What Kind Of Animal Is This

What kind of animal is a lion?

lions are felines and they eat meat they are called carnivores

What kind of animal is a zebra?

Zebra is a member of the equine family. Other equines are the horse, donkey, onager, quagga (extinct), Prezwalsky horse,One of the main characteristics is that they have hooves. One solid hoof. Cows for instance also have hooves but they are spit in two toes.They are not ruminants they have one stomach and use their appendix to process their food. They can eat the roughest hardest food and they can survive because of that. When all the grass is grazed they can eat branches, old straw, dead plants.Zebras are not the only ones with stripes in the family, Onagers, donkeys and the Prezwalski horse have stripes on their legs. Usually from the knees down. The quagga had beautiful strips and brown, that is the reason they were absurdly hunted and now extinct.The stripes of the zebra have multiple functions. It causes confusion when attacked by a predator. And the stripes are not atractive for flies. And that is a major advantage…

What kind of animal is a dingo?

Canis familiaris or Canis familiaris dingoor Canis lupus dingo or Canis dingo.It is part of the dog family.Dingo Pups

What kind of animal is a snail?

Snails are mollusks. They are of the phylum Mollusca and class Gastropoda.

What Kind of Animal is Wubbzy??

A male yellow gerbil-like creature. The title character, Wubbzy is square-shaped with a long, bendy tail. He has a childlike fascination with life, and his favorite pastime is playing kickety-kick ball. His daily travels throughout Wuzzleburg often result in his response, "Wow, wow, wow!"

What kind of animal are rabbits?

People sometimes think rabbits are rodents, but they aren’t. A rodent has incisor teeth on the upper part of its jaw that grow continuously. Mice, guinea pigs, beavers, etc. have to gnaw on objects a lot to keep their incisors from growing to the point where they bite themselves. Lagamorphs, like rabbits have both upper and lower incisors that grow continually. Imagine how much gnawing they need!

What kind of animal is this in this picture?

The way the tail is shaped leads me to believe that it could be a young Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). I don’t know what they look like when they are young, the adults at least have stripes starting from the middle of the back. I don’t know if the young ones develop the stripes later in life or not, but if this was taken in Tasmania then I’m sure this could be a Thylacine.

What kind of animal was ALF supposed to be?

He was an Alien Life Form, hence the name Alf

What kind of animal is Timon from The Lion King?

Timon from the movie The Lion King is a meerkat from the African savannah. He lived as part of a large community of meerkats, but was too clumsy to be useful to the collective and decided to leave.Meerkats live in large communities, many families together and protect one another. While some are below the earth building tunnels and amassing food, raising their youngs, others are on guard above ground keeping an eye out for predators.Meerkats are very hard to scare because they have very efficient ways to protect one another and attack in groups.Timon was a solitary meerkat, which is very rare to find, almost unknown.