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What Is Your Opinion Of Girlwriteswhat

Do men have respect for such a guilt ridden GirlWritesWhat?

I don't think most men would respect her for throwing her own gender under the bus. MRAs love her though. She hates women almost as much as they do.

She's a domestic violence apologist and she defends men who say they wouldn't rescue a 4 year old little girl from drowning because she might grow up to become a feminist. GWW is a female misogynist...whom you seem to think is "quite reasonable." That doesn't make you look very good.

The commenter named Zed is the person she is defending.

This is the comment she defended:
"So, what if she grows up to be another Amanda Marcunt, or Jessica Valenti, or Betty Friedan? Do we think it is worth a man giving his own life to save the life of a woman who will spend it being totally destructive?"

Do you honestly think most men would respect her for defending someone who would let a 4 year old little girl drown because she might grow up to be a feminist? Seriously?

Notice how she completely straw mans what he actually said in order to make it seem like he isn't singling out little girls for drowning...only children he doesn't know, eventhough he made it quite clear it was because it was a girl child and that a man is worth too much to sacrifice for a female.

She went beyond DV apology on this one and went right to supporting discrimination against girl children, to the point of letting them drown to death, specifically because they are female and no other reason.

@at large
Those manboobz articles provide direct links to what she said and to what Paul Elam's mentor said, so exactly how is that not credible? Click the links and you'll find the actual context and proof.

What are your opinions on this?

I was almost brought to tears by your description. Something about it really hit my nostalgia nerve and brought back emotions from my own youth (roughly 15 years ago).All of my first 'experiences' were in public places. I did far worse than what you guys have done in places like a park bench, an alley, a construction site, etc. On several occasions people walked up on us! No biggie though, adults just figure it's kids being kids. Except the one time we were in someone's back yard... they chased us off. In fact, I've made out publicly recently. I live in a city now so you can do whatever you want and other people don't care - much different than my suburban upbringing.Anyway, the point is you did nothing wrong. Just make sure you're happy with the pace of things with this guy. You have the power to slow him down, but you have to be confident enough to say something. This is very important.As long as you're both happy with the pace of your growing affections, feels free to do those things and more wherever the hell you feel like. It's not like you guys have your own apartments. If you're parents don't want to invite him over so you guys can make out all day on the couch, then take to the streets (or park bench!) and do your business there.

When a girl asks, "What do you think of me?”, what does she mean?

Great question:She wants to known if you think she is attractive, intelligent, kind, loving, humorous, energetic, adventurous, common sense, clean, organized, strong-willed, protective, loyal, considerate, sexy (age issue), and most importantly is she a suitable Mate or possible permanent LifeMate/SoulMate (age issue).And, whether or not you will likely pursue her for the above purposes.The above is the nutshell concept sense Females are vastly more complex than US Guys:)

What's your personal opinion about being in a relationship?

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. Life is about living alone because the moment you have a habbit of being alone you confind yourself to many things. Relationship is something which keeps you busy in terms of everything be it traveling, studies, career etc. You just have to find a right partner or you make a person right by spending time together. Relationship motivates you think for others( I mean your partner ) . Everyone in life is looking for a good and healthy relationships but it depends when you will get it. But yes relationship is a good thing and everyone should go for it.

What answer when someone (a girl) ask you "Tell me something interesting about you"?

This question is an opportunity for you to shine. Answer with what you are interested in and what you enjoy, not with what you think somebody else would find interesting about you. Share your passion! What sparks you? What lights you up? There must be something. It's about what makes you come alive, not about you reading the other person's mind and trying to figure out what she would be interested in hearing.If someone asked me this question, I would probably say "I'm a writer; I've published two nonfiction books about non-traditional relationships that have both gone bonkers and become way more popular than I expected. I invent high-tech sex toys for a hobby, and I'm trying to turn that into a business. I write porn, I attach cameras to kites, my favorite city is Tallinn in Estonia, I travel a lot, and I make part of my living teaching and giving workshops on sexuality, ethics, kink, and abuse in multipartner intimate relationships. I'm a huge fan of group sex, I love playing Skyrim, I really enjoy blues dancing, I listen to a lot of industrial and synthpop music, I have five girlfriends in five committed long-term relationships right now, and if we're going to date, you should probably get along with my cats. So, tell me about yourself!"

How do I make my daughter stop watching misogynist YouTubers? She keeps saying things like “feminism is wrong because its mysandry”. How do I make this action stop??

You should not limit her internet access. Your daughter seems to have realized that both women and men are people, not monsters. Or they shouldn't be seen as monsters for no actual reason. Modern feminism is indeed kind of wrong, I'll have to point out, as it's not against inequality but rather than that, it's mostly women playing the victim role and oppressing men. I hope more people will realize this.Let's take an example. At this point, everyone must have stumbled across the Hugh Mungus rant. Long story short; this man was asked to say his name while being filmed by a woman speaking in a eather aggressive manner. He did not want to say his own name so he went ahead and told his name was Hugh Mungus. And, well, the video is up on YouTube. It's sort of upsetting me because this woman who filmed it was seemingly serious. She visibly harrassed him by claiming he sexually harrassed her by saying his name is Hugh Mungus. Which from his side, was a joke which he hid his name behind.I'm not tryimg to be rude. I understand the concepts of both misogyny and misandry. But there's a thing I don't understand; most think misandry is a myth, even though men face all kind of rude things said by women these days. And some men even unwillingly become victims of violence by strong and independent women.Your daughter is not entirely right nor is she entirely wrong about feminism. Feminism is initially about bringing equality, right? The history of mankind is mostly about being ruled by men. Therefore women should be equal to men, not superior to men. Men are not superior to women either. We all need to realize this.Let your daughter accept men. There's nothing worse in men than there is in women. Misogyny and misandry are equally bad and we need to get rid of both.And just to clarify, even though I might have an opinion different to that of yours, I am not pouring hatred on you. I am a man who's said to think very woman-like. That being said, I do not hate women, I do not hate men, I hate absolutely no gender at all, so calling me a misogynistic white male would only be accurate for the part about my skin colour and gender.I'm not a prophet but I hope I somehow answered your question. And I genuinely hope you have a nice day!

Male dominated society?

Not really, it's based on a legitimate concern, whether that concern is logical or not. Is it discriminatory? Yes. Cause a woman can't possibly be the harasser, right? Bull.

"I don't expect you to see anything inappropriate in different males accidentally grabbing my a$$ or saying your **** look great today or providing little assistance in tasks requiring more than one person."

Stop. You don't get to accuse me of "harassment apology" because we disagree. That's stupid.

"I like your use of one statement to try to discredit the rest of my argument".

Not sure how I was discrediting you whole argument. I was just pointing out that the example you gave was not a good example of sexual harassment. Nor is such discriminatory questions/policies unique to women.

"It's pathetic you seem to ignore the existence of inequality and the impact on our society."

It's pathetic that you only see it perpetrated by men toward women

What was the worst reaction you got when you mentioned that you are a feminist?

I told one guy I had slept with that I’m a feminist. So he sent me videos from girlwriteswhat. He wanted to debate.We debated.Then he called me an “arrogant cunt” and a “false erudite.”Later he apologized so he could get laid again. He said he had been really intimidated by my intellect. I obliged. What can I say? I like compliments.To those questioning my level of self respect, this guy was literally the best guy I’d ever had and basically perfect looking.One of his inspirations for being a men’s rights activist was having his ex girlfriend stab him when he wouldn’t have sex with her anymore. Frankly I can’t blame her.Later, I ended up debating directly with girlwriteswhat on Twitter. We actually got along great even though we have different opinions about feminism.