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What Is Your Preferred Weapon Of Choice

POLL:Is an ice pick your preferred weapon of choice?

No, no, no. I read a book about a girl who got murdered by her boyfriend with an ice pick--the book was non-fiction. :( Ever since then, whenever I think about an ice pick, I remember the story.

My preferred weapon of choice is mace, though. The spray, not the spiked club.

POLL: What is your preferred weapon of choice, a gun, a calculator or an erector set?

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Of course, guns make it way easier.

Erector sets rock because you can try to make whatever robot they have on the box, but all you can really do is make a triangle or a square or, if you are really good, a pentagon.

Calculators can allow you to spell words like hell and boobs.

My answer: erector set. Everone knows that pentagons are lethal.

Your preferred weapon?

Well they are all meant for different uses. A sniper rifle is almost useless in CCB and a SMG is useless against a sniper 800 yards out. The key is to find a good medium between where the assault rifle comes in but still not very effective at 800 yards and not very compact. But if you I had to choose
Sniper Barret .50 reach out past most rifles and at semi auto and .50 :)
Assault rifle FN scar you can choose 5.56 or 7.62 short or long barrel and quick adding grenade launcher
SMG H&K MP7 small light compact and still enough power to penetrate body armor
Shotgun mossberg 500 pump nothing special
RPG mark 19 or RPG7

Your weapon of choice?

So many choices, so hard to choose, and there are so many different situations that call for a different one, and the choice of which culture you wish to espouse and honor.

But out of all reality and fantasy I choose the double-bladed lightsaber, since I never saw a Jedi unintentionally hurt anyone with their weapon (or tool) by going too hard, force skill = control and ability to disarm without hurting.

What is your weapon of choice?

My weapon of choice is the Brain - unfortunately it doesn't always work. It jams at the most inopportune times. It can be redirected off course (fooled) rather easily. And can be rendered permantly non-functional if the wearer fails to keep ones "Brain Bucket" (Helmet-Kevlar) attached during combat ops. But with proper training and exercise it can be the deadliest weapon on the Battlefield.

Pistol - Glock 17 or 19 (prefered) - light weight, combat ready safety & I have never had one malfunction.

Assualt Rifle - My stripped down M4. With M16 rail mounted carrying handle for the iron sights & no sling (original M249-SAW buttstock sling attachment instead clips easily to IBA via a quick release D-ring). Fitted with a magazine coupler gives 54-56 rounds (27-28 rounds per magazine) at you disposal. (I have dropped targets out to 375meters (Combat) and 500 meters (Paint cans on an open Range)).

What is your weapon of choice?

Apples for KOs Apple Sauce for Splatter result. additionally throwing open ranch or fish fry sauce packets which you get from like McDonalds or Jack interior the field artwork completely. this style of element went down at my highschool sooner or later my table vs yet another table each with approximately twelve people. in case you have a undemanding sandwhich bag you could blow it up and push in between the backside corners, upload merchandise (goldfish artwork the superb) then you definately basically squeeze the bag and it shoots up in air and lands someplace close to via on an unexpecting sufferer humorous as hell to do it then watch it with the aid of fact no person suspects a element given which you do no longer could desire to pass your arm or arise so no person can observe except their finding precise at you.

What's your weapon of choice?

Browning hi power 9mm
ZS4 1mm "needlegun" micro assault weapon with armour piercing rounds.
SA80 5.56mm - well I get on fine with it!
Barratt .50 sniper rifle.
And anything made by Glock
Wellrod silent pistol.

I'm flexible.

I prefer never to have to use them.

What is your weapon of choice?

one weapon is a cane it is a good weapon to used

Kendo, or "the way of the sword", is the martial art of Japanese fencing. Kendo has its roots in the traditional Japanese swordsmanship techniques of the samurai.

Kendo is practiced using bamboo swords called shinai. Extensive body armor (bogu) is worn to protect specified target areas on the head and body. Students may also use bokken or bokuto (wooden swords) when practicing forms and other skills.

Fire and Water students who wish to pursue Kendo should purchase their own shinai, but armor is available for both youth and adult participants.

Other Weapons Training
Although kendo is the most popular weapons system within the school, we also offer traning in a large range of both traditional and modern weapons. These include traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi weapons, bojitsu, archery, knife fighting, escrima and others.