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What Is Your Favorite Movie That Is Based On True Events

What is your favourite movie based on a true event from history?

My choice may be a bit ironic, considering its “historical” roots are actually pretty modern — and my choice is none other than The Social Network; as directed by David Fincher, based on the screenplay written by the legendary Aaron Sorkin.Before I continue further, I feel the need to point out that, in terms of historical or factual accuracy, the film takes a lot of artistic liberties with the source material. Aaron Sorkin even admitted as much when interviewed, claiming he was more interested in writing a compelling drama; using the book titled The Accidental Billionaires authored by Ben Menzrich as a guide.Regardless, the film is well-written, directed well, with incredible performances from the entire cast. Not only that, I think the film does an incredible job of deconstructing the environment that allowed an intellectual property like Facebook to explode unto the scene when it launched in the early 2000’s; as well as having a finger on the pulse of college communities like the fraternity landscape that inspired its creation.It’s also a brilliant exploration of the human condition about the individual’s desire — especially if they are not popular — to be recognized and being part of a group; and the measures a very lonely person might take to make that a reality, as the fictional Mark Zuckerberg portrayed by Jessie Eisenberg would be shown doing — and losing true friends in the process.

Which is your favorite horror movie based on a true story?

The Conjuring 1 and 2 (the story and Lorraine and Ed Warren-demonologist and paranormal experts)The Exorcist (based on real life of a boy named Roland Doe who was possessed by demons in 1949)The Exorcism of Emily Rose (but the real name of the girl is Anneliese Michel)The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (based on America's famous serial killer Ed Gein)The Haunting in ConnecticutThe Blair Witch ProjectThe Hills Have EyesA Nightmare on Elm Street (the makers of this movie were inspired by a group of Laotian refugees who had died in throes of a nightmare)Child’s Play (based on a nurse who allegedly put a voodoo curse on author Robert Eugene Otto which transformed one of his childhood dolls into a night-time menace)The Amityville Horror (you already know the story!)Psycho (based on Ed Gein’s crimes)The Girl Next Door (based on what is said to be the most terrible crime of Indiana state)The Rite (based on the life of one of the most famous exorcists of America, Father Gary Thomas)Borderland (based on a real cult leader Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo)The StrangersThe EntityThe Possession ( based on the real haunted dybukk box story)Deliver Us From EvilEaten AliveCurse of the ZodiacSilent HouseAnnabelleWolf Creek

Is the Movie Astronaut Farmer Based on Real Events?

Is the movie Astronaut Farmer based on real events? I was sure that one of the early previews for this movie said that it was based on actual events. I even remember hearing about someone building their own rocket to get into space years ago. At the end of the movie, during the credits, they show a picture of Billy Bob Thorton shaking the hand of a man not in the movie. Is this mystery man the actual Charles Farmer? I've tried to research this on my own but I have come up short - does anyone have any archives on file that I could take a peek at?

The movie, Teenage Dirtbag, is based on true events. Does anyone know the story or who it is about?

There isn't much listed
\TEENAGE DIRTBAG intelligently tells the story of a popular high school cheerleader (Noa Hegesh) who is harassed by a delinquent classmate (Scott Michael Foster) until they are both placed in the same creative writing class. Through written words, they develop a strong bond of trust, companionship and love; but sadly not a bond that can withstand her elitist social pressures or his brutal home life.

This film is based on a true story.

also it is directed and written by Regina Crosby

Was the movie American History X based on true events?



Is the movie Dragonfly based on a true story?

No, it does not appear to be based on a true story--not according to IMDb.

What is a movie based on a true story and is really good?

Every movie based on a true story inspires in you in one or the other way. I had goosebumps while watching every and every movie i have listed below.What these movies have taught me over these years.PASSION - It is the thing that drives you in life and makes you go all the way. It's worth dying for one's passion ,if you die trying to achieve it. Life without a passion for something is worthless.Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.FAILURE- You have to face it someday,nobody escapes from it.Even the biggest , greatest and the mightiest ones have failed, so don't be surprised if you fail. what matters is how you fight back and how long can you fight back .HOPE- "Hope is a good thing ,maybe the best of the things and no good thing ever dies." ( The Shawshank Redemption). Never lose hope even in the toughest of the situation, you never know when the odds might be in your favor,but one thing is for sure if hope is lost everything is lost.Be Yourself,Follow your Heart- Getting inspired is one thing and copying is other, Never ever copy ,this is one of the thing that you will regret in the later part of your life when you look back at the past what you could have done and achieved by just being yourself and following your heart.TRUST- Choose carefully people whom you can trust and never leave their their side. Because they are the ones who will matter when the whole world is against you.October Sky (1999)A Beautiful Mind (2001)The Basketball Diaries (1995)The Social Network (2010)Catch Me If You Can (2002)The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)Coach Carter (2005)The Fighter (2010)Moneyball (2011)I am not a writer or something, the reason for such a poor write-up. This is just my first attempt of writing. I am a movie buff that's what made me to write this post.