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What Is This Worm With Half Circle/ Moon Head With Brown Lateral Stripe

What is this worm with half circle/ moon head with brown lateral stripe?

PLEASE HELP!!! Okay so I was walking outside in sweat pants and when I came back in I found this worm ON MY PANTS AND INSIDE MY PANTS!!! IT WAS ON ME!!! I am terrified of worms! Okay so this monster had this kinda flat half circle head. It had a dark stripe down its back. It was kinda greyish brown, and when it moved it secreted a shiny slimy goo (please note that these may not be reliable because I WAS FREAKING OUT). Finally, it was maybe 15 cm and kinda skinnyish
I would like to know some things about this guy:
Could he have infected me with a diseasE? Could he have planted egg babies in my legs/foot? Could he have laid eggs in my sheets/ bed (which I was sitting on when I found it)? Could it have infected and laid eggs in my dog? Is this worm parasitic or mean? Can it eat me or my dog? Do I need to exterminate stuff? WILL I BE OKAY???
Please help I am really scared.
(Please not I can not send pictures or verify what it looks like. I threw my pants outside and I'm not going to get them.

What is the best logo ever created? 'Best' being defined as a logo that is memorable and has a voice of its own.

Is that a golfer or the profile of a Spartan wearing a helmet?The ‘R’ forms a man riding a bicycle, the orange circle is the front wheel.The hand and leg enclosure forms the map of AustraliaTwo ‘F’s and a plane in the middleThe coffee froth forms the shape of the moon (with an eye)The face of a lion, the shape of a bird.The ‘C’s form the eyes of a catA fish made of code symbolsThe negative spaces between the legs form the buildings of the BronxIs it a hat or a cup?A reel or a scared face?BoundaryIs it a bear or a hand?Baskin Robbins has 31 flavours – check the ‘B’ & the ‘R’Sony VaioIs it a ‘g’ or a smiling face?The ‘C’ and the ‘o’ form a tyreAn eight made up of 8sEver noticed the arrow in the negative space between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’?The number ‘1’ can be seen between the white ‘F’ and the red wavesFrom ‘a’ to ‘z’, Amazon has it all…and a smile.The Guild of Food Writers logo shows a spoon between the nib of a fountain penLondon Symphony Orchestra – Do you see LSO or a conducter with a baton?The peacock in the NBC logo stands for color and pride.The ‘N’ is also a ‘W’ with an arrow pointing north-westIs it a tree or a chimp looking at a lioness?The chip forms the word SUN in all directionsEver noticed the bear between the mountain?One of the first commercially designed ambigram/reversible logos (1969) A plug, socket and an ‘E’ in the middle

What are the best ways to put gravel down over grass (without removing the grass) so that grass/weeds never grow back? I.e. What's the best/cheapest way to do it without removing the grass?

Lay down a double layer of the toughest, thickest landscaping fabric you can find: if you can tear it with your hands, you don't want it. Phone a good landscaper and ask them where you can buy the fabric that the pros use. When you are laying the fabric make as few slits as possible and overlap each seam by at least 3'/1 metre. If you don't have access to the fabric you can use leftover shingles. Make sure there are no gaps.If this is not going to be a driveway then use washed rock instead of 3/4" crush (gravel), and make sure it is as clean as you can find it. Weeds can gain purchase in sand and in small particles, and 3/4" crush is mostly sand these days, not gravel. Some of the quarries you don't have access to will probably have the best, cleanest washed rock, so ask a good bobcat/skidsteer contractor if they can get a hold of really clean washed rock. Ask if they can get you a sample before you agree to use their services for anything.Have the bobcat spread out the gravel evenly, then rake it smooth by hand. You need 4-6" minimum thickness to prevent the sun from penetrating down to soil and starting weed growth. 8-12" deep is better.If this is going to be a driveway or a compacted surface where heavy wheeled objects move back and forth on, then use washed rock combined 50/50 with 3/4" crush (gravel). Have the bobcat operator mix the two or put down the washed rock first.Have the bobcat spread out the gravel evenly, then rake it smooth by hand. You need 4-6" minimum thickness to prevent the sun from penetrating down to soil and starting weed growth. 8-12" deep is better. Pack the gravel down with a tamper for every 4-6" of gravel laid. Go over the entire area with 4-5 passes before putting down more gravel.After you're done, take care that topsoil or sand never get dumped on the gravel, as these finer particles will trickle into the gravel and create a substrate for weeds to grow. Don't let snow removal companies dump on your gravel either, the snow contains particulates and sand that will seep into the gravel when the water melts.