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What Is The Song And Band Name Featured In The Bbc Comedy Alas Smith And Jones

King Kong is't Real?


Are there any trillionaires?

NO. There are no trillionaire’s.Even though if you ask for trillionaire families, you would find that the wealthiest Rothschild family - Wikipedia is considered to be only around $400 billion.Now coming onto the current richest people on 01/01/2017 are,Bill Gates - $83.7 billion2. Amancio Ortega - $73.3 billion3. Warren Buffett - $73 billion4. Jeff Bezos - $64.9 billion5. Carlos Slim Helu - $49.6 billion6. Mark Zuckerberg - $48.4 billion7. Larry Ellison - $47.7 billion8. Charles Koch - $43.5 billion9. David Koch - $43.5 billion10. Michael Bloomberg - $40.3 billion

How old is Captain Jack Sparrow?(Pirates of the Caribbean character)

Let’s do a bit of approximation.We’ll start by assuming that Jack became captain of the pearl at around 18, to coincide with Dead Men Tell No Tales canon.When he became captain, the EITC burnt the ship to the ground not long after, prompting Jack to summon Davy Jones. 10 years later Jones hunts for Jack - so we can assume Jack was around 28 in Dead Mans Chest. Dead Mans Chest takes place a year after Curse of the Black Pearl, so we’ll assume he was 27 at that time. At Worlds End takes place basically immediately after, so let’s say he’s 29 during that. Elizabeth becomes pregnant with little Henry Turner after, and he is seen to be 10ish at the end of at worlds end, and so Jack would’ve been 38 at the time. Dead Men Tell No Tales takes place very soon after, let’s say by 3 years. So Jack was around 41 at the start of DMTNT. about 10 years after this, the main plot occurs, wherein Jack would be about 51. If the Gilloutine was popularised in the 1790’s, we can assume Jack was born around 1740.Of course, On Stranger Tides ruins this theory but for that to be canon it would mean Jack was around 120 in DMTNT so nah.

What are the must watch movies to see before you die?

This order need not necessarily be the exact top 50 but it can alter depend on one’s interest, I’m a guy who’s interested much in non-fiction, thrillers, action, rom-coms than horrors,nevertheless there are exceptions. Here’s my list.Titanic: This is an epic movie, one can’t stop to admire this movie when watched.Pursuit of Happyness: This movie is really awesome, no wonder if it is mentioned in almost every answer in Quora pertaining to movies list.Inception: This movie is really awesome. One can’t afford to miss watching this movie, provided an opportunity.Shawshank Redemption:Good Will HuntingInterstellar: This movie explores the unexplored parts of the space by most of the common audience like me(No offence to Scientists and Professors). I honestly got to admit that I’ve learnt a lot before going to this movie-of course they’re clearly explained in the movie- after watching the movie too. This movie is a visual treat which is enhanced by the sublime music given by legendary Hans Zimmer.The Prestige:The MartianMoney BallA Beautiful MindGladiatorRainmanPirates of the Caribbean SeriesForrest GumpFight ClubInvictusBlood Diamond: This movie is really touching, at one point of time, tears roll out. Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance with the African accent in this movie is really awesome.Besides the background score of this movie elevates this movie.Dark KnightBatman Begins:Dark Knight RisesBrave Heart12 Angry Men: This movie is a must watch movie.300Man on FireTaking of Pelhap 123Few Good MenIndependence DayThe Imitation GameSaving Mr.BanksThe Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonA walk to rememberP.S. I Love YouThe NotebookThe VowThe Holiday: Hans Zimmer ’s awesome music actually haunts you to watch this movie again and again.AtonementCinderella ManMillion Dollar BabyAmerican SniperWarriorSpy GameBourne IdentityBourne SupremacyBourne Ultimatum: This is the best of the series.Lord of the Rings TrilogyDie Hard Series (particularly Die Hard 4.0 Live Free or Die Hard)Mission Impossible SeriesThe IllusionistJobsNow You See MeVantage PointP.S: There are plenty of good movies I might have missed, you’re welcome to express your views.Edit 1: Thanks Yash Pranjale for suggesting Lord of the Rings.V for VendettaArrival: This movie must be among the top 50 movies.