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What Is The Starting Pay Rate For A Overnight Stocker At Winn-dixie

What are the rules for check cashing at the Walmart Money Center?

From Walmart’s website (Google is your friend):“In-Store Check CashingHow to Cash a Check at Your Local WalmartJust present your check for cashing at any checkout lane in your local Walmart store.What types of Checks we can cashWe cash the following:Payroll checksGovernment checksTax checksCashier's ChecksInsurance settlement checks401(k), retirement distribution checksMoneyGram money orders that were purchased at WalmartWe can cash checks and money orders in any amount up to and including $5000.Check Cashing FeesCashing your check at your local Walmart is affordable, with fees based on the amount of the check:For checks up to and including $1000: $3.00For checks over $1000 up to and including $5000: $6.00How the Funds are Paid OutYou can receive your funds in cash, or we can load the money on a Walmart MoneyCard. (The $3 reload fee is waived for the card when you load it via check cashing. The check cashing fee shown above still applies.) You can purchase a Walmart MoneyCard for $3 at any checkout lane or request one online (and avoid the $3 issuance fee).”

!!!!Working overnight stock at Winn Dixie help?

I decided to transfer from deli to overnight stocker. I've done some research about how hazardous it is to health . And how management says it still same pay rate but a few more hours. I'm currently getting back into school and getting a second job. What should I do. Can I switch back over to deli

How do locks on the wheels of shopping carts work?

Kudos to you for asking this question! It’s a very interesting thing that most people alike never think about. Whenever you bring a cart in a store, it knows where the doors are and where the checkouts are in relation to the door. So simplifying it, the wheels lock whenever it detects a cart leaving the store without going through checkout.I would say more than half the time it’s a false alarm but a very good mechanism to have.So let’s play out a scenario.A customer walks in the Panda Express and pays there. They also go to the bakery and pickup a preordered cake and checkout with the bakery manager. Great! So all is paid for and they have everything they need. They continue walking and start to head out the door. Then all of a sudden the wheels lock up and you are quite literally “Stuck”! Someone physically needs to come over, examine what’s going on and unlock it. The alert is triggered since they didn’t physically go through “checkout”. While embarrassing it is a good preventative measure.Let’s try a different scenario.Three high school seniors come in, want to drink some booze for a party tonight and don’t have id. They get a cart, go straight to liquor and load themselves up with all the beer and unsecured (liquor without a cap on it) hard alcohol they can get. The put it in the cart and pretend to walk around and get some bananas and head out the door. As they are pushing the cart, the wheels lock and they aren’t able to get what they need without lifting the already heavy cart with all of their stuff and it’s just a mess. By the time I get over there and ask “do you want to pay for this over here”, they are panicking and LONG GONE. When it saves us hundreds of dollars potentially a day it makes a few false alarms worth it.How this technology works is that there is a sensor in the tiles of the store as well as the wheel in the cart. Next time you go in a store check and see where there is one row of discolored tile. That’s the sensor. If a cart doesn’t go over that line it assumes you didn’t check out. Very fascinating!Happy Quora-ing!

Does Walmart cash 2 party checks?

Do you mean a 3rd party check, which is a check made out to someone else and they endorsed the back with ”Pay to the order to you? If so, is a 3rd party check party check. I do not believe they will cash it. If you endorsed and it's rejected by the issuing bank, you would be guilty of bank fraud.If it is a two party check meaning the check is being cashed by the person in the Psy to order in the front of check, you can check with Walmart and they may cash it, if your ID picture matches and the signature matches, they might. Why don't you call them or go down to WalMart and find out?Around the time of the Great Recession, when a lot fraud was going on by people trying to scam banks with 3rd party check. Banks won't accept them unless the person that check was initially made out to is a customer if the bank account it was written.

What do supermarkets do with unsold meat, fruit and vegetables?

Some stick a reduced price sticker on them for quick sale. They are usually marked way down. A girl I know that was a butcher at on super market used to bring the meat home that was going to be tossed. She would cut off any green area. Not a good practice. I believe that mold and other bacteria probably ribbons through the meat. Some when it is nearing the expiration date will cook it and this extends the storage time and they will sell as prepared food. Prepared products from manufacturers is usually tossed if it doesn’t sell as a reduced sale price. Fruits and veggies are usually tossed, but I have heard of some selling to the local pig farmers for pig feed. Generally stores know just how much they should order by tracking sales and don’t over order. There are retail systems that do inventory control, and tracking when to reorder. Many cash registers do this feeding the information to a main computer. So you don’t see a lot of waste at these stores anymore. Most stores order from a central point as well where the tracking may be done. Managers have a good idea how much and what will sell and select from a list sent to them on some items.

Why are stores removing self checkout lanes?

While they are convenient for the customer it does cause a lot of loss for stores as well as added problems and in the long run truly not worth it.When I say there is a lot of loss, I mean that people can very easily steal things when going through self checkout pretending to scan it. If one makes the effort to scan it and outs it in a bag, then they could be anywhere from 50 cents to 500 dollars being lost by just that one person. Rest assured, we know a large majority of people aren’t like that, but we know that it still does happen.As far as saving labor, that it DOES NOT do. These machines constantly require supervision at all times anyway. For example even when there are insanely long lines, there is always one person who needs to be monitoring it. In my opinion it’s just a lot faster to have that one person who’s monitoring open another checkstand. It will help customers get out a lot quicker.As almost anyone can relate there are once in a while disputes in price. That can be totally magnified and cause a very significant delay. For example, if one disputes that the price of the cheese is 2.99 vs 4.99 we need toRecognize it on the screenTell the self checkout floormanGet a clerk to retrieve the priceHave the Floorman override and rectify itAll for one order.While we appreciate that you guys like it, in my opinion and a lot of companies opinion, the costs outweigh it.Hope this helps! Happy Quora-ing!

Were 1990s Russians dumbfounded when they first visited capitalist grocery stores?

Yes. Back in the 1980s before the USSR collapsed there was a call for locals to host some Russian seamen for a few days. We volunteered and wound up with a guy named Deniz. He was the stereotype of a Russian. He was friendly, back slapping and very gregarious. We all took a liking to him immediately. The moment he entered our house he was dumbstruck. What shocked him:Microcomputer: he said that Russian computer scientists would maybe see a computer. He'd seen one in pictures. We had an atari game console and an apple computer. He was shocked when he found out that every classroom in our elementary school had a computer. He was also amazed that not only did we have pocket calculators but we had many, many calculators. Calculators were apparently very expensive in the ussr at the time.Groceries:People have written that Russians were shocked to see grocery stores. Deniz was shocked to see what could be bought at a five-and-dime. Most places were closed for the holidays but he was shocked to see so many canned goods and fresh fruit, including lemons and bananas. Oh, and toilet paper.He also, as many people have said here, thought it was a propaganda trick to show only certain stores. Fortunately the Publix and Winn Dixie are catty corner to each other and we wound up visiting both.ATMs: dad needed cash for something and went to the teller machine outside of Publix. When he saw this he was convinced it was some trick and went in and out of the store several times to verify there wasn't someone there behind the screen.Building: Deniz was really impressed with the amount of work people did on their own homes. I guess that wasn’t something done in Russia?In any case, he had in interesting time with us, we even gave him one of our calculators. He picked through them and found one that took batteries he recognized.