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What Is Wrong With The Black Girl

What is wrong with some of these mixed Black girls?

no offense but mixed race people are more exotic cause they have stuff from both worlds. now im not mixed or anything, but when you grow up not having a huge high self esteem, you eventually hit the point where you realize that you actually dont have it so bad.

when you find out what you have going for you, you start to embrace it. like me for example, Im mexican but look white and i have green/blue eyes(some say theyre blue, me and my dad find them to be green) and i never paid much attention to it. but then i started to observe eye colors and well...i dont take them for granted

so theyre probably stuck up cause they embraced the fact that theyre mixed and have what other regular black girls may not have

Is it wrong to be black and not "like" black girls?

I'm simply not attracted to black girls a whole lot. I'm 17 and I grew up mostly around black girls and they never took an interest in me. They (not all, but a lot) took interest in the thugs and the guys who had no future. Guys like me who didn't act ghetto were labeled as "nerds" and I never really got any attention from them. As I got older, I started to get less and less attracted to them because of a lot of different things. For example, a lot (again, I don't want to generalize so I'm not saying all) of them have bad attitudes, are loud, and act masculine which is unattractive to me. I know that there are very good black women like my mom and other women in my family, but I'm still not really interested in black women a whole lot. I like Hispanic and white girls a lot, they are the most attractive to me. I know this might sound weird but I also want mixed kids. Is it bad to not be attracted to the women in your own race?

Why do other races refuse to date black girls what is wrong with us?

for me i dont think anything is wrong with dating a black or other races but as an armenian i see the plp around that r too different in doing everything like for me i do talk to different races of guys in my class as friends and i could see that blacks or hipanics and such and such r flirting and as i could see that i cant be with them cuz we dont share the same interest its just we are all human and we do the same things we r born the same way we breathe we cry we laugh and cry but its just different when it comes to personality i dont think i can ever get along with a different race guy even though i can fall in love with them but i cant live with them i cant get married to them or have a family its just sometimes it happens for blacks being married with white plp and i see that a lot in my neihgborhood and my school that they r togheter but that kind of a relationships i always heard that it dont last and for me i am waiting for the right guy i am 16 and i never had bf and i dont want to talk to someone just for fun i am willing to wait for the right guy that i could be with and be in a relationship and get married and stay forever togehter but for other races or other plp like my race will talk to guys will go out with them and than break up with them but y waste time when u might lose that special someone that might of been urs at that time so i think u should wait because nothing is wrong with any of the grls of different races or the guys its just everyone has one soulmate in this world and thats it u might find them than lose tham or keep them forever or u might not even find them cuz u might be with the wrong person so i would seggest u to wait how old r u anyways? r u young then there is still time a lot of time it dousnt matter if ur older its ur destiny if its ment to be that way than it will be if its ment for u too get married at early age or late age u will. dont worry too much everything will be fine. best of luck!

What's wrong with being a black woman?

So I've noticed that there has been a lot of hatred towards black woman lately. It seems like when ever the topic race comes up, specifically interracial relationships, black women are the least desirable because they are considered the least attractive. I'm pretty sure the stereotype of black women being ghetto, dumb, dirty, ugly and etc. plays a main factor in why guys show no interest in them but I don't think one should judge off of what they heard because not all black women are like that. Yea there are some who fits that stereotype and I know some guys don't like them because of having bad experiences with them and that's okay but a lot of people act like ugly people are black. I've seen some ugly whites/asian/latinos and so on (I'm not racist btw) so I really don't know why people would even think that. I also know that not everyone is like this, there are spanish, asian, white and other guys from different races that LOVE black women but it seems like everyday more and more people just give in to this stereotype.

I've even seen black men themselves say that they don't date their own like they seem disgusted by them and it's like really though? They're the same race. As soon as black men become famous they marry some white or hispanic chick and just forget that black women existed. People seem to get the words preference and racism mixed up like if I was to say I don't date white men I would come of as a racist to some people. You can have a preference of who you date and who you don't date because of so and so but when you decide not to date a black women just because their black, that's when racism comes in because it shouldn't be about race, it should be about personality but that's how it is. Most of the guys who don't date black women don't even have a good reason for not dating them, they just have this automatic dislike towards them. Now if I was to bring up white/asian/latino women, most guys would be like "oh yea they're hot"or ÿea that's wifey material" but when black women are the topic, all this negativity comes out. Once again I REPEAT, I know that not everyone is like this, I'm just bringing this up because this seems to be a growing issue. I just want your guys opinion on this whole situation. Do you agree or not and what's your opinion on this?

Btw, I am proud of who I am just so you guys know incase you might think otherwise from the title of this.

What's wrong with a Black girl and a White boy dating?

Okay so me and my current boyfriend have know eachother for two years and became the best of friends with in months after meeting. I began to develop feelings for him in the beginning of our friendship but i kept it to myself and he had no idea. He dated two girls while we were just friends and i dated one guy. But he was still always there for me. I would go over his house and me and his mom are friends. He has also met my mom and sisters while we were only friends and they took a liking to him also. It was not until the end of May that we finally told eachother how we really felt. We both are truly inlove. Our relationship is still like our friendship but now we are even closer and have a stronger bond. We have a lot in common but there is just one difference. I'm black, mexican, and samoan and he is white (white-blonde hair and blue eyes). People never made a fuss about us being very good friends. Our moms and even at school, people would ask us if we were dating. But now that we are actually dating everyone and I mean EVERYONE looks at us weird, whispers when we walk by holding hands, and make fun of us behind our backs. Our moms and siblings don't care about our race difference but everyone else does. It's quite annoying. We can't go anywhere without people staring us down. My only uncle makes a big deal about it and says stupid things. He's prejudice against white people. He thinks i should be with a black guy but he only dates mexican and asain women!! I don't get it! Why is it such a big deal that a mixed girl and a white boy are dating? What are your views on this?? I really want to know what others feel about this situation! I'm perfectly happy with my boyfriend but I just really wonder why people find it weird that i'm dating a white guy!

Black women, what's wrong with your natural hair?

I agree with everyone who has said it's a media influence. Think about it...if the media had more actresses, singers, etc. with natural hair, I guarantee you would see more natural hair out on the street. No one likes to admit it, but to an extent we are all conformers. Everyone wants to feel as though they're a part of society. Take the 1970's for example...with "Say it Loud! I'm black and I'm proud." Even non-black people were buying wigs and weaves to have the "nappy" look.

I am a black girl and I've just recently been wearing my natural hair since I've been in college. I did my big chop back in middle school after my hair was damaged with a relaxer, and I was frequently made fun of because I was wearing it natural. Granted, I wasn't as educated in natural hair back then as I am now but looking back I realize that my hair looked better than most black girls who had short half "nappy" half "straight hair" that was obviously damaged and it looked ten times better than the people who would wear the same tired weave over and over again just to have "the look"

I finally got to the point where I felt like I was trying to be something that I wasn't. I'd literally stay home from school if something came up where my mom didn't have time to do my hair to avoid the taunts and the glares from certain uneducated people who didn't understand my natural beauty. Looking back at pictures of myself with a relaxer and with various fake ponytails and wigs, I realized that I was hiding from my true self. I am all for natural beauty and I feel so much more comfortable now that I am in my own skin. I wish more women of various cultural backgrounds would realize that they are beautiful the way they are and not spend thousands of dollars buying into media standards that change and become more intensely ridiculous with time. I urge you to do your research and find out what's in the products that you use to alter your hair and to read up on where "human" hair really comes from.

That is all...

What's wrong with black women....asian men?

To add another dimension to your question, I've read questions that ask why black men are okay to dating outside their race, but black women are not. Instead, they apparently just yell at "their" men and call them traitors for not sticking to their own race. I've given them another perspective, like maybe we do want to but we are afraid that the other races will reject us, especially since we've heard stuff about how bitchy and trashy and rude we are from other races. (Really? You won't date me because of those "video ho's" on music videos? Thanks much...)

But back to your original question...I think those who don't date outside of their race, or those who won't date black people, are trying to "preserve their culture" as best as they can. Getting with a white person doesn't necessarily do that, but hey, at least it's better than marrying some "ghetto" girl from the street. Truth is, the media portrays us as...well, you see. And then there are some idiots who prove the stereotypes by not daring to exhibit intelligence. So the Asians who don't date blacks are appalled.
This is just my theory here...because I am not Asian. And even though I have plenty of Asian friends, I've never bothered to ask them about their strict cultures. They usually explain it away with "It's an Asian thing," which I guess means they just don't want to go into it because it's so different that they're afraid I'd ridicule them or something. Anyway, it would be interesting to hear what an actual Asian guy thinks.

Don't be afraid, and look for the Asian men who like black women...believe me, it definitely does happen. In fact, anything goes nowadays.