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What Is Your Favorite Junk Food

What is your dogs favorite junk food?

Animal crackers. Those are his dog treats. Fewer preservatives, more healthy for him than traditional treats or rawhide (which he will never get).Our dog will run to the “cookie jar” if he hears the word “cookie” or “cracker” and will usually herd us to the jar if he thinks he can guilt one out of us. He gets them as treats for going out and trading for things he isn’t supposed to have.

Your favorite junk food?

What are your favorite junk foods/food that you like to splurge on every once in a while? Mine are:
-Anything from Wendy's
-mint chocolate chip ice cream
-Good Time's wild fries w/ dipping sauce
-chocolate chip cookies
-sour cream and onion chips
-latte's and frappachinos from Starbucks
-fried chicken

Favorite junk food?

Chips= Lays Salt & Vinegar
Cookies= Dare Ultimate Fudge
Chocolate= Crunchie & Aero
Candy= Cherry Blasters
Cereal= Vanilla Rice Krispies
Soda= Cream Soda
Snack= cereal

Teens: What your favorite junk food?

Ooo, well I try to eat healthy. I hate fried foods but I love:

Cheese itz
Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies (hard on the outside warm and gooey in the middle :P)
Pretzels (the chips and the ones from the mall)
Vanilla Cake
I dunno if its junk... But Smoothies
Gummy Snacks
Sprite. Orange Crush

What are women's favorite junk food?

There are so many things out there!!!I can’t speak for all women, but personally, my number one junk food consists of anything fried:Your classic French Fries (I also love hash browns and tater tots!) that come in all shapes and forms. I guess I just like potatoes.Those impossible-to-put-down potato chips! Even Pringles… Am I that desperate? Yep, I definitely love potatoes.Fried Mushrooms! <3Cheese Sticks!! Haven’t had this in ages.Dare I include…. Fried (Tempura) Ice Cream??The Indian snack food sev also pops up!Frying foods is banned in my kitchen and I rarely eat out so to me, these are the real junk food items to be had! If given the chance, like if I’m at a buffet, I go for the fried foods.Although I do agree that ice cream (Talenti Gelato, please - and unique flavors are always loved) and chocolate are very much at the top of that list, I eat them more than I’d like to divulge. Plus, I prefer my chocolate dark - that means it borders on healthy and beneficial when eaten in reasonable amounts. Does it still count as junk food?I also really, really like pizza. I seriously like pizza.I also really like macaroni and cheese. Real cheese, please. None of that instant mix.I’ve heard about the mac-n-cheese pizza. I wonder how I’d like it? Might as well sprinkle on some potato chips while I’m at it.…It’s called junk food for a reason.

What is your favorite vegan junk food?

Vego Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. So many calories but so delicious.

What's your favorite vegan junk food?

"What's your favorite vegan junk food?"

I'm not a vegan, but my favorite junk food if you will is my own homemade blueberry pie.

What is your favourite junk food for now?

My problem is that ‘junk food’ is not defined. We rarely know what the questioner means.I’ll copy this quote from Wikipedia:Junk food is a pejorative term for food containing high levels of calories from sugar or fat with little fibre, protein, vitamins or minerals. Junk food can also refer to high protein food like meat prepared with saturated fat. Food from many hamburger outlets, pizza and fried chicken outlets is often considered as junk food.WikipediaAnd it is a fairly meaningless definition for it fails to mention time period and we can and do intake disproportionate levels of this, that and the other and it all works out over time as a reasonable diet.There’s a lot of leeway. There’s a lot of flexibility in the human organism.So I think most of the debate, the discussion, the billion dollar industry, is nonsense.Enough of that. You would go with the herd and say that hamburgers are ‘junk food’ ?In that case that’s my favourite junk food and has been for years. And will be. And, need I say it… I strongly dispute that it is in fact a junk food.Rather, those that label it such are guilty of junk cogitation.:)p.s. that’s a home made aussie burger…..