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What Is Wrong With My Shoulder

Slept on my shoulder wrong?


Warm up your shoulder muscles and get them mobile and aligned correctly. Try these

Pendulum exercises

Shoulder Pain Stretches & Exercises

Then self massage. Here are some videos.

Various arm/shoulder positions can pinch nerves and blood supply, causing stiffness and pain. In this video, physical therapists show what sleeping positions to avoid, and demonstrate proper ones.

I hope this helps and you get better.

Slept On My Shoulder Wrong Now It Hurts?

So I usually sleep on my right side, but every now and then I'll hurt my right shoulder after I wake up it will hurt. Im guessing that its cause I've been sleeping on it wrong. The pain usually goes away after a few hours but now its been hurting for two days. I tried sleeping on my back, but cant get to sleep that way so I always turn on my side. Ive tried Icy Hot, other creams like that, and putting ice on it but nothing helps. What should I do?

What is wrong with my shoulder?

well for awhile (it's been so long I can't remember how long it's been like this) my right shoulder has been injured. the cause of this is probably from lifting weights or wrestling. the main symptom i have is the pain and inability i have when trying to perform a back scratch from the bottom or in other words reaching back to scratch my back but not from the top ( primarily hurts the most when trying to scratch my upper back ) I'm trying to figure out what is wrong.

What could be wrong with my shoulder?

Why not see a doc if it bothers you?It could a bursitisa tendinitisa capsulitis (inflammation of the shoulder joint capsule)an arthritis of the shoulder jointeven a rotator cuff rupture., a rupture in the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle

Shoulder pain from sleeping wrong.?

If it is the result of sleeping in a strange position, it will resolve within the day.

It it persist pass that time without abating or getting worse, in terms of discomfort, then, you may have something to seek medical attention about.

What could be wrong with my shoulder? Feels loose and pops.?

I work out on a regular basis, and one time (maybe two months ago) I noticed that when I did a push-up, my right shoulder felt like it was grinding and popping on my way down and back up. I know now that I had bad push-up form and have since fixed it. (I had my hands out too wide while doing the push-up.) However, I have had issues with the same shoulder ever since. I do some heavy lifting and other movements that require shoulder use and I notice significant pain/discomfort afterwards (obviously I know now that I should take a break from those).

My question, though, is: does anyone know why I could be feeling this discomfort? It is almost entirely in my right shoulder, and my shoulder feels loose and has an annoying pain as if someone is pulling down on my arm. I have a weird talent where I can pop both shoulders out of place so I'm wondering if that has made the situation worse or if I have loose shoulder joints or something...which I'm sure isn't even a thing. I read somewhere that it could be a torn or injured rotator cuff but I'm not sure. I just wanted some opinions before I go see any type of doctor (aka please do not just tell me to see a doctor -- just seeking ideas). Thanks!

I slept on my shoulder wrong, anyway to fix it?

Put a hot water bag on there, rub some balm on or take a warm shower. You just have a sprain from bad posture. Sort of like a stiff neck. It's nothing to worry about and trying to stretch it can pull ligaments and make it worse, so just leave it right there and you'll be fine by next morning.

My shoulder is killing me what's wrong!!!?

There are a number of things that can cause shoulder pain such as rotator cuff disorders, joint degeneration, repetitive use injuries, and repeated overhead motions.

Here are some home remedies for shoulder pain:

1. Heat and cold Therapy

Apply ice packs to your shoulder for at least 30 minutes. Then warm the area with hot compression bags for 15 minutes. Continue the process for at least an hour. Heat therapy is for muscles that are tense or cramped due to fatigue, injury or tension. The heat increases blood flow, which helps the muscles to relax and heal faster. While cold therapy can be used to reduce inflammation and swelling.

2. Sleeping Posture

Take care while sleeping. Using the right pillow while sleeping on the back. Always sleep to your sides with one or both knees brought up well with head and shoulder slightly forward.

3. Massage

Massaging the affected area with biofreeze. Massage therapy can improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation, muscle tension, spasm and pain. BIOFREEZE is natural analgesic pain that helps in the relief of back pain, arthritis pain, muscle strain neck pain and other aches and pains.

4. Take an anti-inflammatory such as Aspirin, ibuprofen

Anti-inflammatory and pain medications are used to relieve pain and stiffness your muscles.

It is important that you consult your doctor if the pain is unbearable or constantly bothering you.

What is wrong with my husband's shoulder? He has a dull pain continuously.

As a doctor, i can tell you it is really hard to make a diagnosis without a proper physical examination. TAKE YOUR HUSBAND TO A DOCTOR!

What is wrong with my left shoulder of which I’ve attached the link to MRI scan?

Ms. Oldfield,Don’t be surprised that all I could find was one coronal MRI slice of a Cervical Spine or Soft tissue neck study with a yellow grease pencil mark oriented to point out one of muscles in the area of the left scapula.Your reproduction of this image is, politely put, suboptimal. Also, in real life, unlike popular medical magazine quizzes and reviews, a single image from a series of tomographic images is RARELY SUFFICIENT!No Radiologist would be foolish enough to give you an answer, aside from perhaps an educated guess. Do you really want guesses? Guesses from strangers on the internet whose credentials have not been verified?If not, see the Physician who ordered this MRI on you.