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What Is Your Specific Purpose In Life

I was asking myself the same question a few days ago. I told myself that the purpose of life is to learn and grow. To become a better person than you were from when you came here and when you leave. To leave some kind  of mark on this world. Big or small. Your name doesn't have to be written in a history textbook. Anything you do here is a proof of your existence.  The purpose is to feel. All kinds of emotions. From Happiness to anger to love to distress. The  purpose is to live. To smile and cry. To scream and laugh. To fall down but pick yourself up. That is the purpose of life. BTW I'm not as poetic as I sound :) I realized all of this when I was crying into my pillow and questioning existence.

Of course there is a specific purpose for it .You are born to do something here on this world . You are born to make the world happy and make yourself feel more content fullYou are given a gift of life for which you have to live it ! Every life of a person have a specific reason to step in this world .It might be your parents to make them feel proud upon you or it might be you itself to make your life even more interesting.Every man on this earth has a specific reason for his life it's not like that we can say a main purpose. See for this to understand let us take an example :A person treats himself to be the world's most unluckiest person even though he has everything like his parents ,and the reason behind this might be some problems within their family but it's not just you have to give up and conclude yourself that you are the most unluckiest person,see that's what I mean life is full of problems we have to face it and overcome it.As this is what the actual definition of life is ,problems arrive ,you face it and they go away when you overcome it .Life is full of experience. Life teaches us how to live.This is the reason why some people say that a person will get life 6 times when they die .Here each life gives you a lesson.So there is no such thinking or thought that what is the main purpose of life is , there always will be a specific reason and a main purpose of your life it's just you have to think it over it for what you are actually!Buddy you earned your life learn to live and let it live.If you think there's no such purpose of life then think about the poor children who stay behind our eyes illiterated and some of them even without parents to take care of them .No offence here .Even they too think they are here for a purpose and they do surely respect their life .So guys out there who are reading this .live your life happily ,you own it and you deserve it . And most of all you are here with a purpose !!Note : LIFE IS 10% WHAT HAPPENS TO ME AND 90% HOW I REACT TO ITLive a beautiful and a happy life guys …peace :-)Editings are always welcome ….

The ultimate purpose of the human birth is to worship the supreme god to be free from the cycle of birth and death and reach the eternal place-satlok.Even the animals do the rest of things which we and our ancestors are blindly doing. Birth-study-job-marry-have children- take care of them-die. Human birth is priceless and is given for worship of god. This life can only be justified if one worships god. Otherwise it's of no use. To know the right way of worship read book Gyan ganga.Understand the price of life before you loose it. Otheriwse you'll have nothing left other than regretting.

Does anyone believe that they were born for a specific purpose?

In a completely cynical light, our entire existence is meaningless, and I believe this, but I'm not depressed or anything. We have our lives, as they are, to do whatever we wish with them. If you truly feel like you have a destiny to fulfill, well go out and find one, create one, I doubt you're going to find it on your own. I personally think I should accomplish something good and meaningful by the end of my life, but then, hey, the universe goes on....

I believe that everyone is "called" to fulfill certain roles. And in order to do so we have given certain amount of time. It is us who decide wether to respond to that call or not. So we could say that every person HAS MANY purposes. I believe that there's no negativity if we understand that to improve, we must make some mistakes... there are no negative experiences, only bad memories.

What is your purpose in life?

On a biological level; to eat and to be eaten.

On a general level

There is no meaning to live.
And this is difficult to except.

It is your awareness of what meaning you want to give, and this is very much influenced by the circumstances you were born, educated and influence by all around you, so there are thousands of answers.

A better question is why we need meaning/ purpose in live?

Because we have spare time to think, and if you have no time because you are in survival mode (of food gathering)
In the moment you are aware that all that happened to you is your personnel responsibility, it will be very clear what the meaning of live is, even if the most of our actions are influenced by outside triggers.

The danger part is to give a sect or a religion or every other person you're meaning to live, it is your responsibility to find your meaning.

Most feel good from giving to others, this is the best way of "feeling important", if you have the need of "being important" than this could be dangers for you surrounding.

Ask yourself" Where our what can I do to others that makes me feel important"?
And for the rest look for Abraham Maslow

Define general purpose DBMS and specific purpose DBMS with some examples?

A Database is a Collection of Information. and it can be Easily accessed,managed,or updated.And we can Classified according to types of Contents.

How can God give purpose to life?

The Holy Scriptures assure us that to the man good before God, Jehovah gives “wisdom and knowledge and rejoicing.” (Eccl. 2:26) This has been experienced by hundreds of thousands who now worship God “with spirit and truth.” They have a satisfying purpose in life—doing the divine will and preaching the good news of God’s kingdom to their fellowman. (John 4:24; Matt. 24:14) Persons who acquire and act upon God-given wisdom and knowledge from the Scriptures do not feel that their life is being wasted. Nor do they become bored with life or tired of it. Instead, theirs is a truly happy life with a satisfying purpose.