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What Is The Scariest Movie You Have Ever Seen

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

The Blair Witch Project

Scariest or a variety of reasons;
1) it's more believable than ANY other horror film I've seen. So when you're lying in bed you can't easily tell yourself: "it's just a movie".
2) unexplained ending - let's your imagination run wild.
3) has some truly terrifying parts, e.g. when they find a tongue and some teeth and when they hear the voices at night.

i know it's not real, but be prepared to question yourself when you watch it.

Scariest Movie You Have Ever Seen?

a movie called trilogy of terror. it was three stories but only one scared me. it was about this troll doll that was brought back from some tropical vacation somewhere. but it came to life and was killing people. it would run across the floor and hide under beds and furniture. for a very long time if the lights in my room were off, i would jump from feet away to get into bed and jump several feet away getting out of bed for fear this little troll was under my bed just waiting to stab my feet and legs to bring me down and kill me.

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

Insidious - (Ghosts) Scary because things like that happen every day, it doesn't scare you straight away but will come back tomorrow night guaranteed.
The Uninvited - (Mind Play)

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen and why?

Here is a solid list of good scary, horror, recent films. And I will include my all-time dream list for you as well. Hopefully you'll find a few movies that will really scare the piss out of you. :)


1. Gravedancers - it has some "b-film" elements to it, but it has some serious scares in it.
2. The Strangers - the brutality of this film will leave you awestruck
3. Funny Games - I actually had a really good time with this film. It puts it right in the audiences face on how we love to watch people be tortured and suffer.
4. The Last Winter - definitely a "b-film" but I really enjoyed it and was legitimately scared throughout it. Great film.
5. Zodiac - Another David Fincher masterpiece. There are some very real and tense moments in this film that have you on the edge of your seat (when they are in the basement)
6. 28 days later - probably the best zombie/survival film in the last 20 years
7. Cabin Fever - kind of a throw away film, but there are a few good startling moments in it
8. THE ORPHANAGE - probably one of the scariest films I have seen i a ling time. Del Toro is on his A-game yet again.
9. AUDITION - Wow. I almost forgot this one. So intense - it will make you lose your lunch for sure.
10. The Devil's Backbone - if you don't mind reading closed captions - check it out. Don't worry - the scares and moments of heightened tension don't have any dialogue to worry about reading :)


BOOM! Here is my list - enjoy. They will screw you up. Just like they did me, and my life.

1. The Exorcist
2. Dead Alive (the goriest thing ever - so good)
3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973)
4. Hellraiser
5. Alien
6. Cannibal Holocaust (probably the most intense)
7.The Shining
8. AUDITION (wait out the first two Acts - the third will blow your mind!)
9. The Last Winter (more psychologically thrilling, but still great)
10. The Hills Have Eyes
11. May
12. Suspiria (Dario Argento)
13. The Last House on the Left
14. The Orphanage
15. Rosemary's Baby
16. The Suckling (just google it and watch it - I swear I'm going to hell now)
17. Re-animator (gore fest!!)
18. Jacob's Ladder

Try to find this 70's horror cult classic -

Deathbed: The Bed That Eats

It's pretty insane, but a good time nonetheless.

What is the scariest movie that you have ever seen and why?

The Strangers? Wow.

Anyways, I think the scariest movie of all time is the original Exorcist.
The reason is because it is in your face horror. Todays horror films consists of Jump Scares, and a lot of gore. That is not real fear, real fear is something that goes into your imagination, and gets in your head. The scene in the Exorcist, where the possessed girl masturbates with the crucifix is probably one of the most disturbing scenes is cinematic history, but the part that gets me is when she is sitting on the bed, and turns her head 180 degrees, and rants at her mother in a mans voice. Now that is true horror.
Rent it if you haven't seen it

Whats the scariest movie you have ever seen?


Ok. I like movies such as:
The Sixth Sense
The Others
The Ring (Ringu)

The Exorcism of Emily Rose also creeped me out actually. I woke up at 3:00 am exactly for a week after watching it. o_O

I also hear Rec is supposed to be really scary. Although I haven't seen it. It's in Spanish though.

I do not like gore movies and do not find them scary. My cousin loves gory movies but gets far too scared watching the movies mentioned above. :D

Edit: Darkness Falls, although not a great movie, IS scary too. Made me afraid of the dark for some time to come. :O

Second edit: How could I forget Gothika! Classic scare tactics. Plus it has Halle Berry. <3

Have fun! :D

The movie that scared me most on initial viewing was In The Mouth Of Madness, directed by John Carpenter.The story follows a private investigator (Sam Neil) trying to track down the most popular author in the world, a horror novelist loosely based on Stephen King. He follows a trail of clues to a town that seems to be lifted straight from the author's horrific novels. Things get freaky and trippy, but the movie never abandons the internal logic of its core premise.This movie came out at the very end of an era in horror filmmaking in two ways.The film represents the peak and end of the line of line for practical special effects in movies. Jurrassic Park(1993) came out one year earlier, and Hollywood's transition to cheapier, lamer CGI effects was well underway. Practical special effects induce a visceral response that CGI cannot, and if you are only used to horror movies from the past 15 years you are in for treat with this oneIn The Mouth of Madness also came out right before the first Scream movie (1996) totally changed the horror landscape. After Scream, horror movies became very self aware, constantly winking at the audience and reminding us that the movie was in on the joke too. By comparison ITMOM is very earnest, unflinchingly commited to its premise.The top notch practical effects and unironic tone coupled with Lovecraftian cosmic horror to effectively scare the jaheebles out of me, and I bet it will for you too. Enjoy!

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

I've watched tons of scary movies and didn't find any of them really scary (Alien- Texas Chain Saw - Jaws - Silence of the lambs) so you may not agree with my choices.

1. The Last King of Scotland (about a doctor who is forced to work for Idi Amin dictator in africa) - this movie literally gave me shivers, i'm not going to tell you why, you'll just have to watch it yourself.

2. Splinter (alien horror movie- not in the way you would expect) -- i advice not watching trailers of this because otherwise the plot is ruined.

3. Forbidden Planet (truly a classic, not scary to me anymore (at all) but the monster in this is truly original and its godliness is quite overpowering)

4. Event Horizon (truly a bizarre movie, do not read any reviews on this as they will almost surely deter you from watching)

5. Battle Royale (not scary moreover disturbing, (like the human centipede) because of the amount of gore and the nature of the plot, i found it to be very impressive)

Whats the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I think movies are scary when they're somewhat believable. So, I dunno, Silence of the Lambs, No Country for Old Men, movies that deal with crazies are more scary, IMO, than movies dealing with fantastic things like zombies, ghosts etc.

By the same reasoning, the whole 28 Days/Weeks/Months later movies are more scary than, say, Dawn of the Dead, because the former deals with a plausible scenario: a virus.

What is THE scariest movie/film you have ever seen ?

A lot of people make fun of "The Blair Witch Project", but I absolutely hate nature and my one camping experience was a nightmare, so that movie terrified me. I've seen it since then, and it's not a big deal, but man. The sounds and the camera (much better than "Cloverfield", ugh) and the terror that the actors portrayed ... it messed with my head, lol.