.
c, They may be used to add some visual appeal to the text.

Which of these is not the purpose of structural features in a functional text such as a business letter or instruction manual?

a, to assure that the reader can skim the text rather than actually reading it
b, to assist the reader in getting through the text as quickly as possible
c, to allow the reader to identify important pieces of information