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What Is This Play Button In Facebook Chat

How can I challenge my friends in Tetris Battle on facebook?

When I try to challenge any of my friends the challenge button is greyed out, it says that either our ranks are too different or that I don't have enough records... like I would care.
I don't care if I have too few records or the rank is too low. I just want to play a game of tetris with my friends, why does the game have to be such a bore? :(

Is there any way I can bypass it?

Why can't i say hi to my crush on facebook?

JUST DO IT. I know it sounds harsh, but you've gotta just man up and hit enter. You should think of a nice little line to start the conversation off instead of just "hi". Like, if she's into a band that you're interested in as well then say 'Hey, heard you liked *insert band name*? That's so cool, so do I. What's your fave' song by them?:D' BUT.. Don't make up something that's not true. For example, don't say you like the same band as them when you actually hate them.. Lying doesn't solve anything, find another similarity you have with her just to spark a conversation. It's a great way of showing that you're interested in finding out more about her and also it shows that you're not a dull guy. You really should message her ASAP because (sorry to be negative and all but..) she might find a boyfriend while you're still working up the courage to say 'hi' to her on Facebook and then you'll be devastated.. Hopefully that will persuade you to get to grips with yourself and message her! Hope this has helppedddd! Good luck. ;-)

Do we play against real people in facebook tetris battle?

No you do not.

I suspect you are either playing against a previously played recording, or a CPU represented by a facebook profile. Here is my logic:

1.) As host, I made other players wait for about ten minutes before starting the game. They never leave the game until the actual app itself asks me if I'm idle and want to keep playing, after which, all players are replaced by new profiles. Few people actually wait that long to start a game though. In fact, as you may have figured out, most people wouldn't wait even one minute to have to start a game. They'd probably get impatient, quit, and start a new game elsewhere. The opponents on Tetris Battle never do this.

2.) Try playing 6P Tetris Battle. Quit, and enter 6P Tetris Battle again. Repeat one more time. Notice anything? You are ALWAYS the host. YOU, not anyone else, always start the game. Logically, when entering a game, if six players are playing, you should probably end up as host about 1 out of 6 times on average, not 100% of the time. Nevertheless, each time you go on to play 6P, 4P, or 2P player Tetris Battle, you will always start as host, unless you are playing with someone from your friends list.

3.) Players never quit, or become disconnected. If you've ever played online games before, you would be very familiar with the pattern of your opponent quitting the game when you were beating him/her by an impossible margin. I've done it, you've probably done it, we've ALL done it. And that's how we know it happens... Unless you're playing Tetris Battle that is. Nobody in Tetris Battle every quits halfway because they're losing so bad.

4.) Unless you are playing with someone from your actual friends list, you will notice the absence of a chat box upon entering a game. This isn't because Tetris Battle doesn't have a chat feature, it's because you can't speak to a CPU, or replayed game (whatever it is). The chat box will appear when you're playing any game with a Facebook friend though, because you CAN talk to them. Try playing 6P with your friend though, and type something to the other players in that game. I guarantee they will never respond to you.

The only instance in which you are playing real people, is if you play Tetris Arena. Here, the circumstances mentioned above do not apply because you're playing with real live people.

Hope this helps.

How do I play with my friends on Texas HoldEm Poker on Facebook?

•The beauty of playing poker online is that the computer will not only let you know when it’s your turn to play, it will tell you what all your possible plays are. It doesn’t strategize for you, but at least, it narrows down your options.
1.Log-in to your Facebook account.
2.Visit the Facebook Texas Hold ‘Em Application mainpage by clicking here.
3.Click the Log in to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker button.
4.You will be asked to choose your privacy settings and preferences. Check the appropriate boxes and click the Add Texas Hold ‘Em Poker button.
◦When you sign up to play Texas Hold ‘Em on Facebook, you’ll be awarded a certain number of chips to bet. Those chips represent your play money. One of the nice things about Facebook’s version of online poker, the money is always virtual.

5.The next page will show you your Texas Hold ‘Em Poker menu. You can choose to invite friends or get into a game by clicking the “Play!” button.


What does the white chat head mean in Facebook messenger?

Yes, I completely agree with Myron Rosmarin that the white chat head icon you are talking about is shows as a person's profile picture who don't have set their profile picture.

How do you put posts in cursive on facebook?

You can go to a website that converts normal writing to a fancy writing! I do that alot. The link is -for CRAZY WRITING - FOR BUBBLE WRITING
and finally:- - To put UPSIDE DOWN WRITING

Hint:- To read the text upside down turn your screen upside down (NOT HOLD IT AND TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN). Press Atl+Ctrl+Down Button= turn upside down
Press Alt+Ctrl+ Up Button= turn back normal!!
You can show off now and your friends will b amazed

Why can't I see my friend online in Facebook's Tetris Battle?

I think this is a situation which affects many of us who are playing the game. The challenge button is always greyed out, and you cannot find your friend 'live' even if both you and your friend are online. For me, I the 'live' button did not appear for any of my friends at all; I have also had other friends who are able to see the 'live' button at all times. What makes the difference in whether someone is able to see the 'live' button? Is it due to the network?

What do the icons on Facebook Messenger mean?

The icons used in Facebook Messenger let you know when your messages have been sent, delivered and read. They have been changing over the past few months, but as of writing, the current set used in the Android and iOS apps follows:A blue circle means your message is sendingA blue circle with a checkmark means your message has been sentA filled-in blue circle with a checkmark means your message has been deliveredA small version of your friend's photo will pop up below the message when they've read itThe time between your message is sending and your message has been sent should be brief - if it isn't, there might be a problem with your connection or with Facebook. Delivered may be the one you care about most - that means it's on your friend's device and your friend can read the message.Pro tip: if you tap message, you can see exactly what time it was seen by your friend. For example, before tapping on the message:After tapping on the message ("Were"):So I know that my message was seen right after I sent it at 1:03 AM. If you are sending a message to a group of friends, tapping the message will show you the names of the friends who have read it in additional to seeing their profile photo.A confusing past: the set of icons being used have changed over time. Just 2-3 months ago, this is what you would have seen instead:You'll notice that the same icon (an open blue circle) has been used to mean two different things!I can only imagine that the sent, delivered and read concepts have been difficult for the product's designers to convey to people, and as a result they have had to continue iterating to find a set that is intuitive and easy to understand. Here's hoping they've landed on a set that works!