What Is This Movie Title

What is the title of this movie?

The title of this movie is The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and it is directed by Wes Anderson.The taste and theme has similar work by most of Wes Anderson's films:Moonrise Kingdom (2012)Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)I recommend you watch all of them.

How do I find this movie title?

Your details are a bit messy, but I suspect it is Unstoppable (2010)Edit: I believe the other svswer is probably correct: Tom Salinsky's answer to How do I find this movie title?

What is this movie title?


The description of the plot you've provided is close to 2 different movies, with the 1st one being "Curly Sue" released in 1991 starring James Belushi where he runs scam operations with a young girl but I think they are not father and daughter but he seems to be a father figure to her and I haven't seen it in a long time and I'm not sure if they do audition for a TV or Movie show but the dynamics between Belushi and the young actress seem to be similar to what you are asking for.

The other movie that it might be is the Michael J. Fox movie made in 1993 called "Life with Mickey" (aka "Give Me a Break" in other countries) where his character runs a talent agency and he strikes a deal with a young pickpocket to turn her into the next big child star, Nathan Lane also stars in this movie with MJF as his brother.

Out of the 2 mentioned, I'm probably leaning towards "Life with Mickey".

Hope this helps.

What is this movie title???

I found a film called when "When We First Met" from 1984.
Sounds similar to what you are describing.

It's love at first sight for teenagers Jenny Pennoyer and Rob Montana, but then Jenny finds out that Rob's mother was the drunk driver responsible for the death of her older sister two years earlier. Jenny's mother hasn't recovered from the death of her daughter and sends angry reminders to Mrs. Montana causing the woman to be constantly tormented by guilt. Now, Jenny struggles between loyalty to her family and her new love for Rob.


What's the title of this movie?

I watched this movie a while back and I LOVED it, but the thing is, I can't remember the name.
What I can remember their was a new teacher at a school who had a weird way of teaching and all the kids loved him, but one of the teachers didn't, and he tried following him one time and he found out that the teacher has lung cancer, or something. In the end, the teacher dies, but it was a really good movie. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Oh and their was something about moon pies. xD
This one kid always wanted the teacher with cancer to heat up his moon pie. :P


What is this movie title? HORROR MOVIE?

So i saw this film when i was younger and the fact i don't know the title of the film has been bugging me for years! I can only remember parts of the film, so i hope you can tell me what it's called.

The beginning of the film is a girl walking up a street and these boys(i think they were builders working on a house)were on the front garden calling her, and she was confused but she smiled and walked up to them, and they invited her into the basement or something and one of the boys started to rape her, and she was trying to push him off and that, and the boys accidentally killed her by hitting her or something, i'm not sure, and then they wrapped her body up in plastic, and stuck her into the walls of the basement and covered the walls up.

The next part is a new family move into that house, a man, woman, and their son, and the man is seeing things, like visions of a girl (the girl which was murdered) and he's so confused and he goes to a sycic or something i think and she tells him there's a ghost (I THINK, NOT CERTAIN) so he goes home and he and his son dig a big hole in the front garden, and hes working on this hole for days, because he thinks theres a ghostburiedd under the ground, but then he finds out shes in the basement, and so he starts knocking down the basement walls to try and find the body and then he finds it.

One part of the film is that the man gets shown a photograph of the girl that was murdered or something.

I thought the film was called "what lies beneath" but that's completely different haha.

Please if you know the title, comment:)

What is the title of this French movie?

It's Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité (2001).Grégoire Moulin, a shy accountant, sets up a blind date with a dance  teacher at a bar. What he needed to do was just to cross the road. But  it didn't happen to be as easy as it seems especially because of the  final game of French soccer championship the very same night!

Who decides the title of a movie?

Usually:First the writer when he/she writes the sceenplay.Then, the producer if (he/she) feels a new title will help the screenplay getting made into a movie.Finally, the distributor — the company bringing the film to market, usually based on legal/marketing considerations.Some other people such as agents could also be involved in the process. Usually, unless a title has obvious issues, the original title tends to stick. Ultimately, a title change is almost always about an attempt at making the project/film more marketable.

What are some movies with the word "movie" in the title?

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer certainly have an interest filmography.You may have heard of their infinitely-praised, low-budget spoof movies. Such classic works of theirs have breathed new life into the sub genre, including:A parody of horror moviesAnd, like the film it was spoofing, it spawned a dozen more sequelsA parody of blockbusters and their charactersAnother parody of blockbusters and their characters, except with worse effectsA parody of date moviesSuch diverse and diffuse titles can only be helmed by the absolute masters of their craft, and definitely not shitty hacks whose movies look like they were made by a film student who’s never picked up a camera before.