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What Is There To Do After A Couple Has Already Had The Intercourse

Ramadan - After intercourse, Do i need to take bath at 4am before I start the next day fast?

you can begin your fast while in an impure state, so you can delay your bath. you didn't mention fajr though. obviously, you do have to take a bath before salah.

EDIT: Ok, i got thumbed down. i'd like to know why. I already knew this, but since I got thumbed down, I went to research it to bring proof. Here it is:

Imam Nawawi mentioned that there is scholarly consensus (ijma`) that the fast of one who wakes up requiring ghusl is valid.

EDIT: Here is more proof:
"The fast of one who has intercourse with his wife at night and wakes up in the morning in a state of junub is still valid, as is the fast of one who becomes junub in his sleep, whether at night or during the day. There is nothing wrong with delaying ghusl until just before dawn. Rather fasting is invalidated by having intercourse during the day in Ramadaan, from just before dawn until after sunset. "

Is it safe for a couple to have unprotected sex when the girl is being treated for bacterial vaginosis?

There has been much debate over whether bacterial vaginosis is actually a sexually transmitted disease; current thinking instead treats bacterial vaginosis as actually a change in the vaginal flora, not an STD. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when a female individual acts to change the usual environment of the vagina. Common causes may be excessive douching, application of creams & other hygienic products, as well as innoculation with material from around the perianal/genital areas. Bacterial vaginosis is simply an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria that are usually not a significant part of the vaginal flora.

Bacterial vaginosis is usually treated with metronidazole x1, which effectively eradicates these anaerobic bacteria. Given that the male urethral environment is nothing similar to the vaginal environment, guys are not usually affected by the presence of these bacteria in the female. Even the risk of carrying such bacteria is not the significant factor here because the problem was an underlying change in the woman's vaginal environment. Bacterial vaginosis is not the same as chlamydia or gonococcal infections, nor is it similar to candida or trichomonas infections. Instead, it is a transient change that occurs due to flora displacement.

Bacterial vaginosis presents as a thick yellow-white discharge that has a fishy odor and characteristic findings on the microscope. It does not pose a risk to the female nor the male.

Therefore, there is actually not a significant reason why you wouldn't be able to have sex during treatment. However, you would still not want to disturb the vaginal environment with semen, potentially delaying the treatment. Also as mentioned above, you should always wear protection, not because of bacterial vaginosis itself, but simply because it is safer and it adds to the contraceptive action of the birth control pill. So I would tell you to just simply wait, it's not that long, you can do it.

If a couple has sex before marriage and then get married is the marriage already consummated? Or can they still anull the marriage if they?

If they "know" each other in the biblical sense they have "pre-consummated" the marriage. Only if they have not had sex together at all would it be considered unconsummated.

Is it possible for your cherry to pop after 3 years of being sexually active?

I have been sexually active with one person for three years, my cherry never popped, but the other night, my boyfriend and I were being intimate and i noticed some blood on his shorts. I thought it was my period, but there was no more blood even for the next couple of days. Is it possible for it to have been my cherry? Please no stupid answers, just answer if you really know.

How many times does a newly-married couple have sex in their first month?

None at all in my case, and let me tell you, it’s frustrating as hell!Some background: Ours is an arranged marriage, and we were both in our mid 20s when we got married. More of an arranged dating scenario, our parents fixed it up for us.A quiet sort of man, he is, but very talkative once he knows you better. However, he’s quite a prude in public, and private. On the other hand, I’d had 2 relationships in the past, and sex too, so I never expected I’d wind up with him *giggles*!He was born and brought up almost his whole life in Saudi Arabia, and his workplace was all male as well, so he’d never interacted much with women.Anyway, we wound up liking each other a lot, and got married (4 months of dating). He never brought up sex, and when asked, said he’d like to wait after marriage.First day as a married couple, I tried to initiate something simple by asking him, but turns out, he thought that I was doing it because my mother had told me to, out of some sense of “Pleasing my husband”. Went into a long explanation about how he understood that women were pressured into having sex, or raped by their husbands, elaborating that he wasn’t like that and he would have sex only if we wanted kids..Well, that was a shocker, to be honest. For a few hours I was scared of being in a marriage without any intimacy..thought he was gay or asexual. Let me tell you, that is indeed a frightening thought, this being an arranged marriage and all.So I decided to discuss it with him, asking him about what he liked about women’s bodies. He was so flustered about everything, that it was innocent in one way, but annoying in the other..First few days went by just talking, and he was still skeptical about the whole thing. I had to take it real slow, because I wanted to enjoy it too! And frankly, it was quite amusing, and a new experience to be with such a man.It then moved into seeing each other naked, watching porn, and other things. It took a long time for us to be really comfortable with each other, then there’s work pressure too, and setting up a new flat for living in!In the end, it took around 6 weeks for us to have proper PIV sex, but we can clearly say the wait was worth it!Sorry for the anonymous answer, don’t want all my messages and comments to be full of sex solicitations.

What are the signs of a woman who had sex a few hours before?

It is said that you can tell if a woman has had sex recently, whether if it was hours ago, a day or even a week ago. I believe this is a myth. For the fact that a vagina can expand and stretch miles away during any sexual activity but would bounce right back to it’s normal size once the activity has ended.Here are some things that happens after sex in women:Long hours and rough sex makes a woman sore, tired, and possibly dry (not completely but less dry than normal). Until it recoups itself which could take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so, depending on the woman. Her vagina is sore and sensitive to touch. She just wants to take a warm shower and laydown.She smells like sex. Vagina’s leak fluid. Vagina’s also has their own smell. After having sex the smell changes. Even if she showers or bathe, she could leak more or less depending on her body. Unprotective sex (when a man’s nutts in a woman) will cause a woman to leak both her fluids plus her partners. It’s not fishy but nutty, most of us are familiar with strange smells that comes from genitals and sex.She may not have an orgasm or would take even longer than normal to reach one. Because her mind would be tired from reaching them earlier that day, if she had achieved them. If she has already had multiples then it would take even longer to build up more later in the day or maybe not at all, depending on her body.She feels less needy and at ease. If she had sex earlier and it was pleasurable and fulfilling she may not need much from you, even sex. She’ll even sleep at night alone and comfortably.Just some things to look for but the vagina won’t tell much. Pay more attention to the way she acts or the vibe she

I had unprotected sex 3 days after my period, will I be pregnant?

The chances of you falling pregnant 3 days after your period are relatively small.I don’t know your specifics so I will base my answer on the averages.An average menstrual cycle is 28 days. The average woman is fertile for a period approximately 5 days during her cycle.The first 11 or so days of the menstrual cycle are classified as the follicular phase, this phase begins at the start of the period and continues until a couple of days before ovulation. Most women are not fertile during this phase.Ovulation generally occurs mid cycle, at around day 14, so days 12 to 16 of the menstrual cycle are classified as the fertile phase.If, for example, you have a 5 day period, ovulation would occur approximately 9 days after the end of your period.Sperm, on average, lives for 3 days (5 at a stretch) in the uterus. You had sex on day 8. Lets say the sperm was robust and managed to survive 5 days, lasting until day 13 of your cycle. Your egg would have been released just as the last of the sperm were calling it quits.Therefore, unless you have a longer period or shorter cycle and the sperm are extra vigorous, it is my uneducated guess that you are probably not pregnant.