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What Is Your Top 10 Moments In The Nba Of The 90

Whats the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Well about 22 yrs ago when I was just dating my first wife we were all drinking at a friends house, it was like white lighting and I got real drunk to the point of thinking I was going to get sick. So I couldn't walk so I crawled into the bathroom to get sick and as I was getting sick I had a bowel movement in my pants. To make matters even worse I turned around and sit on the toilet to clean myself up and got sick on the floor..And she still married me it lasted for 18 yrs.. WOW glad that was a one time deal

Which was your best moment in life?

Hi,There were some amazing moments in life. They were more than just one.Some of the beautiful moments of my life:Age 5 : I scored 1st rank in my class. It was certainly the first and also last exam in my life in which I was able to score 1st rank. I felt honoured and yes I was able to get my first bicycle as gift from my dad.Age 10: I met my first crush. It was amazing!!!! The moment was itself different and beautiful that I didn’t when she went out of my sight.Age 14: I was honoured by my school principal for a performance which was done by me during one of the functions held in school.Age 15: I scored out of out marks in mathematics during my 10th board exams. This type of moment is anytime amazing for a nerd like me.Age 16: My eldest sister gave birth to her son Aryan. It was amazing and beautiful to hold a new born baby for the first time.Age 17: I cleared first exam of CA course i.e CPT within 2 months of studying. The feeling of relieve was amazing which again made the moment beautiful.Age 18: I cleared IPCC( 2nd exam of CA course) exams in one go.Age 19: I went on my first coffee date. It was different and amazing!!!Age 20: My boss was asked by one of his clients to not to assign me for their work as they were worried after hearing about my past assignments where I was able to scare decent no. of clients because of non compliances and other business issues.Age 22: My eldest sister gave birth to her daughter Aradhya. It was again a beautiful moment in life. My nephew and niece are my life!!!!Age 23: I was glad like anything when I came to know that I am a CA.Age 23: It was an amazing moment when I inaugurated my own consultancy firm. It was the start of new phase of my life where I will be required to start everything from scratch.Thanks for A2A.Regards,Aditya

Anime with the most badassery?

Haha, "badassery" is officially one of my favorite words.
To answer your question;

Yu Yu Hakusho (Trailer/Promo) (Information/Summary)

Gundam Wing (Trailer/Promo) (Information/Summary)

Code Geass (Trailer/Promo) (Information/Summary)

Death Note (Trailer/Promo) (Information/Summary)

D. Gray-man (Trailer/Promo) (Information/Summary)

There are many, many more however these Anime, in my opinion, have the most badassery.

A Romantic Bucket List for my Boyfriend and I?

Okay, so this summer my boyfriend and I decided to each write 10 things we want to do together and put it on a bucket list and actually do it. I need a bunch of ideas to choose from! We're both in highschool and so it has to be something appropriate, but fun and flirty with lots of in between moments going on :) Please, if you have experience or any good, fun, sweet ideas, please please please chip in!! :) All your help will be greatly appreciated. :D Easy 10 points!!!

What are the best memories of being a 90s kid?

Pens may come and go! But Hero pens were our best!Only we would understand these:We could actually recollect the tune that goes with doordarshan!He was the devil man, but still we loved watching him! Onida TV ad!Popeye the sailor man, pom pom! Even now, yeah!These were the best treats we get:These were our treasures. We treasured it like gold.These were our favorite games during our free time between classes.Only we have used all these 20p, 25p, 50p coins!This was our favorite pass time at home to nag our moms!This was our pleasure drive!We were the only people who had used Windows from the starting!How we used to wait to make this doughboy and wish he reacted like this when we poked him!And finally, we grew up with this legend!I know there are tonnes of answers and tonnes of memories from 90s. These may only be excerpts​ of our travel!Cheers 90s kids and legends!✌Ranz!