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What Is To Soulja Boy Or Souljaboy

THE Most Annoying Soulja Boy Song Yet??

i listened to the first 20 secs and had to go puke.....
in his other songs, Soulja Boy looks like he's 10
all of his songs are stupid

Soulja Boy SEXIST?

the only thing is when he said
"Super soak that ho"..that's the only thing. meaning put boy's fluid on a girl. that's kinda sexist right there i LOVE the song, and i don't see why people think it is so dumb and stupid because it's really not. They don't banned it at my school, it was a talent show at my school, and girls perform in front of 10 teachers and over 200 students lol

Is Soulja Boy a christian song??

am i the only person who realized he's joking? haaaa

Who is Soulja Boy, and what the heck is that dance?

1 you move youe arms and stamp you finger
2 do the hill toe with you feet
3 you jump for side to side

and that how you crack that watche yooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu

Crank Dat Soulja Boy video?

A) They didn't have the permission to use the symbols (which are most likely trademarked) in the video

B) The owner of the symbols didn't want them associated with Souljah Boy

C) The network playing the video requires all logos to pay for advertising, and they refused to, so they appear blurred.

Is Snoop Dogg Soulja Boy's Uncle ?

No Snoop Dogg is not Soulja Boy's uncle. Snoop Dogg calls everyone younger than him his nephew, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow, to name a few.

Do Soulja Boy's fans exist?

Soulja Boy is a genius, and the chief manifestation of his genius is his ability to solve problems that most people don’t even realize they have. He’s naturally intelligent and charismatic, and I have no doubt that if he’d picked up programming instead of music you’d be reading this on a SouljaPhone or SouljaPad right now.Like any visionary, he’s a charming mixture of hustler and huckster, and for every successful idea he’s had, there have been several that have tanked. A perusal of the past decade in Soulja Boy reveals a roadmap for any musician who wants to make money after the Internet sent the music industry as we know it into a tailspin. One of hip-hop’s greatest trolls, he’s beefed with everyone from the entire U.S. Army to Ice-T, and once claimed to have made his most famous song, “Crank Dat,” in 10 minutes. He worked with Lil B, Odd Future, Chief Keef, Riff Raff, and Migos way before they were big, and he worked with Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Andrew W.K. well after they were household names. As we look back at the past decade in rap’s various microgenres—ringtone rap, bop music, cloud rap, trap rap, Vine rap, and perhaps half a dozen others—it seems as if many of them sprang directly forth from Soulja Boy’s ribs. “Every young n—ga that come into the game, you can ask him, ‘Who did this shit first?’ And they’ll say, ‘Soulja boy,” he says. “Period.’”"I’M A LEGEND, MAN."Know more: Soulja Boy Net Worth

Why is Soulja Boy being sued by Nintendo?

If you look at some of the advertisements on his so-called “Soulja” systems, he has claimed that the consoles can run various Nintendo hardware and titles.This includes, but isn’t limited to, 3DS and DS titles, and newly released games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.From his websiteAs you can see in the corner, it says that the game is sold separately. That is all true. However, Ultimate is only designed to play on Switch. Additionally, this particular console supposedly plays 3DS, DS, GBA, and other consoles’ titles. However, it’s literally just a cheap emulator you can buy on AliExpress for a fraction that Soulja Boy’s website listed it as. It’s Nintendo’s property and as we know, Nintendo keeps a tight grip on their titles and characters. It’s a violation of Nintendo’s copyright and Nintendo isn’t afraid to sue in order to keep things under lock and key.Soulja Boy has since removed gaming consoles from his website and now it links to the Nintendo 3DS online store. Nintendo hasn’t actually sued Soulja Boy yet, most likely because the website has changed. His whole website was just a drop shipping scheme anyway.Nintendo has way more power, money, and influence than a washed up rapper, and they’re going to protect their interests at all costs.

Is soulja boy the nephew of snoop dogg?

No, Snoop calls everyone his nephew now because he wants people to stop saying N*gga