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What Is Wrong With Me How Do I Get Help

What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me?
I think that I might be bipolar or schizophrenic, but self-diagnosis/diagnosis over the internet is not reliable. Yet, I still what to know what you guys think about my predicament. I am a 17-year-old female.

List of things that I don't think are normal:
1. I space out during the middle of conversations and completely forget what was going on and what we were talking about.
2. My vision often goes blurry when I am trying to focus, as if it is trying to prevent me from focusing.
3. I have the hardest time focusing; I always have a million things going on in my head (racing thoughts)
4. Throughout the day, I have a tendency to envision people dying either by my own hands or by excessively violent means. Sometimes, I will stand in the kitchen while holding things like knifes and I will imagine myself using them to inflict pain. When I realize what I was doing, I always stop and walk away. The sad thing is that I often envision myself slitting my family member's necks and letting them drip dry.
5. I get giant mood swings all day. I'll go from super depressed to unusually ecstatic/hyper
6. When I am home alone, I often get spouts of random anger and I'll scream profanities at the top of my lungs like, "F**k this sh**!" or "What the f**k?"
7. Also, when get anger spouts, I have a tendency to break or thrash things.
8. My sexual drive is insane: I will go from never wanting to have sex to suddenly craving it like an addiction. This happens usually throughout the week, every week.
9. I have had really bad depression in the past and I have attempted suicide once. My depression, which still comes and goes, lasted from 6th grade to 9th grade.
10. I rarely ever socialize. I prefer spending time alone because people irritate me to no end. I have probably spent a total of 1 year on the computer, if I was to add up my excessive usage.
11. I never had a set sleeping pattern. It is all over the place.
12. I often have terrible headaches that prevent me from functioning normally.
13. I almost always tear up when I talk to people, but I don't feel sad.
14. I constantly want to abandon everything in my life right now like my family, pets, school, books, etc and retreat into the wild but then, suddenly, I love the security of living in my room and spending time alone.

Is there something wrong with me...?

What is wrong with me? PLEASE HELP *READ*?

Before I start, I do NOT want nasty comments. I am at CAMHS, I am sick of being labelled as 'autistic', I was given the diagnosis of de clerambault syndrome which is an obvious misdiagnosis. I am 16 years old, I can not go into everything what has happened in my life. I am lacking social contact; I am not able to talk to my psychiatrist since she has discharged me, my mental health specialist sees me once every fortnight and he doesn't allow me in a room with him without my dad being present due to my proclaimed 'erotomania'. I have been bullied (although I do not like using that term due to the fact that it sounds as though I am victimising myself). I have told my mental health specialist that I was being ridiculed at school and I was told to kill myself because I was a "psychopath", my mom passed away from cancer last year and when I was at school I was told that she deserved to die. Thank God I am doing work at home for the last few months 'till GCSEs. Anyway, getting to the point... I'm not sure what I want, I don't know what I want in general. I'm scared of people leaving my life, like my mental health specialist leaving me, we have gotten close and I am petrified of him leaving me just like everyone else has. I tell people one thing and mean the other, then I tell people to "f**k off and get out of my life" and I don't mean it. My mind keeps changing all the time, one minute I love people, then I hate them. It's like subconsciously I want myself to suffer...

What's wrong with me? I need

Ok well, I'm 13, and I get parinoied, and i freak out about everything, When I was little my birth mom died, but before she died, she told me what a global inquire was( I forgot) and she got a little better the next day, so now when ever something bad is happening I always say Global inquire, I also hate hot pink, I get extreamly nausush around hot pink food, I also hear my name getting called when I'm in a noisy place and I get freaked out, I also have a fear of opening a door, for the fear of getting shot. So can some one please help me and tell me what's wrong with me

Girls docters ! help ! what wrong with me scared?

Girls docters help !! what wrong with me ?
i am 14 years old any i have been having realy painfull boobs
they hurt when i touch then or wen i lay on them or any thing what could it be please help and i am not pregnat and dont have senstive boobs so what else could it be help plz xx

from amy xx

Is it wrong for me to help someone when they want me to leave them alone?

Yes. Full stop. Period. The idea that you CAN "help" someone who does NOT WANT whatever YOU are offering to them -- would be funny if it were not so common.I was instructed as to the "First Law" of giving feedback shortly after I violated it: "Don't ever give someone *unwanted* feedback, believing this can *help*."Think about basic respect. If I TELL YOU NO, and you are willing to run over that, haven't you basically forfeited any right -- say of courtesy, or respect, to come back towards you?Ok, since there are no absolutes, what are the limiting cases?** dependent, child, or elderly with assigned power of attorney, anyone a no is clearly in your care: for example, you take in a traveler, are responsible for keeping them safe, at least alive, while on your care.** emergency/disaster scenario: the lives of yourself and others are clearly put at risk if this person's suggests are followed."The lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few" ... And physical damage which van be avoided or ameliorated by damaging/over-running somebody else's sensitive feelings.Which brings us to the main point of this exercise: in general, "What is more conscious controls what is less conscious." [ Think "the hand wields the hammer." Consider why the mongoose with the added neocortex brain ALWAYS wins against the cobra with only its reptile brain to guide it. ]Unless the situation really is dire and immediate and you actually perceive NO other options ... there is almost always SOMETHING that can be said/done/ pointedly suggested, in the language said person can understand, to get their a attention, and move them in the smarter, better direction, if you feel so called to do so.The more intelligence, the more empathetic understanding, the less need there is for any violent intervention at all.The Tao teaches that in the very best situations, the vast majority of people feel like they came to the right solution, by happy coincidence, and claim, "We did it ourselves!" - congrAtulating themselves in their good "luck" while completely oblivious to all that went in to this "behind-the-scenes"... Yes?

What is wrong with me, why do I like to hurt animals?

It is most likely a power/control/dominance thing. You should probably consider seeing a psychologist if only for awhile to get guidance for your problem. I think more people deal with this issue than are willing to admit and it's fairly common, but the biggest thing to remember is that you can control yourself and any urges you have.

I would definitely recommend consulting a practiced psychologist and see if they can help you work through any of the underlying reasons causing your problem. (Personally, I recommend avoiding any drugs because they have the potential to negatively affect you or become habit forming. This is something going on in YOUR mind, it's within your power to take control and stop this behavior. It's not easy, but nothing good ever does come easy.)

Best of luck with your problem!

Mental heath? help me please. i dont know whats wrong.?

Um, what is wrong with me i guess i'll try to describe it too you.

well, I hear people say my name "carli" and sometimes i hear screams or cries or laughing or something.
I hear doorbells, and every time a car goes pass my house i feel like they're watching me.
sometimes i see like my mom or dads or brother's car get ready to pull up in the driveway i wait but then i guess i was just imagining it cause nothing is there.
I hate mirrors at night and i feel like people are in them.
i zone out a lot and wont blink, i say random stuff and have weird fantasies. i overreact about everything and extremely emotional i cry a lot to. and at funerals or news of someones death i laugh, i cant help it i laugh hysterical. and i feel horrible about it. I'm a fourteen year old girl.if that helps anything. and sometimes i get little voices inside my head telling me to do things that i dont wanna. but i do it anyways. HELP PLEASE.

Somethings really wrong and one one bellieve me please help im about to kill myself?

Ok im 16 and for the past 9 months iv had these symptoms that have been driving me nuts and no one believes anythings wrong with me

1)I have like Tics like my body parts are jerking like Tics it happens like 90 times a day but there not violent so no one really sees them
2)The inside of my body feels really shakey like my muscles want to jump out of my skin
3)if i put one finger down on a table or something the rest of my fingers jerk
4)I have alot of muscle twitchs like falastions or whatever there called
5)My feet tend to go numb and/or get pins and needles really easily but then i change my postion and it goes away
6)Sometimes my neck feels stiff and hurts
7)I always feel i tired

Iv been to a neroligost and he did some basic test and said i look no one believe anythings wrong with me...and i cant stand this anymore

What could this be

I keep asking this question and all i get is 3 answers saying go see another Docter...I cant my parents wont let me..please