What Is The Purpose Of The Two Rakat Sunnah Prayer Of The Groom And Bride After The Nikah Is Done

How many rakat sunnah after the Friday Jumu'ah prayer?

At my local masjid I notice most brothers who offer sunnah prayers after Jumu'ah (Friday prayers) that they only do just 2 rakats.

However based on the book Fiqh-us-Sunnah it quotes:

"When the prophet (pbuh) prayed in the mosque, he would pray four [rak'at], and when he prayed in his house, he would pray two rak'at.' I say: this is what the hadith is pointing to. Abu Dawud records from ibn 'Umar that when he prayed in the mosque, he would pray four rak'at, and when he prayed in his house, he would pray two rak'at. Also, in the two Sahihs it is reported from ibn 'Umar that the Prophet would pray two rak'at in his house after the Friday salah."

I've been use to praying 4 rakats afterwards at the masjid as I go back to work straight after.

Is that the most correct view. Or should I do just 2 rakats like everyone else? (even the imam also does 2 rakat)

Are Sunnah prayers prayed in 2 rakats?

The sunnah prayer before the fardh of dhuhr is 4 however the sunnah after the fardh can be 4 or 2 rakaah, here the difference is due to madhaab and the adherents of hanafi school of thought offer 2 rakaah after the fardh of dhuhr.

Sunnah prayers

Two Rak'at of Sunnah Prayer should be offered before the Fardh Prayer of Fajr. (However, if a person joins the congregation without having offered Sunnah due to circumstances beyond his control, he can offer these after the Fardh prayer)

Four Rak'at of Sunnah Prayer before Fardh and two Rak'at after the Fardh in Dhuhr Prayer. In case one is unable to perform four Rak'at Sunnah before the Fardh in Dhuhr Prayer, one should offer these after the congregational Fardh Prayer. (Note: Followers of Hanfi school of thought offer two Sunnat while some other Muslims offer four Sunnat after Fardh in Dhuhr Prayer.)

Two Rak'at of Sunnah after the Fardh of Maghrib Prayer.

Two Rak'at of Sunnah after the Fardh of 'Isha Prayer.

Juma Prayer how many Rakats? What is the Sunnah of Rasulullah?

In Turkey and bangali people which i pray with in bangali mosque people pray 4 sunnah + 2 fard with jama'at ( everybody together) than + 4 sunnah = 10 Rakats

but Egyptian and Algerian brother told me 2 fard with jama'at + 2 (or 4 not sure) Sunnat
also 2 rakat you can pray when you get home?

Can you explain which way is correct what prophet sav use to do?
Jazak Allah

Assalamu `alaykum,You need to separate what's considered Friday prayer with what's considered something else.Friday prayer is kutba + 2 rakatNow there are sunnah prayers associated with the Friday prayer and those are the same as dhuhur.Before the prayer = 2 or 4 rakat (depends which school you follow, for shafi'is the sunnah is fulfilled by doing 2, for hanafis the sunnah is fulfilled by doing 4)4)After the prayer = 2 rakatSo these are all the prayers that are associated with the Friday prayer.Additionally, there's a sunnah prayer called "salutation of the mosque", which are the 2 rakat you perform when you enter a mosque.Since people go to the mosque for Friday prayers, they usually do this sunnah as well.And that's it You seem to be doing great masha'Allah.

Can you join the vitr prayer (after tarawee) if u missed one or two rakats?

Not Affraid 2 Stand Alone is perfactly correct ,

"Yes u can. Its the same way you pray the missing raka'ats for a normal prayer. You join the congregation and then finish the missing rakats by yourself.You will get the same reward as a jamaah prayer."

It is hard to comprehend what exactly you are asking. I am guessing that you are asking something like this. You have been told that as you stand up to begin your prayer, you ought to express your intention to yourself as to what category of prayer you are about to start.And your question is about what to intend for the two raka’t after the salat Jumuah.If that is correct, then the answer is right there within your question. Your intention of salat sunna is that you intend to offer two rakat ‘sunna’. Some people might call it ‘nafal’.

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