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What Is This Medical Problem

Medical Problem (numbness)?

It's obviously something neurological and that's problematic. Some neurological stuff doesn't show up on scans or tests. Diagnosis is made by ruling out other possibilities. That can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. But it's important not to ignore this or hope that it will go away. If she's not already seeing a neurologist, she should get one. If she has one and he's not taking her seriously, she needs to find another one. She needs to keep trying until someone listens and takes her seriously. She needs to NOT buy into it if she's told that "it's all in her head" or "it's just stress." No one will be a better advocate for her than she can be for herself. Tell her to keep seeking answers no matter how long it takes.

What can I do? my husband due to medical problems can't have sex but what do i do with my sex drive then?

well right after my first open heart surgery 17 yrs ago my sexual libo just stopped like someone had turned off a light. Oh for a few years I was still able to achieve an erection but no desire tfor sex. Well it wasn't long before there no longer was there any ability to achieve an erection. I too have diabetes which proved to be the main reason for the loss of erection
I turned to oral sex to attempt to satisfy my wife. I tried to turn it into an art form by learning all I could about making love to her clitoris. I asked for her help and guidance and after a fashion I was able to not only provide her with sexual pleasure but skilled in helping her achieve multiple orgasms but making oral sex the main expression of love between myself and her. To be successful, the man must truly be interested in pleasing his partner no matter how long it might take and putting her pleasure ALWAYS FIRST. I take no meds to give me the ability to satisfy my wife. We have also introduced serval different electric toys such as vibrators and mostly massagers to provide clitorial stimulation when a bit more is needed. My last erection was 15 years ago and my wife has orgasms at least once a week. Every week many times more than one. I try to make her feel like the center of our sex world at least for an hour or two. (we now are in our 60's and I had my second open heart operation 6 yrs ago and am insulin dependent). Sex for us is better now than it was 20 years ago.

What was Immanuel Kant's medical problem that made him not marry?

because of his lack of believe on heart knowledge that he did not find heart love

In Act 1 Scene 2 of Julius Caesar, what medical problem does Calpurnia have?

She can't have any children.
Antonio(a runner) should touch Calpurnia because a runner's touch said to cure infertile women.

What's this medical condition called?

It sounds like Complex regional pain syndrome formerly known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy.EDIT:After reading I looked further into the matter:According to Sciatic nerve injury from intramuscular injection: a persistent and global problem injections in the buttocks especially in children can (rarely) cause serious damage to the sciatic nerve, so one should give the injection at the frontal side of the thigh, or alternately in what in that paper they call the ventrogluteal regionFigure 1.  The gluteal triangle for IM  injection (ventrogluteal region). The palm of the opposing hand is  placed on the greater trochanter and the index finger on the anterior  superior iliac spine. A triangle is formed with the middle finger  pointing towards the iliac crest. The injection site is the centre of  the triangle, with the needle inserted at 90° to the skin surface